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A conspiracy for good luck on the road from Elena Yasevich

A conspiracy for good luck on the road from Elena Yasevich

The road is always unpredictable and full of surprises. To attract good luck for a safe journey without problems and delays will help the tips of the famous psychic Elena Yasevich.

Going on the road, we do not know what awaits us. To tune in for the journey and once again double-check, have you not forgotten something important, you should sit on the track, as our ancestors did. With this ritual we unconsciously help ourselves to concentrate, as well as cajole the brownie, who for the time of our absence remains in the house for the owner.

And to protect yourself from difficulties on the road and quickly get to your destination, you can take advantage of an effective conspiracy from the winner of the “Battle of the Psychics” Elena Yasevich, who knows how to attract luck to the satellites.

Plot for good luck on the road

Before you make a planned trip, and just get from point A to point B, perform a simple ritual that will help make the road safe and pleasant. To do this, pour a little holy water into a clean glass or mug of clear glass and read the Our Father prayer over it three times. Then speak the plot words:

“The Holy Voditsa is cold, licked without ceasing, while the servant of God (name) is on the way. Take all the misfortunes, troubles and misfortunes. Do not let the downfall happen while the food is quiet around.

The word is said, mouth on lock. «

Turn the vessel upside down and place it where no one will touch it. Such a rite helps not only to encourage good luck on the road, but also to free oneself from fears and tune in to the safe path. It frees from any negative feelings, helps to avoid unnecessary excitement.

In case you have to drive the vehicle for a long time, the ritual can be continued. To do this, before you cross the threshold, say: «Not a nail, not a rod». This plot is often used by drivers to get lucky on the road.

It does not hurt the help of the brownie, who carefully monitors his household. Leave your keeper of home comfort a little treat or candy without a wrapper. In order to enlist his support, say:

“Brownie, brownie, talk to me. Long road is waiting for me, wish me luck. Gather on the road, give help to yourself. ”

With these simple actions, you shut yourself down from negative influence and road problems. Remember that rituals will only work if you believe in their effectiveness. We wish you an easy road without incidents and accidents, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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