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Conspiracy to be bored

Conspiracy to be bored

How important it is to know that the most important person in life never forgets about you for a second! But not always the beloved is devoted wholeheartedly. Learn how to apply an effective conspiracy to beloved by you.

Preparation for the ceremony

For a strong conspiracy for the longing of a dear person, you will need conspired water. Pour spring water into the glass container and place it in the east of the apartment. Putting the bowl in the easternmost corner, take the salt in your left hand and the golden ring in your right hand. Then speak water with special words:

“Help, the water is clean, spring water.
Help in love, help in trouble.
In life (the name of the beloved) take me the right place.
As I said, so be it. «

After the plot on the water you need to lower the golden ring in the thicket, and then throw a pinch of salt there too. One of the main properties of gold is a warm love energy, it is not for nothing that it is from this metal that it is customary to give wedding rings. Salt will also take away rivals from a dear person who can occupy his thoughts.

Conspired liquid must be left overnight in the eastern corner, without touching it until morning. And only at dawn, you can proceed to the ritual to challenge love longing.

Ritual to be loved missed

In the morning, pour the water into the clay container and place it in front of the mirror. Next to place a photo of your beloved man and, looking only at her, dip the tips of your fingers into the liquid. At the same time say:

“Never forget about me (the name of the beloved).
Soul suffer, and remember with your heart.
Warm me with your love.
Though close by, even apart
All the same, together, soul and body.
Said, conceived, done, come true. «

After lowering your hands into the water and wash her well. At the same time imagine the face of a loved one.

Plots on water have always been considered among the most effective, because with the help of water you can easily attract magic and the help of higher powers. A conspiracy to longing with water will be especially effective, because, as you know, water wears away a stone. She will take a stone heart.

Use this method, and your chosen one will surely miss you. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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