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A conspiracy to attract love from Nadezhda Shevchenko

A conspiracy to attract love from Nadezhda Shevchenko

Nadezhda Shevchenko, a famous psychic, shared her knowledge of love magic. With the help of her copyright ritual you can achieve family understanding and attract love in your life.

Bringing love to life is a rite that requires not only desire, but also self-reliance. Often the unions of loving people fall apart because of a combination of circumstances and the inability to compromise. With the help of the proposed ritual, you get a chance not only to attract love, but to find your destiny, soul mate, with which you will feel real spiritual kinship and unity.

Love attraction ritual

This ritual requires a serious approach, so spend it at a time when you are fully committed to bringing true love into your life. The rite should be performed on the growing moon for seven days. The energy of the night luminary will increase the impulse being sent and will strengthen the flow of magical energy.

Women should begin the seven-day ritual on Friday, and men should begin on Thursday. On the night of New Moon, leave a container of water on the windowsill. The energy collected in this source will serve as a guide in your rite.

For the ritual you will need the following things:

  • candle (red or scarlet);
  • figures made of natural wax, designating a man and a woman;
  • your photo (it should be taken recently);
  • wool thread of a red shade;
  • fabric of a red shade from natural material;
  • water that was saturated with the energies of the New Moon;
  • beads or rhinestones.

Spread a cloth and place a candle on it, lit with matches. Prepared wax figures lay next. Dolls need to do it yourself. “Revive” the doll with beads — make the eyes of the opposite sex. Dip a doll of the opposite sex into the prepared water and hold it there, saying the words of the conspiracy:

“I revive my love with water, I name my true half, I warm it with hot fire of love, I open my eyes so that I can find (found) my way to my house, it does not pass by (not passed). With my blood I fasten the rite, I do not know the way back. I inspire my love in you, I let you in my life.

My will is strong, the word is true. «

Prick the ring finger with a needle and smear blood on the doll with the area where the heart should be.

Now take «your» doll and attach beads to it in the place of your eyes. Dip it in the same water and read the plot:

“With water, filled with lunar energy, I revive you, I name myself (name). I warm it with hot fire of love, I open my “eyes”. My strength is in you. Fulfill my desires, fulfill my master’s order.

Find my true love, bring me the half for the reunion before the eyes. My will is strong, the word is true. «

Leave the dolls next to the burning candle until the morning. At dawn, put the dolls facing each other. Attach your photo to the doll, personifying your soulmate, and wrap the figures with wool thread. Speak the plot words:

“With the thread of one destiny I connect, I lay a path to my love. Without knots I am connecting the destiny together, I am establishing relations. I twist the energy of two hearts, I don’t know a way back. The seal of the blood figure is bound, endowed with the fire of love.

Two destinies will not disperse, in a short time the roads-paths will come together. I’m waiting for my betrothed (betrothed), I don’t know a way back. Let it be so!».

The resulting volumetric cocoon of dolls and threads must be spoken for six days. Every day at the same time, light a red candle and pronounce the words of the conspiracy:

“I call upon the other half to be crowned with blood, water and fire. The spirits of the elements will show the way to me, they will tell the right way. ”

After completing the seven-day ritual, kindle a fire and put the dolls on fire, saying:

“The love fire lights up, a bright flame rises to the heavens. Two destinies in one are melted down, a single thread of fate intertwines. My destiny is looking for me, prowling the world over the world.

I command with all my strength: come to me, connect your life with mine ”.

Remove warm wax from the fire and form a symbol of your love out of it. It can be a heart or a ring. Put him in a secluded place and contact him once a day asking him to bring your love to you as soon as possible. If there is no wax left after the fire, then a fateful encounter may occur in the near future.

Pay attention to the Signs of Destiny not to miss it.

Attracting love> Love spells «> Love magic can be dangerous, so never do the rites of submission, even if you think that the person is completely right for you. A union created in this way can have devastating consequences. Therefore, use only white magic plots based on attracting willing and mutual love. We wish you true happiness, and do not forget to press buttons and

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