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Attract love: conspiracy to comb

Attract love: conspiracy to comb

Even our great-grandmothers resorted to strong plots on the crest to attract love. Learn how to charm a chosen one with a simple magic rite on a comb.

A plot to love a man

A lot of love signs and beliefs are connected with the comb. For example, an unmarried girl can see the future chosen one, if, before falling asleep in a new place, she comb her hair and put the comb under the pillow. At the same time it is necessary to say: “in a new place, dream about the bridegroom”

And at night the long-awaited, constricted woman will surely dream of her.

A conspiracy to love also takes place just before bedtime. Wooden brush should be moistened with holy water and put in front of the mirror. Sitting with her hair loose, the girl must read the text of the conspiracy, while presenting the desired elect:

For me you will become a support, but hope.
You will love me strongly and passionately.
From me you will not turn away, you will not look at others.
My beauty has been conquered, my heart is given, my soul is faithful.

After reading the magic text, you need to carefully comb your hair, looking in the mirror, and then go to bed right away. Repeat the spell can be several times during the week, until you reach the desired result.

Conspiracy before the date

When you are going on a date, it is important to remember all the nuances and clearly plan how to spend a romantic time in order to show your best. But sometimes even this is not enough to conquer the male heart. Combing before an important meeting with a hairbrush that is conspired with love is considered an effective remedy.

To do this, you will need a wooden comb, which you need to wrap with a light cloth and put on the dressing table. Then cover the comb with your left palm and say the words of the conspiracy in a whisper, eyes closed:

I will come to you (the name of the beloved), comb my hair.
I have beauty in you love.
I hold your heart in your hands.
If I want to, I’ll leave it to myself; if I want, I will let it go.
As I decided, so be it.

The conspiratorial comb can be used not once, but every time before a new meeting. After the ritual, it must be hidden in a secluded place and get only before an important date. Combing the hair of a plotted object just before leaving the house, you can attract positive energy and gain magnetic charm.

Combing a plot is an ancient form of love magic that has been practiced for centuries and is considered particularly effective. With the help of these love spells, any woman will enlist the support of a strong love aura and will be able to subdue her beloved man. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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