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Conspiracies and rituals on Agrafena Kuparnitsa and Ivanov day

Conspiracies and rituals on Agrafena Kuparnitsa and Ivanov day

Russian culture was fed by two sources — pagan and Christian. From July 6 to July 7, holidays are annually celebrated, which graphically show how these sources gave rise to a whole interweaving of two worlds.

Agrafena Kupalnitsa and Ivan Kupala — two holidays that came to us from paganism. To this day, many ancient Slavic traditions that are combined in these days are alive. For example, earlier we wrote about divinations of Ivan Kupala, which are an integral part of this holiday, starting from ancient times.

These fortune telling really help people to look into the future and know their fate.

History Agrafena Kupalnitsy and Ivan Kupala

The day of Ivan — This is a folk analogue of the birth of John the Baptist. Previously, the pagan holiday glorified the natural phenomenon, the solstice, and later it and the Christian festival began to celebrate together. The early name of Ivan Kupala is not known. Researchers assumed that this was the name of the Slavic deity, but later this theory was refuted.

It is believed that the name «Kupala» directly tells us: people thus paid tribute to John the Baptist, who baptized Jesus Christ himself in Jordan. That is why Ivan Kupala decided to swim.

Agrafena Bathhouse — this is Ivanov’s Eve of the day. On July 6, Christians remember the holy martyr Agrippina of Rome, called the people Agrafena Kupalnitsa. Earlier in Russia, it was decided to begin swimming in rivers and lakes only with the holiday Agrafeny.

Conspiracies and rites

On Ivan Kupala July 7

A conspiracy for luck and good luck: “I know where my happiness lives. It is where the fern grows. I close my eyes every day.

I call for my happiness. Let it be as it pleases God. Amen».

This plot is read when bathing in a river or another body of water. It is necessary to go into the water and read these lines so that no one but you can hear them.

Among the more modern rituals, the “money Ivan” should be singled out. This is a very simple rite, for which you will need coins of various denominations. They must be placed under the pillow before bedtime. First you need to read a special conspiracy: “The coin is ringing like a drop of water.

Let my eyes see, and my ears hear how rich I am, how I do not grow old. ” Previously, people wrote what they wanted on a piece of paper, and then put it under a pillow. You can also follow this tradition.

And to believe in the power of conspiracy, read all about the holiday of Ivan Kupala.

To Agrafena the Bathing Shop July 6

The most famous rite is pouring water. It is customary to pour over everything except children and old people. In many villages, people still follow this tradition.

After playing with water, young people go to the reservoirs to swim.

The oldest rite is washing with dew. It was believed that the evening dew on July 6 is able to rejuvenate the skin and give people health. It is customary to read the plot: «Water-water, make me more beautiful, so that life seems to me nicer.»

Christians pray on the day of Agrippina of Rome. Prayers are aimed at healing and health promotion, both their own and their loved ones. Here is one of the best prayers:

Your Lamb, Jesus, Agrippa calls me with a great voice: You, My Zhenish, I love, and I seek You, my suffering, and I crucify, and take away Your baptism, and for Your sake, I reign in You, and die for They, yes and I live with you; but as the sacrifice of the innocent receive me, with love I eat you. Toya prayers, yak Mercy, save our souls.

Do not forget that both holidays are a tribute to the Christian faith, so visit the church these days if you have such an opportunity.

We wish you good luck, love and health. May these two days from year to year bring you only happiness. Divination by Ivan Kupala will help you look into the future, and the prayers of Agrippina of Rome will save you from harm. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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