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Clean Thursday April 5th: Rites and Money Conspiracies

Clean Thursday April 5th: Rites and Money Conspiracies

During an Orthodox holiday, everyone can get rid of the accumulated negative and lie down in his life prosperity. On Maundy Thursday, even ordinary cleaning can be turned into a monetary ritual. How to do this, you can learn from our article.

On April 5, everyone can ask for support from their heavenly patrons. Remember that rituals should not harm others. Do not be greedy, because all the money the world does not earn. However, to bring into life the energy of monetary success on this day is within the power of everyone.

Eliminate the negative attitude, and then you can succeed. On Pure Thursday, start any business with a prayer that allows you to cleanse yourself of the negative and tune in for good luck and prosperity.

How to attract money on Pure Thursday

one. Before you wash the floors, put three coins of different denominations in the basin or bucket. Immerse them in water alternately, while pronouncing: “Coins are earned by honest labor, not taken away, not stolen.

The first will relieve from debts, the second — from unnecessary expenses, the third money will attract «. Wash the floor, and throw water over the threshold. Bring the coins into the house and hide in a secluded place.

2 From early morning on Pure Thursday, be sure to recount your savings. Tune in to positive thoughts and think about what you will do with your savings.

Be sure to leave a small amount in order to make any charitable contribution. The energy of good and creation will return to you, multiplied several times, and the money that you gave will also return to you with good.

3 On this day, you should not borrow and lend money so that the monetary energy remains in your home. If loans cannot be avoided, read the plot: «Money for a good thing always comes back on time.»

four. If you have a pair of old shoes in your house, put a coin in it with the words: “In the shoes the roads are well-worn, it’s time to say goodbye to shoes. As the shoes are found, the coins will be taken away, so the money will go to the house again. ”.

Take the shoes to a crowded place, and on the way back, wide open the front door with the words: «Welcome!».

five. Scatter the coins around the house, saying: “How much wealth is scattered around the house — no one counted, how many times I’ll step on a coin, so much will increase in my wallet.” Coins do not remove the day and try to household stepping on them as often as possible.

Then remove the money in a piggy bank or an opaque capacity. As soon as it is filled, the monetary energy in your home will become a regular guest.

6 You can talk on wealth wallet. To do this, put it on the window sill at dawn.

It must have at least one bill and a coin. As the sun rises over the horizon, say: “The sun radiant comes to the world, it drives the night away, it delivers from the negative. Light up my wealth.

Increase finances. Not for a bad business, but for the good of the money will go. «

7 Many housewives use water to wash windows and doors, in which they put spell coins and a handful of Thursday salt. The plot words are simple: “I will clean my house clean, I will clean the windows and doors from dirt. Monetary fortune past a clean home will not pass; it will turn into my house. ”

After cleaning the coins, lay them out on the windowsill and around the threshold and do not remove them for three days.

eight. Hold a few coins in your hand and read the Our Father prayer three times. Then go outside the house, squeezing money, and say the words of the plot: “Lord, have mercy on me, the slave (name) of the sinner. Grant your forgiveness and blessing. ”.

Throw money in an arc, as if sowing grain, and say: “In the name of good, the earth gives a rich harvest, it feeds people, it adds strength. So my money will give good seedlings, they will go to a good cause. ”

On Pure Thursday, you can perform any rite that will attract financial abundance to your life. In addition, at this time you can attract the energy of love and good luck, which will surely come into your life after the celebration of Easter. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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