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A conspiracy for wealth on Ivan Kupala

A conspiracy for wealth on Ivan Kupala

Kupala conspiracies and rituals — a permanent and very important part of this Slavic holiday. And it is not surprising, because they help to get rich and bring good luck.

Ivan Kupala is popularly celebrated on the night of July 6-7. A lot of traditions and traditions are connected with this time. There are Kupala divinations for love, the tradition to burn bonfires and the legend of flowering fern is passed down from generation to generation.

And of course, there were slanders for prosperity and well-being in the memory of our people.

A conspiracy to attract wealth with Kupala bonfire

On Ivan Kupala decided to kindle fires. Follow this glorious tradition. It is not necessary to burn a ritual fireplace, with a wheel, a horse’s skull and other horrors that were adopted in the old days. Just get out into nature and dissolve the light — in compliance with the rules, of course, so that the ritual does not turn into trouble.

If the holiday of Ivan Kupala is widely celebrated in your area, join the festivities.

In the fire, you will need to quietly throw a handful of coins. At the same time refer to the fire as a mighty force, speak the words of a conspiracy to wealth: “Burn, burn, Fire-force, so that I have a lot of wealth, so that my wealth is added, so that I can manage everything. Let it be as I said, (your name). «

Be sure to say these words with respect to the elements. It is better not to use the conspiracy, if you doubt it. The power of the elements of fire on Ivan Kupala is very great, and if you do not believe enough in the ritual act, the fire may return to you with a negative. Iron-burned blouse or runaway milk is the lesser of ills.

But if you believe in what you are doing, there is nothing to fear, since your money will coax the fire.

Money plot on Kupala dew

Dew on Ivan Kupala has an unusually strong energy. It was used in order to get rid of problems, become more beautiful and attract love. It will help in monetary matters.

For the performance of the ceremony you need to find a place overgrown with grass. The ideal option would be a meadow, field, or your backyard. A park in the city will do as well.

Be sure to come there on July 7 before dawn, before the night was over, but already at the end. Knowledgeable people are advised to completely lie down in the grass in order to bathe in dew, but you can stand on it barefoot and symbolically wash your face if you are in the city. Try to prevent people from seeing your actions: witnesses during a magical act are usually a bad omen.

Having washed your morning dew, say: “Nobody thinks of grass and ants, they don’t know the number of accounts. So I, (your name), did not know the accounts of their wealth. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy spirit.

Now, and ever, and forever and ever. Amen».

Like fire, the water on Ivan Kupala has a special power, so this plot will be very strong, and your affairs will go uphill.

We wish you success and well-being. Do not miss the night on Ivan Kupala. Read more about national holidays, subscribe to our magazine. and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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