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Effective conspiracy from jealousy

Effective conspiracy from jealousy

The betrayal of a loved one can literally break our heart to pieces. That is why many people are jealous. To get rid of the pernicious feeling or constant suspicion from the second half, take advantage of strong conspiracies.

Distrust of your loved one can lead to separation. Jealousy poisons our lives, and the constant fear of betrayal does not allow us to be happy. Not always we can simply overcome this feeling, and in this case additional ways of dealing with it are needed.

To get rid of jealousy and find peace of mind, use proven plots.

A strong conspiracy against her husband’s jealousy

It is proved that among men jealous men are much rarer than among women. However, if your spouse became jealous of you for no reason at all, use the plot that will save your husband from jealousy as quickly as possible.

For the ritual you will need:

  • a wedding ring, his and her husband;
  • white thread;
  • glass of water.

Ask your spouse for a wedding ring, and after he goes to bed, begin the ritual. Using white thread, tie your wedding rings, and then say:

“Trust me as I trust you. Let the feeling of jealousy leave you. May your soul be calm.

I (name), your wife, will never betray you. ”

After that, dip the rings in a glass of water and leave on overnight. In the morning, give the ring to her husband. Repeat the ritual for a week, and soon your lover will no longer be jealous of you.

Effective conspiracy against wife’s suspicions

The jealousy of his beloved spouse can disrupt family harmony. If your wife has become too jealous, the strongest conspiracy will help you.

  • red candle;
  • picture of the spouse;
  • white sheet of paper.

After sunset, retire in a separate room. Then light a candle and drip wax on the picture of his wife. After that, say:

“The candle burns down, your jealousy burns. I will be (name) faithful to you all my life, and you do not torment me with your jealousy. Let it be so».

Wrap a photo in a blank sheet of paper and put it in a secluded place. The next day, bury the photo away from home and do not tell anyone about the ritual.

Simple plot on water

Since ancient times, water was used for various rituals and ceremonies. With the help of an effective conspiracy, you can rid yourself of jealousy of yourself or a loved one.

For the ritual you only need a glass of clean water. At midnight, before you go to bed, speak the water:

“Jealousy, forever leave the soul (name). Get rid of the severity of the unbearable and fear of betrayal. Get rid of you here and now. ”

After that, drink water or ask your loved one to do it. Soon jealousy and thoughts of betrayal will remain only in your memories.

Jealousy is a pernicious feeling that not only depletes your energy supply, but also leads to separation. Try to get rid of her as soon as possible. And also learn about the seven laws of love that will help you maintain relationships.

Love and be loved. I wish you happiness and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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