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Conspiracy from enemies

Conspiracy from enemies

Very often we have unpleasant situations, which we even did not guess until the very last moment. Such machinations are not rarely adjust to us colleagues or other envious. It is sometimes impossible to cope with such situations in the usual ways, so you should pay attention to special plots from enemies.

There are so many rituals and conspiracies that are aimed at eliminating detractors from life or returning all negative to those who are so diligently trying to spoil your life, not only your nerves. Conspiracies are of varying complexity and all sorts of effects. After all, detractors, too, can spoil the little things or properly spoil the reputation.

Usually, black magic plots are used to eliminate big negatives. But such rituals are very often associated with sacrifices, and not everyone, even if desired, will be able to competently carry out all the actions.

But there are conspiracies that do not require recourse to black forces, but are equally effective. One of these conspiracies will be a stupid text for pork meat.

Conspiracy from enemies

To get started, you will need a piece of pork and a church candle. The ritual is performed alone in the evening. Buy some meat and boil it.

At that moment, when the water boils, whisper the following phrase: “Meat cooked, the case — turn in my favor«. This formula must be repeated three times.

After the meat is boiled, you have to wait until it cools. Next, take the meat in your left hand, and a burning candle — in your right. Think about your unpleasant situation and say the words: «I straighten my business, and eliminate envious people with fire. Amen«.

After that, light a candle about a piece of meat. The ritual is over. Meat during the day you need to feed the dogs.

Ritual features

It is important that the meat be one whole piece. It is impossible to cut it into pieces during the ritual — so you can accidentally damage it.

This conspiracy can be used under any circumstances. The most important thing is to keep in your head a clear picture of the situation with you. This method can be applied in cases where you do not know your enemies by sight.

Everyone at least once in his life was a difficult period. Many put a stick in the wheel. But before resorting to magic, try to solve the problem peacefully.

Entering into dialogue with your enemies, thus you give them to understand that you are not afraid of anything and are confident in your abilities. Even such a simple act can forever discourage the desire to build machinations against you.

And if the envious person is still not inferior and gloating even more strongly, then you will be able to resolve the situation in your favor by applying a conspiracy from enemies. We, in turn, wish you only bright bands in life and hardness of spirit. And, of course, do not forget to press the buttons and

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