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Christmas plot for money and luck

Christmas plot for money and luck

The beginning of the year is considered the most suitable time for making wishes and attracting abundance to your home. If you do not have time to enlist the support of the Higher Forces on New Year’s Eve, this can be done at Christmas.

Same. Like the New Year, Christmas is considered a magical time in which you can not only pray and guess, but also use various rituals to attract financial abundance and good luck. This holiday is best suited for energy purification and the beginning of a new life. Therefore, all the money conspiracies committed on these days will be effective and efficient.

And if you have long dreamed of a money talisman, now is the right moment. On the eve of Christmas, you can tune in to the wave of luck and charge any object with powerful energy of abundance.

Preparation for the ritual

In order for the plot to work in full force. it is necessary to carry out a special ritual of cleansing that place. where you live. Cleaning must be complete; besides home, you must also be clean from evil thoughts and junk food. After all, it is not a gift before Christmas to fast for forty days.

If you did not observe fasting, you should refrain from fatty and unhealthy food at least on the day of the ritual. The best cleansing will be a fasting or fasting day, when only protein foods are used: cottage cheese, chicken, milk, eggs and fish.

To clean the space you need to light a church candle and walk with it through all the rooms. During the tour, read the prayer «Our Father» and repeat it until you pass through all the rooms. In this way, you will cleanse yourself and the space of negative and stagnant energy and make room for cash flow and your other desires.

Christmas plot to attract good luck and money

After complete purification, stand in the middle of the room where you spend the most time. As a rule, this room turns out to be a bedroom or a workplace. Raise your hands up to form a bowl above your head, and spin around yourself seven times in a clockwise direction. After that, look at your raised palms and repeat the following phrase seven times: “I’m making money for myself, I want to attract wealth.

The angels. help, give me abundance. Amen.»

For greater effect, this ritual can be repeated for two weeks, until Baptism. Then you will notice how your income will increase, and the money will begin to come even from unexpected sources. Rejoice in each amount, even if at first it will not be too large, and over time the budget will grow many times.

Always remember the gratitude not only to the Universe, but also to yourself. Praise yourself and celebrate every success, then the abundant flow will increase and grow. Love yourself, take care of loved ones and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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