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Virgo woman: characteristic of the sign of the zodiac, horoscope compatibility in love

Virgo woman: a characteristic of the western and eastern horoscopes, finding the perfect partner

Birth dates of representatives of the Virgo constellation fall for the period from August 24 to September 23. Women of this sign emit incredible charisma, calm, intelligence and attractiveness. The leaving summer, warmth, harvest, the wealth of the golden autumn — all this beauty is reflected in the appearance and manners of the beautiful Virgos.

They are stylish, elegant, prefer low-key make-up and natural natural shades in clothes. In this case, the girl has no showy brightness, vulgarity and defiant eroticism.

Virgos stare at a man for a long time, but with relatives they become the most devoted and loyal friend.

The following are the magical symbols and talismans of Virgo women:



Platinum, tin, mercury

Happy — Wednesday; unlucky — thursday, friday

Lucky numbers and numbers

Blue, gray, white, purple

Green jade, sapphire

Important years of life

Virgo woman: characteristic of the sign of the zodiac, horoscope compatibility in love

The Virgo woman belongs to the earth element, her sign is ruled by the planets Mercury and Vulcan. They give the girl the original features of the character. Mercury gives energy, activity and some nervousness.

A volcano approaching the Earth bestowed on the Virgin incredible strength, calmness, self-confidence. According to the horoscopic description, these women constantly strive for the ideal in everything, they work tirelessly to change their lives for the better.

Virgo constantly looks after her appearance, keeps her house in perfect order, carefully thinks over all the steps ahead. She is an excellent hostess, a kind adviser, a demanding person. A woman despises idlers and beggars, never give a helping hand just out of banal pity.

But if a person is really in trouble, the girl will be the first to rush to his aid.

Dealing with Virgo is difficult because her speech is filled with criticism and sarcasm. But that is only until she fully recognizes the person.

But if the interlocutor is honest and decent, the woman will immediately feel it (her intuition is very developed, therefore the lady rarely makes mistakes). The girl will be much softer and more benevolent.

She appears before her family and friends in a completely different way: it is impossible to find a kinder and more faithful person.

The main advantages of the Virgin:

  • honesty;
  • fidelity;
  • devotion;
  • practicality;
  • analytical thinking;
  • good breeding;
  • intelligence;
  • modesty;
  • tact;
  • kindness;
  • compassion;
  • cleanliness;
  • willpower;
  • purposefulness;
  • hard work;
  • punctuality;
  • a responsibility;
  • curiosity;
  • sequence;
  • Creative skills.
  • criticality;
  • sarcastic;
  • excessive demands;
  • stealth;
  • pedantry;
  • uncompromising;
  • constant self-righteousness;
  • pickyness;
  • pettiness.

Virgo is able to help shake off the hardest thoughts, survive any grief, find a way out of hopeless situations. She will never betray, will not throw in trouble.

She can be trusted with secrets, under any circumstances they will remain a secret forever.

Virgo woman: characteristic of the sign of the zodiac, horoscope compatibility in love

Representatives of the sign by nature have very good health. But excessive loads and nervous tension can provoke diseases of the stomach, intestines, and headaches. In some cases, there are rheumatic pains that affect the legs, arms, lower back, shoulders and all joints.

It is recommended to pay attention to the respiratory system and lungs. Fortunately, all these diseases in Virgos are mild.

Virgo woman: characteristic of the sign of the zodiac, horoscope compatibility in love

The Virgin in love behaves in a very original way. The physical aspect of the sign representative is muted, but there is something spiritual in it that can be called the passion of the soul. The mind of the girl never sleeps, she will not allow the feelings above him to prevail.

The companion of a woman will be the most worthy man whom she has previously tested in all aspects. Virgo looks closely and draws conclusions before letting someone into her life.

If a guy has passed all the tests prepared for him, he will be gifted with love of great strength.

There are cases when the Virgin falls in love with an unworthy young man. She tries to ignore his shortcomings and elevates to the level of the ideal.

This may continue as long as the lovers live separately. But once they unite, the romantic veil on the girl’s eyes will subside. She will criticize and mock her chosen one.

If he does not draw the necessary conclusions and does not change his character, their relationship will cease.

But if a woman decides for herself that she has found her love, she will be revealed from the most incredible side. There will be no limit to her care, loyalty and devotion.

For the sake of her beloved, the Virgin is ready for the most desperate acts. Even if her reputation, money or her whole life is at stake, a woman without hesitation will choose a loved one.


  • Spirituality. These women are not indifferent to all types of art, they appreciate and love the beautiful, so they are happy to attend theaters, exhibitions, museums, etc. With great joy, they accept the proposal to go on nature. It does not matter whether it is an exotic resort or just a summer cottage. Earth woman has the need to feed off energy from nature, which gives her moral and physical strength.
  • Sex. Woman-Virgo sexually belongs more to the conservative type. She can not fully loosen up in bed. She is modest and shy, prefers traditional sex without experiments. But it is precisely this behavior that gives her the highest pleasure. Physical contact for it must be supported by a moral component, and only in this there is a sense of intimate intimacy.

Family for the representative of the earth element is of great importance. Among the girls who were born under this constellation, there is the largest number of old maidens.

They are extremely attractive to men, but the secret lies in the personal attitude of the ladies to marriage. It is she who chooses for a long time and decides exactly who will be honored to be with her. Entering into a serious relationship, a woman is fully committed to the home.

Her spouse does not have to worry about anything, the girl assumes this function.

The House of the Virgin will sparkle from purity, the family budget is scheduled according to the most economically advantageous distribution. The table will be filled with delicious dishes from fresh and healthy products. A woman will become a true friend to her man, support and support for all times.

The girl will give wise advice, help achieve career growth, stop from rash acts. Even if you have to endure a shortage of money or the most difficult conditions for living, Virgo will never allow her husband to resort to an adventure, and even more to break the law.

Virgo is always faithful to her lover, the same demands from him. If a man deceives or changes, the girl will not make grand scandals.

Firstly, she is one of the most unequivocal signs, and secondly, she has a sense of self-worth. A woman simply stops communicating with such a man.

If you describe the characteristics of the ideal employee, the first place in this list will take a woman-Virgo. This is a real workaholic.

A girl can spend hours solving the most difficult tasks, devoting to this process not only working hours, but also her personal time. A high level of intelligence, analytical intelligence and education allows a sign representative to engage in all production processes without exception.

She is punctual, disciplined and responsible.

Virgo pays great attention to the material component of any work, but prefers to honestly work out every penny. A woman is not a careerist because she underestimates herself as a person.

She knows that she will cope with any task, but she believes that she simply does not deserve it. That is why there are so few high-level chiefs among the representatives of the earthly sign.

But it is safe to say that in any team Virgo is valued for professionalism and diligence.

Virgo stares for a long time, but chooses the most worthy.

What should be the choice of the Virgin:

  • Neat. This is the main criterion on which the choice of a woman is based. If a man is careless and dressed in unclean clothes, he has no chance to please the Virgin.
  • Responsible. Most of the representatives of the sign irritate irresponsible men. A woman does not understand why there is a boyfriend who is not able to answer for his actions and loved ones.
  • Honest. Only an open and truthful person is able to enlist the election of the Virgin. Thanks to her intuition and insight, a woman immediately feels a lie and a falsehood in a relationship, so it is not recommended to deceive her.
  • Pragmatic. A woman is very important that the man next to her was confident in the future. The guy must have an accurate (at least approximate) plan for the next few years of life.
  • Tactful. With ill-mannered people who use obscene expressions, the girl will not be near a single minute. She despises this behavior in all situations.
  • Punctual. This is also an important characteristic for the claimant to the hand and heart of the representative of the sign of Virgo. If a man does not know how to appear at the appointed time — it means that he is frivolous and irresponsible.
  • Unobtrusive. Any actions, in terms of pressure, are perceived by the girl negatively and cautiously.

For a Virgin to pay attention to a guy, he must be natural and flawless at the same time. A man should understand that one way out in a clean suit is not enough. Such a lady is not inclined to draw conclusions on the first impression, she needs to look at the partner from all sides.

Therefore, it is necessary to confirm its dignity every day, because the girl feels a manifestation of falsehood even at a distance.

Virgo prefers people with high spiritual potential, because she considers it a guarantee of further success in all aspects of life. Having worthy character traits and education, a man can make a profitable party for a girl.

Representatives of the earth element can not be called amorous, they are accustomed to be pragmatic about any choice.

To conquer the election Maiden, a guy needs to:

  • Be able to make an impression. Representatives of the sign like to remain in the shadows, but choose men who know how to impress others. The guy must be elegantly dressed, have impeccable manners, keep free and independent. The girl plans to go out with him into the light, so she should not be ashamed of her companion.
  • Become a pleasant companion. The Virgo woman is an intellectual; the ability of the guy to hold a conversation on any topic is important to her. A girl should be interesting and fun. She has a wonderful sense of humor. If the guy manages to make her laugh, he will achieve incredible location from the first minutes of dating.
  • Demonstrate practicality and pragmatism. A man who will waste money (even on gifts and entertainment with Virgo) will not be able to impress her properly. The girl does not like superficial relationships, because he considers a man as a potential mate.
  • Offer a cultural program. There should be no talk of any kisses or other frivolities. Virgo will not allow tactile contact of this level in the first meetings. It can be carried away by trips to cultural institutions, suggest a walk in the park. In the future, she will make it clear when you can get closer.

To achieve harmony in communicating with the Virgin, you need to act according to the following plan:

  • Frankly take care of your darling. The girl will be immensely grateful if the guy will take care of her leisure. Virgos need a good rest.
  • Be honest and loyal. Virgo does not tolerate betrayal and lies. She prefers the cold-blooded break of the strongest relations to hypocrisy in family life. This is her life principle, in which truth is synonymous with beauty. A man can be confident in the loyalty of his chosen one, because she is the first to tell about all the changes in her feelings. Similar behavior girl demands from her husband.
  • Calmly respond to comments. The girl has a character trait with which she is very hard to handle: she likes to criticize and make comments. The guy should understand that she does it for the common good. A man should not argue or raise the tone. It is recommended to simply turn the conversation into a joke, because Virgo has a good sense of humor.
  • Give her the opportunity to manage the family budget. If a man does this, in a short time he will be happy with such a decision. The girl will distribute everything correctly, think over the costs and not spend a penny of extra money.

According to astrology, Virgo is ideally compatible with only a few signs.

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