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Day of Peter and Fevronia: plots and rituals on love and family happiness

Day of Peter and Fevronia: plots and rituals on love and family happiness

Peter and Fevronia are an example of a perfect married couple. The beloved ones turn to the Saints with requests for family happiness, and those who have not yet found their soul mate ask the benefactors for love. You can find happiness in your personal life with the help of not only prayers, but also effective conspiracies and rituals.

Every year, many lovers are waiting for the feast of Peter and Fevronia no less than Valentine’s Day. At this time, the Orthodox Church remembers the Holy Benefactors, and believers attend churches, attend services and appeal to the Higher Forces with requests for love and family well-being. If you want harmony and understanding to reign in your family, use effective plots and rituals.

A strong conspiracy to love on the Day of Peter and Fevronia

In Russia on this day it was customary to engage exclusively in love magic. Most often used conspiracies for love, which over the years have not lost their popularity. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru suggest that you use the most effective of them.

For the plot you need only a sheet of white paper and a pen. On the eve of the holiday, write down all the qualities your lover should have, then put down your notes and go to sleep. After waking up, wash with clean water and then say:

“Saints Peter and Fevronia, send me (name) love pure and mutual. Let the bridegroom (the bride) love and honor me. May his (her) love be stronger than stone. ”

After that, burn the sheet with the records, and develop the ashes in the wind.

Plot on family happiness

Not a single couple is immune from scandals and even separation. To return to the family understanding, take advantage of a strong conspiracy to marital happiness.

On the morning of Peter and Fevronia, take any item from your spouse and wrap it in a white cloth. Then place your joint photo and thing in front of you and light a church candle. Put your hands in front of you and, looking at the flames, say:

“Peter and Fevronia, who have lived together a long and happy life together, send us (names) happiness and joy in family life. May the feelings of my (my) spouse (wife) never cool down to me, may our love be eternal. ”

After this, return the spouse’s thing (s) and the photo to its original place. Soon scandals in your house will arise much less often.

The most effective rite of love

To gain love, our ancestors resorted to the help of effective rites. On the Day of Peter and Fevronia, they will acquire a special power, which means you can find your soulmate in the near future.

Chamomile — the main symbol of the holiday. It is not surprising that this particular flower was most often used for love rites. Early in the morning, pick a whole bunch of daisies and place them on the window.

If you want to attract a certain person, put a picture of him in front of you; if you have not yet found your love, take one daisy in your left hand. Then say:

«As the daisies bloom, so the love of my (my) lover (lover) will bloom.»

After that, take a bouquet of daisies and leave them on the doorstep of the house where your loved one lives. If you have not yet found your love, let the flowers flow along the river. If he does not sink, it means that soon you will meet your life partner.

Effective rite of marital happiness

The day of Peter and Fevronia is the most auspicious day for conducting such a ceremony. If you want to find family well-being, go to the temple in the morning and purchase three church candles there. After returning home, light them and position them so that a circle is formed. In the middle of the circle, put a picture of your family and say:

“O Saints Peter and Fevronia, send happiness to my family. May spouses always love and respect each other. Let the children respect and respect their parents. Yes, let no trouble lead to discord in my family.

Let it be so».

After that, wait until the candles burn out, and then leave them near the temple. Place the photo in a prominent place in your home.

On the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty, many believers gather in temples to honor the memory of the Saints and say prayers. So that peace and harmony always reign in your home and your loved ones are under the protection of the Higher Forces, say a miraculous prayer for the family. We wish you happiness and love, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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