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Effective plot to pull luck

Effective plot to pull luck

To bring good luck into your life, you can simply apply the ritual for the good fortune of Fortune to work. But do not wait, doing nothing, that she will come to you right on the threshold. It is necessary to make the first step towards.

Many rituals are very complex, they require time-consuming and some strange magical actions. And even this is not a guarantee that everything will work. The effective conspiracy on the coin was tested by many people who were convinced of its effectiveness, as they became much more successful and achieved their goals. There is no need to create additional difficulties for yourself, because everything ingenious is simple.

And to the plot on the attraction of luck is just this expression.

Prepare for the ritual of luck

For this conspiracy will need any coin. And the more valuable it is for you, the faster the plot will begin its action. Perhaps you have some kind of collectible money, or maybe someone gave a coin for memory, and it gives you good and fond memories — this would be the most ideal option.

Under it you will need a small bag and a red thread. The thread should be quite strong, so that the bag is not untied.

Many replace the coin with a note, but this is not recommended. The conspiracy practically loses its power, since the object of the conspiracy is no longer the metal, which has the property of accumulating energy and attracting luck, but paper that does not possess such accumulative properties.

Plot attracting luck

Ritual to attract good luck is best done in the evening. Make sure no one will be distracted, put all the items in front of you and proceed.

Remember the situation of life, when you really and very lucky. It could be getting the job you had dreamed of for so long, or taking an exam, or an unexpected gift that you looked at in a store for a long time but could not afford. Smile to yourself and Fortune, who helped you so much then.

Then take a coin in your hands, clamp it between your palms and say the phrase: “Coin, coin, love me, draw good luck to me«. The plot must be repeated seven times.

After that, put the coin in the bag and tie a red thread. When tying the knots, speak three times: “My luck with me. Let it be so«.

Place the bag under the pillow for the whole night, and in the morning put it in a secluded place.

This conspiracy is good because the coin is also your money talisman at the same time, which enhances the conspiracy. And the result will last much longer, because the coin will collect the energy of money and good luck, only increasing it every day.

After such a conspiracy luck will always be with you. All things will be easy to get, and the right people and situations will come in time to your life, attracted by the conspiracy coin. Enjoy life, make your dreams come true and do not forget to press buttons and

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