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Conspiracies and rites for a happy marriage

Conspiracies and rites for a happy marriage

Conspiracies and rituals can change a person’s life. Lovely ladies, if the years are flying, and the princes are not on the horizon, you can resort to love magic and attract mutual feelings.

Many girls dream as soon as possible, and most importantly, it is more pleasant to marry. In the old days, for a happy marriage, special plots and rituals were used, allowing them to meet their love and forget about loneliness forever. After all, it often happens that a woman seems to be beautiful, with a soft character, and calm, and gentle — and the family is deprived of happiness.

And no matter how hard she tries, love does not seek to break into her life. Modern psychologists convince women that, to begin with, she must become independent and independent, build a career, forgetting that in the depths of her soul everyone dreams of a simple female happiness — to marry a beloved man, and that the house is a full bowl, and children — A copy of the beloved. But to find that very thing is not as easy as the novels tell, this is why you can turn to ancient magic that will help you attract love and get married successfully.

Rite of passage on a quick and happy marriage

This rite belongs to the white magic and does not harm anyone for the female energy, but only if the woman or girl does not want to take the man from the family, tear him from his beloved wife. Of course, a divorced woman will achieve her own, but such a marriage will not bring happiness: a man will strive to return to his ex-wife, and in the course of time the new chosen one will cause only irritation. Remember: it is impossible to force a person to love himself against his will, it has never brought happiness. It follows from this that a marriage ceremony cannot be held to marry a man who is indifferent to you.

Over time, even the strongest magical bonds, if this is the only thing that keeps a man next to you, will break, the family will fall apart, there will be only bitterness and pain from disappointment.

To conduct ceremonies can and should be, but only to attract your man, who travels somewhere in the world and does not know how to find the road leading to you. Before the ritual should be exactly three days to keep strict fast: do not eat meat, refrain from alcohol and tobacco products. The rite itself is held during the growth of the moon, preferably in the first three days after the New Moon.

Lay on the dining table a new tablecloth, preferably white. Put a lighted red candle on the table and a glass of sweet water poured to the brim. The rite is held early in the morning.

We will talk water. We’ll have to repeat the plot at least 20 times without a break. During the reading to enhance the effect, it is desirable to present the image of the ideal satellite in all details.

As soon as the candle burns, you should take three sips, and spray the front door with the remaining water. Conspiracy:

“I light a candle, praise love, express my desires loudly and clearly. I tie knots and I know that one knot is for love, the other is for passion, and the third is for loyalty. But I do not tie up the threads, but cross my soul.

Together with my beloved be, misfortunes do not know, reciprocity and happiness from a beloved always receive. No one can untie my knots, what can be — cannot be avoided. ”

Keep in mind that the plot must be rewritten on a piece of paper: the words you read from the monitor will not have power.

Ritual for a happy marriage

This rite is held on a moonless night. Take the container, fill it with water and place it next to the white lighted candle. In the water you need to throw the ring and say:

“The ring is thrown into the water, about the infinite love of the Lord himself requested: God’s servant (name) needs help, the way the one who is ordained marries me. My word is strong. Amen.

Amen. Amen».

After that, remove the ring and place the bowl of water on the floor. Dip your feet in the water, put the ring on your ring finger and go to sleep. Wear the ring without removing it.

Conspiracy to marry rich

If you want not just to get married, but to find a rich groom, this conspiracy will help you. For the ceremony, you will need a handful of millet, which, after reading the plot, should be scattered at the intersection of two roads. The plot sounds like this:

“Do not pass by, beloved, stand over the threshold of my house, invite family happiness with you. As the birds eat millet, so to me (your name) female happiness will come. I lock my words with the key to the lock.

I throw the key in the sea. I expect fulfillment of desires. ”

Strong conspiracy to successfully marry

The ceremony begins with the purchase of a new broom. This should be done on women’s days of the week: Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. Buying the main magic attribute, the change is prohibited to take.

Coming home, a new broom should sweep away all the rubbish, clean up the house. Sweep the floor, say the words:

“I sweep solitude and misfortune out of the house. Waiting for your favorite cleanliness and order. Come, love, but hurry up, the joint happiness was waiting for us. In the name of all the saints.


Collect the litter in a scoop and pour it into a canvas bag or rag, put it in an inaccessible place and wait for the birth of a New Moon. On the day of the New Moon you need to read the prayer “Our Father” seven times over the garbage and bury it on the street.

Now you know how to attract love, it remains only to wait for the beloved, who is destined for you by fate. In conclusion, I would like to say that every conspiracy and rite can be carried out countless times, the main thing do not interrupt one plot another, it is better to choose any one. We wish you real female happiness, success in everything and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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