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Digital plots of love, luck and money

Digital plots of love, luck and money

The power of numbers is enormous. For this reason, many experts in the field of bioenergy advise the use of digital plots to attract luck, love and prosperity.

Love and financial sphere require not only the maximum investment of forces, but also outside help. For the universe to help you become happier, you can take advantage of digital plots. Every day before an important business, also use whispers for good luck — this will reduce the likelihood of unforeseen problems.

Digital love plots

In love, luck is required almost constantly: during a date, dating, in any difficult and incomprehensible situation. Digital plots will help to gain self-confidence and save love.

Plot for a successful acquaintance: “One, one. Two are better than one. Loneliness is a terrible habit. ”.

Say three times to yourself before you decide to meet.

Plot for a successful date: “I want emotions and love to overcome uncertainty. From one to nine — from head to toe ». We read the plot at home in front of the mirror once, and when we go beyond the threshold, we say: «Let it be so».

The plot of the quarrel: “A quarrel needs to be tied up — one, four, eight, five. You need to remember about good and honor — nine, two, five, four, six «. We read about ourselves during a conflict with a loved one or if a quarrel is brewing.

The number of repetitions is not limited.

Numeric Money Plots

Conspiracy on job search: “The strength of the Troika, help, but remove all fears. I can find a job, start taking care of myself. ” This is a great conspiracy before the interview.

Read it right before a business meeting.

Conspiracy for a successful purchase: “Money needs to be spent correctly so that my wallet is not empty. I know how much I need about. Three-four-two-one — money will be lord «.

We read before going out of the house three times. So the purchase will last longer.

A conspiracy to solve a complex problem: “Eight goes in a circle, one goes in a straight line. Similarly, I don’t want to have a problem — I want the One to help everything in time. ”. The unit is one of the best assistants in complex matters, according to numerology.

This plot needs to be read before every difficult task.

An excellent addition to digital conspiracies will be whispers of wealth and wealth. In such an important area as work and business, you need to use any opportunities.

Digital plots for good luck

Good luck is always necessary for a person — at home, on the road, in dangerous places. That is why every morning you must read good luck plot: “Seven-Seven, share with me good luck, so that problems are avoided. Let them walk in a circle, and I will go in a straight line «.

Such a conspiracy will help avoid accidental problems and repel the negative.

Plot for a good mood: “I want to smile all day so that the troubles are bypassed. Seven by five is not divided, envy and anger in my head will not settle. ” Read the plot better in the morning.

Repeat it three times.

Good luck in business and adventure: “There is one in the mind, and a hundred in the pocket. Multiply, plus, but do not divide and subtract. Losses today I do not decide the case. «

It is better to read this plot before an important matter, in which there is a great risk of losing.

All these conspiracies will set you on the right wave. If a black stripe has come in life, these conspiracies will be especially relevant. Do not wait for the moment when everything will be bad — try to seek your luck non-stop. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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