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Conspiracies and charms for good luck

Conspiracies and charms for good luck

In ancient times, to attract good luck, the forces of the four elements of nature were used: water, fire, earth and air. Each element had its own specific properties. For example, water cleared of negativity and created favorable conditions for successful beginnings, fire improved health, the wind contributed to the development of success, and the earth embodied what was intended into reality. In addition, all these elements are responsible for certain areas of life.

The forces of water will bring success in a career, the forces of air — in creativity, fire will protect from enemies and misfortunes, and the earth will give material well-being and help in business. In the magical rituals, you can use all the natural forces at once, this will speed up the process of performing the intended thing.

There are many plots and charms that bring good luck. Most of them are based on four elements. Start the ritual on the rising moon.

Take the pot and seed plants. The choice of a plant depends on your preferences and growing conditions, but the flower must be chosen according to your horoscope. Plant a seed in the ground with the following words: “You are my good fortune. I put you in the soil in order for you to grow big and strong.

As you grow, so will I find success and luck. ” After these words, state out loud how much success you would like to achieve. Ask your seed for this and bury it in the ground.

Put the pot with your luck on the most prominent and favorable place for the growth of flowers. Remember: now your luck is directly related to this plant. As you take care of him, so will your business. Every day, you need to give your flower a little time and not just water it, but talk with it, at least mentally.

Smile to him more often, say good words, praise his first petals and sprouts. The earth will give it the basis and strength, and the water will provide it with the necessary energy. When the plant grows, you will feel how your life has changed.

You have attracted luck with the help of a single plant. However, even if all your desires have been fulfilled, you should not forget about the plant, otherwise your luck can leave you.

In attracting luck also use amulets. They enhance potential, give energy and drive away the negative. Our ancient ancestors used rhombus with hematite stones as such a talisman.

In the old days, he brought his owner a good harvest and healthy offspring. Today it can be used to attract good luck in business, in financial matters and in love.

Another strong luck charm is a knot. In Slavic culture, knots were endowed with great power, but their impact was ambiguous. A charm in the form of a knot could attract both luck and misfortune. To enlist the magical support of this charm, you must independently tie a nine-knot cord.

It is necessary to mentally create a picture of your success. Each node will symbolize a specific component of your luck. Tying each knot, it is necessary to say the following words: “I knit knots for good luck.

The first knot will help me in undertakings, the second knot will determine fate, the third will give strength, the fourth will strengthen them, the fifth knot will send, the sixth will liven up, the seventh will return the lost, the eighth knot will be me, the ninth will be my luck. ”

Talismans and charms not only for good luck, but also for money are often used in life and much has been written about them. You can talk about the good luck talisman in the comments and in the next article we will tell you about the features of your amulet. And so that these methods will suit you and act, do not forget to press and

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