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A simple and powerful conspiracy to quit smoking forever.

A simple and powerful conspiracy to quit smoking forever.

In the fight against addiction, medical devices and volitional efforts are often powerless. If modern methods do not give the desired result, popular wisdom can help. A strong conspiracy against smoking will help get rid of the problem and open the way to a new, healthy life.

Strong conspiracy to smoke

This conspiracy should be addressed if a person deliberately decided to get rid of nicotine addiction. Uncomplicated ceremony, he must perform on their own. The plot is read in the period when the moon is in a descending phase.

For the ritual requires three candles (best — the church, because they have the greatest energy), the opened pack of cigarettes and red thread. Five minutes before midnight, you need to sit at the table, put a pack of cigarettes in front of you, and put three candles around it: two on each side, one on top. Take the thread in your left hand, light the candles with your right hand and say the text of the plot:

The moon is waning — the addiction is melting. The new moon will be born, I will not return to smoking. As the candles go out — and the desire to smoke goes out. I bind my trouble and get rid of it.

My word is strong, God will help me. Amen.

After that, a pack of cigarettes must be tightly tied with a thread, and then blow out the candles. The tied up pack must be taken out of the house, thrown out and left without turning around.

A conspiracy to smoke for a loved one

It often happens that someone from close people smokes, but all requests to give up addiction have no effect. In this case, you can help a loved one yourself by reading the plot above him while he is sleeping.

Read should be at sunrise. It is necessary to stand next to the bed, at the feet of the sleeper, to whom your magical message is meant. As soon as the sun appeared over the horizon, start talking to the person:

As the sun will not reverse, so the servant of God (name) will not take a cigarette. Morning comes, at (name) new life begins. Amen.

After that, cross the sleeper three times. Such a conspiracy may not give an instant result, but the craving for tobacco will decrease already after the first time. The ritual should be performed for several days in a row, and the nicotine addiction will gradually leave the person.

A conspiracy against smoking will help get rid of life-poisoning habits once and for all. We wish you health and success, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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