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Apple Spas: conspiracy for good luck, money and love

Apple Spas: conspiracy for good luck, money and love

In order to succeed in any business, whether it is a money question or a love story, you can use the effective conspiracies dedicated to the Day of the Apple Savior.

The holiday Apple Spas is associated with folk traditions and signs, as well as the collection of the August apple harvest. On this day, it is customary to cook festive dishes from apples, to treat guests with fresh apples, to harvest apple jam for the future. It did not go without rites and whispers, which knowledgeable people protected themselves from harm.

On Apple Spas on August 19, you can turn to conspiracies for wealth, luck or love.

Money Conspiracy

Using the symbol of a holiday, an apple, you can attract well-being, prosperity and money to your home, and make yourself more successful. So, in order to become richer, it is necessary to buy three apples in different places on August 19. When buying each apple to yourself, you need to repeat:

As the apple into the house, and the money in the house, it is said yes done.

Then you need to go home without talking to anyone on the way. Having crossed the threshold, the apples should be washed immediately, without being distracted by anything. After that, you can talk, do other things, and so on.

But to complete the ritual during the same day, August 19, apples should be eaten with the household.

A plot to attract good luck

To attract luck, get up at dawn, take a small apple and say the following words to him:

As the apple with the first ray is ripening and pouring, so I will wake up with the first ray, I will be lucky and happy, so be it.

A conspiracy apple must be carried with you all day and eaten after sunset. This rite is also held on the Apple Savior.

You can become more successful if you selflessly treat people, not only your relatives, but also friends, colleagues, even pedestrians, with apples to this day. Stretching an apple, you need to talk to yourself:

You have arrived, and I have arrived.

Conspiracy to love

With love conspiracies on such a day, be careful. Experts of the site dailyhoro.ru advise using this tool to strengthen feelings only between spouses or in pairs with permanent relationships. You can try it, if your heart is free, and you are not together yet.

But you should not destroy the plot of someone else’s family, because on such a foundation to build happiness will not succeed.

In order for the plot to work, you need to buy two apples and bake them simultaneously at home on August 19. Before they get cold, they say slander:

As apples are sweet, so love is sweet, as apples are hot, so the heart (the name of a loved one or a loved one) burns for me, bakes, and misses, does not know peace.

One apple will need to treat a loved one, and another to eat, and then strong and strong bonds will appear between you. You can also treat after August 19, the second part of the rite does not have a strong binding to the date.

We wish you well-being and good summer. On the joyful and bright day of the Savior, you can not only attract love or wealth, but also change life for the better with the help of positive thinking, as well as giving alms and helping those who need it. Do good on this holiday and on other days and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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