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Taurus: compatibility of men and women with other signs of the zodiac

Compatibility Taurus with different zodiac signs

Taurus — very simple and sincere people, seeking to intimacy in any relationship — and romantic, and kindred, and friendly. It is pleasant to communicate with them, despite some difficulties of character. Friends and girlfriends appreciate the sign for a cheerful disposition, openness, a good sense of humor, and the ability to morally support and help with advice in any difficult life situation.

Spouses or just the second half like the loving Taurus, their desire for unity and understanding.

Taurus — very gentle, sensual, loving partners. They strive to create a strong and friendly family.

They pay not less attention and professional realization — they strive to grow up the career ladder, open their own business, develop and improve.

Representatives of the earthly character are able to enjoy even the little things — delicious food, beautiful things, good weather. Many of them rejoice over trifles, and this attracts the same positive people to them.

As for the appearance of Taurus, both men and women are used to looking after themselves, wearing quality clothes, and caring for their bodies. However, appearance is not a paramount factor for them to pay attention to.

People born under this zodiac symbol are not accustomed to assess others, relying only on the visual component of their image.

Taurus: compatibility of men and women with other signs of the zodiac

For many Taurus, the creation of a family, finding the second half, the birth of common children is the primary life goal.

These people need to give someone their warmth, care and tenderness, they are in great need. Taurus will take care of his chosen one or chosen one, give gifts, try to prove the existence of his love not only with words, but with deeds and deeds.

In romantic relationships and marriage, representatives of the earthly symbol have conservative views, which often surprises a potential partner or partner.

Taurus: compatibility of men and women with other signs of the zodiac

In intimate life, Taurus is very emotional and sensual. It is important for them to have fun and deliver it to their partner or partner.

Preferences, fetishes, erotic fantasies among representatives and representatives of the earthly zodiac sign are very different, but one thing is for sure — these people do not tolerate monotony and routine in sexual intimacy. Often Tauruses of any gender have very high libido, they are temperamental and always ready for innovations, experiments.

Taurus: compatibility of men and women with other signs of the zodiac

Tauruses appreciate true sincere friendship. They are used to surround themselves with the closest people and pay attention only to them.

Not all representatives and representatives of the sign love new acquaintances and noisy companies. They are much more comfortable to spend time with a man alone.

Nevertheless, a person easily establishes contact with others, quickly finds a common language. Helps him in this excellent sense of humor, the ability to attract, eloquence and charisma.

Friends and girlfriends appreciate Taurus for simplicity, straightforwardness, cheerful disposition and ability to provide support in difficult times.

Taurus attracts interesting, outstanding, charismatic personality. Potential second half should be ambitious, purposeful, passionate about their work.

As for relationships, the most important parameters in them are the following:

  • Fidelity. Earth symbol never forgive treason or betrayal. For Taurus, this question is fundamental, since they are owners.
  • Honesty. The potential second half must be not only honest and frank, but also open. Secrets and secrets in the family, these people do not tolerate.
  • Loyalty. The future spouse or spouse must treat all ideas and plans of Taurus with understanding. Criticism and reproaches touch them, the couple is able to move away from each other.

It should be remembered that Taurus is very jealous, they are capable of destroying even the strongest mutual relations with their manipulations, provocations.

The following zodiac signs are most suitable for Taurus:

Zodiac signCharacteristics and description of relationshipsPercentage Percentage
VirgoVirgin modest, simple, mundane people who are passionate about their goals, plans and desires. She and Taurus are a perfect couple, they will understand each other perfectly. There may be disagreements in relationships, but they will not destroy marriage.75-90%
CrayfishCrayfish of nature mysterious, charismatic, wise. Often Taurus will not understand what his second half means. But their union will be strong, as it is built on pure and sincere love, tenderness, care70-90%
TaurusTaurus with Taurus is a great pair with good compatibility. Spouses are in many ways similar, have common opinions, views and goals. They have fun together. Man and woman quickly reconcile after conflicts, scandals and quarrels80-95%
CapricornCapricorns with Taurus quickly get along, find a common language. They are ideal partners, are alike in their views, ambitious, purposeful, hardworking. Both signs are sociable, but prefer to spend more time together, in the circle of only close people. Such a couple will be able to live for many years in a happy, strong and friendly marriage.75-90%

The average predisposition for the following potential pairs:

Zodiac signRelationship DescriptionCompatibility Percentage
FishFishes are cold, ambiguous in their emotions, unstable. But at the same time, they are extremely intelligent, insightful, prone to psychoanalysis. Pisces and Taurus have a very different outlook, however they will be able to find a common language if they learn to respect each other’s views.60-75%
LibraScales are erudite, intelligent, cheerful and charismatic. They love communication, getting new knowledge and experience, meeting interesting people. In the family life of the couple there will be many differences, difficulties, but this will not destroy the union60-80%
ScorpioScorpions are thoughtful, mysterious, intelligent. This can push the warm and sociable Taurus. But after some time spent together, the signs of the zodiac will begin to trust each other, show more love. Earth symbol appreciates Scorpio for loyalty, loyalty and care60-70%
a lionLions are funny, simple, mundane personalities, in this respect they are much in common with Taurus. The pair works hard, works, together goes to common goals. Difficulties arise when a man and a woman begin to compete with each other55-65%

The following pairs have less compatibility with Taurus:

Zodiac signRelationship characteristicsPercentage Percentage
TwinsTwins are cold, emotionally unstable, closed. All these qualities push Taurus. Partners are very different, they are often bored together, since the interests of the signs do not match. Marriage will collapse due to disputes, disagreements, jealousy, misunderstanding and reproaches, criticism40-50%
AquariusWith Aquarius, a good union could turn out, but these people are very different in character. Aspirations are different, views and dreams too. A man and a woman will disperse calmly or during a period of some quarrel, scandal, conflict50-55%
SagittariusSagittarius is not suitable Taurus because of their penchant for entertainment in a large company, communication, dating. These people are not so important attach to family availability. Earth symbol will be terribly jealous, offended, do not understand the behavior of their second half, their union will quickly fall apart45-55%
AriesAries and Taurus will have a very passionate, emotional relationship that will break abruptly and painfully for both. The reason for this is the complexity of the nature of both women and men. A couple simply cannot find a common language, even if people really want it40-55%

It is also important to take into account the individual traits of the character of your partner, and not just his description by horoscope.

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