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Conspiracies and rites of September 11 in the day of John the Baptist

Conspiracies and rites of September 11 in the day of John the Baptist

September 11 is an important day for Orthodoxy. In the entire history of the holiday in Russia, it has absorbed a lot of folk traditions and will accept. People not only pray to God on this day, but also conduct rituals and read conspiracies.

September 11 is the day of the beheading of John the Baptist, or, as he is also called, the Baptist. This day is of great importance for all believers, because this person has played a very large role in the development of biblical history. The day of the beheading of the chapter is no less important than the Christmas of John the Baptist, which is also marked in red in the Orthodox calendar.

September 11 — Beheading of John the Baptist

John the Baptist preached Christianity, that is, supported Jesus Christ. He met him at the 33rd year of life right before the events of the passions of Christ. The Savior came to the Forerunner for a reason. He needed him to perform the rite of baptism, which is performed with all Christians in the world.

Jesus Christ plunged into the Jordan River, sanctifying all the waters of the earth. In fact, it was not John who baptized the son of God, but he himself served to baptize all the people who lived then and all those who would live after that, that is, you and me.

For his faith, John the Baptist was executed by beheading, so this day is not a holiday, but a day of abstinence and the strictest fast. The forerunner spent almost a year in prison, after which he died a martyr’s death at the hands of Herod.

In Russia, this day was called Golovosek or Ivan the Fast. There was a holiday after the arrival of Christianity in Russia. The fact is that people knew little about God at that time, so they thought out something of their own.

The biblical story was distorted and not everyone understands, so many alternative names of holidays were born, and traditions are glossed over.

Rites and conspiracies on Golovosek

Since this is a folk-church feast, rites also have an ambivalent beginning, being divided into folk and Orthodox. Among the church rites are the following:

    Reading prayers to the holy Baptist. There is a miraculous icon of John the Baptist. If you have it, then on this day you can pray to her.

    If not, you can do it before any other icon. This will be a good prayer: “The memory of the righteous is praised, but the testimony of the Lord is enough for you, the Forerunner: he showed himself truly a prophet, because he baptized our God Jesus Christ. For truth he suffered, rejoicing, preach the good news to those who exist in the hell of God, who was flesh, who took away the sins of the world and gave us great mercy. ”

    Read prayers in honor of the saint relieve headaches of other ailments.

Folk rites and conspiracies:

  • ON John the Baptist decided to collect carrots and beets.
  • Earlier in Russia, horses started talking that day so that they would get less tired and not hurt. Now an analogue of the conspiracy of horses is a car plot. Before starting the conspiracy, sprinkle three pinches of salt on the machine. After this, say: “From misfortune, from an evil man, from the devil’s trade. Amen».
  • If you or your loved one is sick and for some unknown reason cannot recover, then perhaps it is the evil eye or the curse. Firstly, on this day nothing can be cut with a knife, and secondly, a special rite must be done to get rid of the evil eye. Revered holy baptism of Christ, so wash the pre-recruited water from a source or well three times, saying the plot: “Cleanse me, mother nature, from the filth, from sin and from the eye of the unkind, so that my life will return to its former course, so that the demons will let my body go. Let it be so». Repeat the ritual and plot three times during the day.
  • On this day, people say goodbye to the summer, harvesting and starting preparing for the winter season. Since ancient times, people took to the streets after awakening and met the winter with the words: “Hello, winter-mother”. In order not to get sick that day, people dressed very warmly, and in the evening they tried not to leave the house.

As you have already noticed, in September 11, church traditions were intertwined with folk traditions. They cannot be separated, since they have been living together for almost a thousand years. Live good on this day do not do meanness to anyone, for it is doubly dangerous to sin in lean time.

See also the traditions and signs of John the Baptist on September 11. On this day, many will take, which could not know. Almost all of them are connected with the martyrdom of the saint for their faith in God. Have a nice day and do not forget to press the buttons and

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