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A strong conspiracy to lose weight by Natalia Stepanova

A strong conspiracy to lose weight by Natalia Stepanova

Losing weight is not an easy task. Often diets only exhaust the body, without bringing the desired effect, and exercise eliminates a couple of kilograms, which will soon appear again. In this case, you should turn to unconventional methods: a strong conspiracy from the Siberian healer Natalia Stepanova will help to lose weight once and for all.

Plots from Natalia Stepanova are simple and highly effective. Why can conspiracy be effective if nothing else helps? The bottom line is that the verbal formula of the conspiracy is a powerful impulse for the subconscious, which appropriately rebuilds our body, programming it to lose weight.

You can read the plot even if you have already chosen another way of getting rid of those extra pounds — the ritual will increase the effect of the diet.

Strong weight loss plot

The rite must be held for three days on the waning moon — this is the most favorable time to get rid of all unnecessary. The most successful will be the last three days before the new moon.

Before going to bed, pour water into a glass. It is better to use not the plumbing, but the key one — it is charged by the forces of nature, therefore it will bring much more benefits for the body, and the plot will be the strongest. Sit in front of the glass, look at the water surface and say the words:

The water gets into me and supersedes the excess, diminishes from the body, adds to beauty. The moon goes away and takes too much with it. When a new moon is born, my new life will begin.


The plot must be pronounced three times, then drink water and go to bed. Do so every evening for three days, preferably at the same time. Overweight will begin to melt rapidly.

Do not forget that nobody can talk about conspiracy — otherwise he will not give any result.

A strong conspiracy from Natalia Stepanova will help you to become even more attractive. Believe in the power of the ritual, and you will be amazed at its effect. Change for the better and do not forget to press the buttons and

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