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3 useful conspiracies for August: attracting luck, money and love

3 useful conspiracies for August: attracting luck, money and love

The last month of summer can be spent with benefit. Effective rituals will help you get rid of loneliness and financial difficulties, as well as attract good luck.

It is possible to attract well-being on any given day, however, experts at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend timed ceremonies for public holidays. At this time, the Universe sends strong energy waves to the earth, which can at times improve the life of each person. It can be both religious and national holidays.

Conspiracy to attract love

The most common rite in the past was the conspiracy to harvest the fresh apples. It can be held only after the Savior of Apples, when the fruits consecrated in the church can be eaten. Pick or buy three ripe red apples, bring them home and wait for the evening.

As soon as the sun disappears beyond the horizon, light a red candle and place apples around it. Peer into the flame and say:

“The apples are poured, warmed by the sun, washed up in the rain, they will bring me happiness. I eat the first appleI will return youth. The second apple will be divided into partsFor three days I will feast on beauty.

The third apple of my betrothed treat, I’ll turn to myself forever. As my treat gets to him, our love will follow one path. ”

Eat one apple and divide the second into three parts. On the third day, take the last fruit to your loved one so that your love flashes with a new force.

Attracting good luck in August

The last summer month is rich in harvest, so in ancient times the gifts of nature were often used in rituals. For these purposes, any fruit will be suitable, as well as honey, which this month in abundance appears in beekeepers.

To attract luck is not difficult. To do this, it is important to believe in yourself and not tell anyone what you are going to do. Prepare a saucer with sweet fruit and honey, lean over it and say:

“The bees are flying sweet honey, luck is carried on the wings. How many bees on my dainty will fly, for so many years I don’t know sorrow, attract good luck. ”

Open the window to bees or wasps flew to your treat. The more insects will fly, the longer the luck will remain with you.

Rite of passage for financial difficulties

Financial life can be brought to life with the help of a special conspiracy that takes place during sunset. Light a small fire, collect the fallen leaves and throw them into the flame, saying:

“Difficulties burn out, failures go away. As the leaves turn ashes in ash, so will the finances come back to me. How many leaves will fall on the ground before autumn, so much money will come to my house. ”

Put out the fire and take with you the brightest leaf that fell from the tree. Put it next to the money in your wallet or in the place where you keep your money. So you attract to your financial well-being.

Conspiracies in August can be timed to stargazing, which also have favorable energy. In addition, you can use the national signs that will tell you the approximation of happiness. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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