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Conspiracy to call a guy

Conspiracy to call a guy

In a romantic relationship, women as a rule expect a decisive action from a man. But often the person you like does not show any activity. Learn about effective conspiracies that can make a lover call you first.

Plot on the phone

Silent waiting for a call will not bring any results. You can watch for hours on the phone, but it never rings. It will be much more effective to speak the handset, and soon you will hear the voice of your loved one.

The plot is read in the evening, in a secluded place opposite the window. It is there that strong impulses will go away that will awaken the desire to act in a man. You need to wrap the phone with a thick woolen cloth and put it on your left palm, and in the right one take a small amount of any cereal. Looking out the window and presenting the face of the beloved, they read the text:

About my desire to learn, hear my request.
Set aside all matters, remember me and do not forget.
Let a strong desire come to (name) to hear a voice (your name).
Say the words are true and important.
And from now on, strive towards me, into my arms.

After that, you need to turn around and throw the cereal over the left shoulder into the window. The conspiracy can be repeated no more than three times a week, frequent intervention in the minds of men can have negative consequences. To enhance the effect, often leave the phone on the piece of cloth in which it was wrapped during the ritual, and soon you will hear a long-awaited call.

Plot on a clean sheet

This effective way is suitable for those who recently met a man and wants to start a new relationship, as they say, «from scratch.»

You will need not a painted, white album sheet, on which you need to bend the right corner, and in the middle write the name of the chosen one. Put the prepared paper in front of you and, looking at the written name, say the magic words:

Everything starts with a bell, a pleasant voice,
May it never end forever.
Think about me, about my fate.
Dial the number, hear my voice.
Don’t call another, don’t say a word.
Destined by fate to be with me.

Having finished reading the plot, the sheet is folded four times and hidden in a secluded place. It can be taken once a day and pronounced: “Come true! I said, you have done. «

Repeat this action is necessary until the moment the conspiracy is fulfilled.

It is best to perform this ritual on a Sunday in clear weather. But this is not a prerequisite — the correct action will still help to achieve the desired. The only question is how soon the beloved will call you.

Such rituals are an innovation in love magic, but have already established themselves as powerful love spells. They can use any girl. Even without having superstrong abilities, you can achieve certain results if you follow the instructions correctly. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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