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Full moon December 3: strong conspiracies for good luck and prosperity

Full moon December 3: strong conspiracies for good luck and prosperity

Full moon is considered the most mystical time in the lunar cycle. The rituals performed during this period are extremely effective. With the help of strong conspiracies you can attract luck and wealth, achieve success and change your life for the better.

The full moon differs from other lunar phases in its beauty and extraordinaryness. During this period, the night is literally transformed, and we have the opportunity to see the «night sun» in all its glory. It is believed that due to the strong energy of the night luminary a lot of unexplainable things happen at this time. Even in antiquity, people attached particular importance to changing the lunar phases, and during the full moon they conducted rituals and rituals.

The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru offer you to follow the example of our ancestors and take advantage of strong plots to attract good luck and prosperity.

A strong conspiracy to attract good luck

On the path of life we ​​have to face difficulties, and in order to overcome them, we need luck. Fortune will always be on your side if you use the effective lunar conspiracy.

On the night of the Full Moon, you must take a sheet of paper and write on it all the unpleasant moments and failures that have happened to you lately. Then light a candle and bring the leaf with your notes to the flame. While he is burning out, say:

“All my troubles and failures burn away, unpleasant memories remain in the past. I will overcome all obstacles, survive all the hardships, so long as my luck was always with me. ”

After you have uttered the plot, put out the candle. Its remains should not be left at home, so wrap it in a clean sheet of paper and bury it away from your home. With these simple steps you can change your life forever.

The conspiracy to financial prosperity in the full moon

We do not always admit it, but money still plays a significant role in our life. Sometimes during shopping trips we stare at a thing, but when we see its value, we understand that we cannot afford it. Take advantage of a strong conspiracy to permanently get rid of financial difficulties and improve your financial situation.

To the ritual brought the result, you must purchase a new wallet. Fill it with coins and large bills, and on the night of the full moon, leave it on the window, saying:

“There are a lot of stars in the night sky, there will be so much money in my wallet. As the queen of the night grew and filled, so will my wealth be at home. Let it be so!».

In the morning, you can remove the new wallet in your bag, and you should get rid of the old one. Rituals for wealth in the Full Moon are considered the most effective, and if you have not violated any of the actions, then you will soon forget about the financial turmoil.

The strongest conspiracy for luck and fortune in the full moon

This ritual was still popular with our ancestors. With it, people attracted wealth and get rid of failures. During it, you may experience some difficulties, but if you can handle it, the result will pleasantly surprise you.

To begin with, you will need three bills, but they should not be from your wallet. It is believed that the rich people in the house have strong monetary energy, so it is advisable to take money from the most financially wealthy friends, acquaintances or neighbors. Of course, this can be done only with their consent: you can borrow the necessary amount, but you must repay the debt in other bills.

After you perform this action, you can proceed to the ritual.

On a full moon night, light a church candle. Take the three borrowed bills and count them out loud. Then lay them out in front of you and say:

“I appeal to you, Queen of the Night, and ask for your help. Youmistress of the night sky, and you have a lot of wealth. All stars belong to you, all living things in the darkness bow down before you. May I be happy too.

Light your way on my life path and give me luck and prosperity. Fulfill my request on this night. Give heed to my words. ”

Wait until the candle burns out, and leave the bills on the window all night. In the morning, take them to a remote place. You can not spend them, otherwise the conspiracy will be ineffective.

The Full Moon Period can bring you both benefits and troubles — it depends on you. Each moon phase has its own characteristics, and it is important to know about them in advance, so as not to get lost in the most crucial moment. Perhaps it is at the Full Moon on December 3 that something important will happen to you. May harmony always reign in your life, and new beginnings bring you happiness and success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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