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Full Moon in Taurus: the best rites and conspiracies of wealth

Full Moon in Taurus: the best rites and conspiracies of wealth

In the Full Moon, there is an increased activity of the Moon and its energetics. This is the most favorable time for the rites of wealth and prosperity.

On the day of the Full Moon, people can take one step forward and a hundred steps back, because thoughts and words gain special strength. Negative thinking must be avoided. All doubts in the Full Moon are transformed and turn into failures.

However, desires are easily realized. On November 4, the full moon will be in Taurus, which will have a very positive impact on the financial sector. The impact of Taurus will be positive, because his power is subject to money and luck.

A key success factor will be your harmonious movement on all the laws of well-being.

Features of the November Full Moon

The full moon will be in the constellation Taurus. On November 4, her strength will increase rapidly. The Moon and Taurus are one of the most harmonious alliances in the astrological world, which can be called a good sign.

Good, because the planets and constellations will converge in the morning sky to open the door to the world of wealth and abundance.

Taurus will help everyone to make their way in the financial sector, so do not waste a minute. This is a sign of prosperity, prosperity and enrichment. His influence will be positive for everyone, but the Moon will be at the boiling stage, spilling negative on us. The night luminary will begin to test us for strength.

There are certain things that cannot be done during the Full Moon in order to stay afloat and in harmony with the outside world.

In November, the Full Moon will be early and fall on a Saturday — this is the hardest day of all. Even at dawn, the birth of astrology astrologers noted the fact that the Sabbath is patronized by Saturn, the planet that knows the dangerous energy. This will lead to nervousness and irritation, from which it is just necessary to dodge in the phase of the full moon. Avoid negatives by all available means.

Avoid excessively emotional people who think too extraordinarily or, on the contrary, too flat. Do not fall for persuasion and follow only your path. The best protection from the influence of Saturn — work on yourself.

Full Moon: Rites and Plots of Wealth

Humanity has always pursued in order to become the master of the situation in the financial world. Our whole history is an endless struggle for survival, for a place under the Sun, for wealth and power. No wonder.

With money, it is much easier to live a happy life and fulfill your dreams.

Rites and conspiracy to wealth and prosperity — the universal key to success. The basis of any ritual is the main goal — to obtain cash flows from a variety of sources, increasing wealth. In a world where money decides everything, it is difficult to give up the chance to improve your material sphere, especially if the stars themselves have this attitude.

This is the easy way and the real good.

All you need is the desire to get rich, the power of the Full Moon and the influence of Taurus. Just on November 4, your arsenal will have everything you need. The case will remain for small: to translate all financial dreams into reality with the help of favorable astrological conditions.

The best rite of prosperity. Wealth is determined not only by money and time, but also by the presence of certain personal qualities, the main of which is generosity. For the ritual you will need your own generosity. The universe will see your efforts and hear all the desires.

On November 4, go to any store and buy 15-20 apples without taking delivery from the seller. Houses tan them:

“Mark poverty for peace, may the wealth remain with you and me. Amen. Amen.


During the day, you will need to distribute apples to the poor, the poor, or simply needy people. Take the rest to the church. Remember that the feeder’s hand will not become scanty.

Strong rite of wealth. This rite should be performed early in the morning. Stand in front of the closed entrance door, take the key with which you unlock it, and read the conspiracy in a low voice:

“In my hands lies the key to all the doors. Before me is a closed door to the world of wealth. I name the key to open it, I call upon the force of the Full Moon to help myself. As soon as I put the key in the lock, I unlock this door, leaving poverty and loss behind my back.

As said, so it will be done. «

After that, open the door, step over the threshold, remove the key from the lock and do not part with it throughout the day. Happiness and wealth will catch up with you, abruptly burst into your life.

A conspiracy for money and wealth. You will have to read the plot several times, so for convenience you can rewrite it on your own sheet. Remember that on your side is the power of the Full Moon, so do not be afraid to wish for more.

The money plot will need to be read three times: in the morning, as soon as you wake up, at sunset and when the Full Moon appears in the sky. Text:

“Today, the Universe will begin to give presents, whoever asks, he will receive it in an instant. And she will not forget about me. I’ll take a gift, Thank you for the higher forces. While the planets have not stopped their turn, the money will find a passage in my wallet.

Without much difficulty I will be happy (a) and rich (a). I will accept everything that they give me, I will not give up wealth. Let it be so».

Full moon — a dangerous time only for those who do not know how to manage their thoughts. Even your own life can become unbearable if you constantly think in a negative way. Happy people choose positive thinking. Remember that on such days as this, any word is a weapon.

Whether it will work for you or against you is up to you. We wish you a great day, success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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