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5 best conspiracies from drunkenness: on the advice of healers

5 best conspiracies from drunkenness: on the advice of healers

In the modern world, there are many ways to combat the devastating disease, but they are not always effective. After some time, the coded person again begins to experience craving for alcohol and returns to a dangerous habit. In this case, you should turn to popular wisdom: strong conspiracies from healers will help overcome the love of alcohol and get rid of drunkenness once and for all.

In order for the plot to work, you must adhere to certain rules. Healers give some advice on how to make the conspiracy the most effective.

  • You do not need to tell the ritual to any of the people around you, even the closest ones. You must keep everything secret and after the conspiracy works. If you are going to get rid of the illness not of yourself, but of another person, then hide your intention from him and say the plot in secret.
  • According to the healers, conspiracies to get rid of drunkenness are most powerful if they are read in the period of decreasing moon. It is best to hold the ceremony for 2-3 days before the new moon.
  • In order for a conspiracy to be drunk to be effective, it must be pronounced on the right day. Women talk on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and men — on the rest of the week except Sunday. On Sunday, this ritual is strictly prohibited.

A conspiracy from drinking on the water

Get rid of drunkenness alone will help a strong conspiracy to holy water from a Siberian healer. The rite is held at night, before going to bed.

Put a glass of water on the table, and in the right hand take a lit church candle. Baptize the glass with a candle, pronouncing the text of the plot:

The water is holy, the candle is strong. As moisture will not be reconciled with fire forever, so I cannot get along with alcohol. The moisture inside me will fall, the fire inside me will flood, and the addiction will go away. The candle goes out — the sin will be smoked away.


Drink water, put out the candle and cross, and then go to bed. In the morning you wake up a healthy person.

Strong conspiracy from drunkenness on the waning moon

This rite is also intended for people who have decided to get rid of the devastating disease. The plot is read to the moon in the last quarter phase, that is, one day before the new moon. If the moon is visible from your home, you can perform a ritual in front of an open window, but if not, it is better to go outside. Look closely at the waning moon and read the plot:

The moon is waning, and my illness takes with itself. In the morning the moon will leave, there will be no trace of dependence. A new moon will be born — a new life will begin.

God help me. Amen.

After the ritual, try to avoid long views of the moon, otherwise the effectiveness of the conspiracy may decrease.

A conspiracy from drinking on a photo

Healers advise to use this conspiracy in relation to a person who does not wish to get rid of alcohol dependence independently. Do not forget that the ritual should be carried out in secret from this person.

For the conspiracy will need holy water and a picture of the addicted. Look at the photo through a container of water and say the words:

Water cleans the body and spirit, water and relieve from drunkenness. Just as the righteous did not eat the spirit, so the servant of God (name) will forget the taste of the potion, and the water for him will be sweeter than wine. The trouble will go, the Lord will help.


After that, sprinkle a photo and cross it three times. Take the picture away from the eyes so that no one finds it and takes it in hand until the addict is cured. Give the rest of the water to the person you spoke to.

A conspiracy from drinking on soap

A conspiracy to deliver a loved one from dependence is read on the soap that only he uses. The rite is performed at night after midnight. Take the soap in your hands and start talking it:

You wash yourself with soap and forget the taste of alcohol. The soap will melt, and your addiction will melt. As soap does not increase back, so you will not return to drunkenness.


Such a conspiracy does not imply an immediate effect, but alcohol dependence will come to naught every day.

Vanga’s strong conspiracy on the water

The conspiracy of the famous healer Vanga is intended for those who want to relieve someone of their male relatives from drinking: husband, brother, father. The plot is read over the water, which is then poured into the food or drink of an addicted person for seven days. To apply this method, read these words above the water jug:

The water is clean, the water is sinless, life gives everything. Give a new life to the servant of God (name), so that he takes nothing but water into his mouth, does not poison his life with anything. Cleanse him from sin and from the sinner’s potion protect.


After seven days, addiction will leave a person. In no event it is impossible to pour the conspiracy liquid into alcohol, otherwise the plot will give the opposite result.

Plots from drunkenness will help to get rid of terrible addiction, to regain health and the joy of life. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and do not forget to press buttons and

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