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5 plots on good health

5 plots on good health

Today, there has been tremendous progress in medicine, but even it is sometimes powerless. Then it remains only to hope for higher powers and conspiracies that really help to strengthen health.

There are a number of simple rules that must be followed in order for conspiracies to be as effective as possible. For example, it is best to read prayers and plots at dawn, or, conversely, at sunset. Read them, you should definitely in the eastern part of the room.

Best of all, if at this moment you light a candle, after having consecrated it in the temple, and open the window wide open. Remember that the words of the slander must be pronounced clearly and clearly so that every word is clear. Do not forget about your own faith in the energy of the readable conspiracies.

So that the prayer conspiracy has the most power, you can pronounce it indefinitely.

Health resorts or plots on health

There are two types of conspiracy to promote health and raise immunity. The first is special prayers that are read during a person’s illness. The second is prayers for health, which are pronounced to increase immunity and improve human health.

5 strong health plots

The first conspiracy: prayer for spring water. To do this, you need to take a clean glass of spring water and you can start reading a conspiracy:

“Mother Vodichka, the owner of healing properties, you wash, so you can drink people. Please help me heal my body from diseases. Let the flour and illness pass me by. ”

The second strongest conspiracy It sounds like this:

“Do not torture, do not torment me, pain! Go away with the waning moon. Yes, so be it.


When uttering these words, be sure to touch your finger to a place that hurts, and slowly move clockwise. After a few minutes, it is best to repeat the plot again. Remember that the hex is read in the period of the waning moon.

The third conspiracy. If you are sick or your immune system is weakened, you can transfer your diseases to objects. For example, you can give the disease tree. It is enough to find a small tree, the best young one, and put palms on it by reading the words:

“The tree is nice, alive, please, take with me all my ailment. Let my pain go to you, and I will take away your strength in order to strengthen my health for many years. Amen».

When your strength recovers and the disease leaves, the tree begins to dry out. But if it is young, then undoubtedly cope with this disease, and bloom as before.

The fourth conspiracy. Improve health and well-being will help another conspiracy on water. To do this, wash with rain water, and before that read the words:

“Great water, you keep your way to the west from the east, to land on the shores, sands and stones. So wash away all the diseases from me and strengthen your health. So be it so!


Fifth plot. In order for health to be strong throughout life, and to avoid serious diseases, you should take a ringlet without stones, and speak it with the words:

“Commit, little ring, strength to me and good health. Improve my health and do not let diseases affect my body and soul. Yes, with good purposes, I appeal to you.

Take away all my pain and ailment. Amen».

Remember that conspiracies are valid only if you believe in them and, at the same time, do not worsen your health. We hope that these strongest conspiracies will help you improve your health and get rid of diseases. Be happy and do not get sick. take care of yourself, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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