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Taurus-Bull: a characteristic of men and women, compatibility, horoscope

Taurus-Bull: characteristic of men and women, compatible with other signs

People whose birthday falls on the period from April 21 to May 21 in 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 are under the auspices of the astrological combination of Taurus-Bull signs. The wards of this tandem are extremely volitional and enduring natures.

These are absolute pragmatists, accustomed to be guided by the ideals of life, the formation of which occurs in childhood. Taurus, born in the year of the Bull, are conservatives, therefore everything new is alien to them.

A man born in the year of the Bull under the sign of Taurus, always knows what he wants from life, and knows how to achieve what he wants. Often his goals are closely linked to material gains, since it is the monetary reward that becomes the driving force for him.

Taurus-Bull spends a lot of time and effort on public life. The reason for this is his thirst for recognition. Such a person is endowed with an unusually good-natured disposition, compassion, and a keen sense of justice.

In relation to others, he tries to be decent and objective. Compassion is clearly seen in his personality trait, but there is no room for arrogance.

Taurus-Bull is the owner of a very unusual character. A remarkable combination of qualities becomes its distinctive feature: it is kind and gentle, but at the same time it is morally strong. He always knows how to insist on his own, but at the same time he is used to being sensitive to people.

This is an amazing person, with particular attention to his family and always ready to help.

Since both Taurus and Bull are the most domestic signs according to the western and eastern horoscope, their ward is subject to the double influence of the astrological combination. Together they affect the sociability of a person, making him very withdrawn, which is why he has some difficulties in communication.

But the power of symbols gives him positive qualities, among which are equilibrium, calmness and constancy.

Even in childhood, a boy born under this tandem of signs is a model of balance and serenity — but only until the moment when parents try to impose their opinion on him.

The stubbornness of this child is as distinct as that of an adult representative of the mark. His mother and father will have to learn to gently guide the child in the right direction.

Taurus-Bull: a characteristic of men and women, compatibility, horoscope

Taurus-Bull is incredibly hardy and hardworking. If necessary, he is ready to work all day and all night long — but only subject to a corresponding cash reward.

Because of his innate practicality, he will never miss a good deal or offer.

The man of this sign is absolutely in all striving for clarity and clarity. He believes that everything should be unambiguous, and can not tolerate throwing from side to side.

Being disciplined and organized in kind, it is extremely demanding both to himself and to those around him. In the role of the leader is quite strict, sometimes even cruel.

Due to his excessive demands, conflicts may arise with subordinates.

Taurus-Bull: a characteristic of men and women, compatibility, horoscope

There is a dilemma in the love relationship between Taurus and the Bull: he really tries to attract the attention of the opposite sex, but he does not want to flirt at all. As in any other area of ​​his life, this guy believes that everything should be simple, open and based on decency.

The Man-Bull, born under the sign of Taurus, does not accept short-term connections, as this contradicts his worldview. Every new relationship for him is a small test in which he hardly opens up to his chosen one. Therefore, a girl who wants to gain his trust should not be rushed to her lover in making decisions.

He needs time to be convinced of the sincerity of not only his partner’s feelings, but also of his own.

Taurus-Bull needs a woman who can understand and accept him for who he is and teach him to laugh. He is too serious about life, in relationships he always plays the role of an extremely caring and tender partner.

He is really interested in the life of the second half.

The intimate sphere of life has a very serious meaning for him. From the outside, he looks too restrained man, but in bed he becomes a truly passionate and sensual lover.

Taurus-Bull: a characteristic of men and women, compatibility, horoscope

A Taurus man, born under the patronage of the Bull, is extremely attached to his home and everything connected with it. He gets real pleasure being in the bosom of his family and doing his homework.

If for outsiders it is able to seem too serious and even gloomy, then it is changing beyond recognition among close people.

The place of the leader in the family should definitely belong to this man. He perfectly copes with the role of the head of the family, is fluent in the ability to organize housekeeping, and effectively manages the finances.

Problems can arise only because of the natural stubbornness of the Taurus-Bull. Despite this, he always puts the family in the first place and is ready for any sacrifice for her.

These men make excellent fathers who raise their children responsibly and with love.

The probability of success of a male Bull relationship with women of other signs of the Chinese calendar is presented in the table:

  • Rat. With this male partner, the Bull will be able to create a harmonious union that has been gaining momentum over the years.
  • Rabbit (Cat). Surprisingly high compatibility. Their relationship is stable and based on mutual understanding.
  • Snake. A stable union, in which the Serpent will assume the role of the keeper of the hearth — but only on condition that the Bull manages to provide for the family.
  • A monkey. An unusual combination. This girl will bring new colors to the life of the Bull, and thanks to her support, he will succeed at work.
  • Dog. An excellent combination of signs with the same family values. The union is stable, but a bit boring.
  • Pig. The bull will protect the gentle darling. If she copes with her frivolity, the couple will be able to maintain affection until the end of life.
  • Bull. The relationship of the two representatives of this sign is formed almost perfectly, but too predictable.
  • The Dragon. This pair cannot be called exemplary, but relationships and marriage are possible if people learn to look for compromises.
  • Horse. Signs are not bad compatible in love, but marriage can be difficult because of the reluctance of the Horse to act as the mistress of the house.
  • Cock. The relationship of partners is very good and quickly develop into a marriage, but the woman’s temper may cause separation.
  • Tiger. The union of these signs is common, but usually does not lead to anything good.
  • Goat. Complicated relationships. In addition, the Goat is too wasteful, which is unacceptable for the rationalist-bull.

Thanks to a very balanced character, a Taurus man is able to build relationships with many signs:

Partner zodiac signCompatibility in friendship, love and marriage
AriesA reticent male Taurus will not be difficult to remain calm next to a quick-tempered partner, and Aries woman will feel protected next to such a chosen one. In bed, the couple may have problems, because the girl is more temperamental. Family life signs promises to be stable and long. Friendship between them is infrequent
TaurusFriendship of two Taurus is rare, as often quickly develops into mutual sympathy. There is a high level of mutual understanding between these partners. The only thing that can disrupt the harmony in their relationships and family life is jealousy. The couple’s sex life is not diverse, but full of feelings.
TwinsMonogamous Taurus will have to win the heart of a Gemini girl, which is characterized by inconstancy. If he is persistent enough, the partners will succeed in creating a strong union based on love. In sex, people satisfy each other, but over time a woman may want diversity and will look for him on the side. Friendship marks are unreliable
CrayfishThe friendship between Cancer and Taurus is often the beginning of love. The calmness of a man attracts an emotional woman, and if the couple passes the test of time, they will create a wonderful family, which over the years will only grow stronger. In bed, the partners are completely satisfied with each other.
a lionFriendly and loving relationships of these people are very difficult because of the sharp differences in character and priorities. Rarely such a relationship survives the marriage stage. Their family life can be successful if one of the partners agrees to sacrifice their interests. In bed, there is complete harmony
VirgoFriendship, love and marriage between Taurus and Virgo can be called exemplary. Partners understand and complement each other perfectly, and their relationships are filled with harmony. Thanks to this union, everyone can become better and get rid of bad habits. Sexually, signs are fully compatible.
LibraThe friendship of a male Taurus and a Libra girl is long, but most often superficial. In relationships and marriage, they fit together almost perfectly. Young people have common goals, jointly solve problems that arise. In bed, partners are aware of their desires and absolutely satisfied.
ScorpioThe union of Taurus and Scorpio is extremely controversial. Signs are complete opposites, which is why confusion often arises between them. Despite this, they are drawn to each other, but relationships rarely go to the marriage stage. In sex, the partners are compatible, but over time, the girl gets bored, and she is looking for diversity on the side
SagittariusBest of all between Taurus and Sagittarius develop friendly relations. In love, signs are confronted with misunderstanding, born of different views on life. Most often, such a union breaks up before marriage. Perfect compatibility of partners is observed only in bed.
CapricornCapricorn and Taurus manage to build almost perfect relationships of any nature. They are inseparable friends, beautiful lovers and understanding spouses. The foundation of their joint happiness will be common life principles and interests.
AquariusThe pair has almost no chance of success. Signs simply do not understand each other, none of them wants to make concessions, although it was compromises that would help them to be together. The moments of reconciliation come from partners in bed, but for a strong union this is not enough
FishOpposite natures whose relationships are very complex. Even the friendship between them arises only after the signs carefully look at each other. Later, it can turn into love, but because of the difference in character, partners cannot be together for long. Sex life will be rich and vibrant

As with the man of this sign, the hallmarks of the character of a Taurus woman born in the year of the Bull are diligence, poise and complacency. But the inherent stubbornness and unwillingness to listen to the opinions of others prevent a harmonious life.

Taurus-Bull girl is decent and reliable. Always sure that she is right and does not accept flattery.

He takes everything extremely seriously, and especially to the family. If necessary, she is ready to sacrifice her own interests, if it helps to make her friends and relatives happy.

Such a woman sees people through and perfectly knows how to understand them. This ability helps her achieve the desired in any area of ​​life.

In childhood, the Taurus-Bull girl is absolutely calm and emotionally stable. It makes an impression of surrounding people on a small adult.

He tries not to get angry over trifles, and in disputes he prefers to convey his point of view in words and without unnecessary nerves. Very diligent in school, and her parents do not have to worry about it.

Congenital stubbornness and isolation do not prevent this person from achieving dizzying success in the professional field. Often the girl Taurus-Bull manages to grow to a management position.

But as a boss, she is strict and far from always fair. Because of this, friction with subordinates may arise, so she should learn to be more diplomatic.

A woman successfully manifests itself as an artist. She is incredibly persistent and achieves the goals due to worldly ingenuity and cunning. Never will sit without work, because inaction drives her into depression.

You can always rely on such an employee, any task Taurus-Bull will perform perfectly and on time.

The main goal for the girl becomes financial independence.

It is important for a woman of this sign to start her career from her youth. This will allow her to lay the foundation for further professional growth. With this approach, she will be able to choose the right direction and build a successful career.

Its diplomacy and self-discipline contribute best to this.

A woman born under the influence of these signs is endowed with an attractive appearance and excellent taste. She knows how to look good, which in combination with natural sexuality attracts the attention of men without any effort.

The girl does not allow herself to engage in personal life until she reaches a certain success at work. Career is so important for her that only if there is a high income, she can devote herself to relationships. Professional activity allows her to balance the negative qualities of character.

Otherwise, unrealized ambitions will force her to show negative traits of her character: cruelty, heartlessness and uncompromising.

A woman of this sign needs a reliable man who will be able to gain her trust. This person is an incredible owner, so all the attention of the partner should belong exclusively to her. The slightest interest in another lady will not go unnoticed.

If she feels that the chosen one is sincere with her, then she will give him all her tenderness and affection.

The Taurus girl, born in the year of the Bull, becomes a magnificent wife, mother and mistress. Most often, a man is happy next to such a spouse.

But she has a slight flaw: the woman is somewhat stingy with emotions. Therefore, if the chosen one is too temperamental, he risks becoming the cause of her nervousness.

Even from a strong sense of ownership, a female Taurus-Bull does not have the habit of making her husband jealous. She considers it inferior to spy on her husband and try to incriminate him. She is even ready to ignore the easy flirtation on his part, but if the life partner gives reason to doubt herself, the whole force of her anger will fall on him.

The girl is able to forgive adultery, but never forget about it.

Sometimes a woman is too harsh and rude to her lover. And not every man is able to put up with such an attitude toward himself for a long time.

Therefore, in order for the marriage to be happy and long, the girl should learn to control negative emotions.

Even if the girl Taurus-Bull fails to become an exemplary wife, her mother will be magnificent. This lady is ready to fully devote herself to the children and love them with all the flaws.

Usually she gets to find a common language with her son and daughter, she will never impose personal opinion on them. If she wants to prove something, she will show it by example.

The compatibility of the female Bull according to the Chinese horoscope is shown in the table:

  • Rabbit(Cat). A surprisingly harmonious couple, but the Bull woman should remember that the Cat does not tolerate quarrels.
  • Snake. A man will carefully examine the nature of the chosen one, and the relationship will be stable. But a bull woman may be bored by the inactivity of a partner in bed.
  • Cock. A successful union in which a female bull can always calm her quick-tempered chosen one.
  • Dog. Both partners appreciate the calm atmosphere in the relationship and the warmth of the home, although it may seem from the outside that they lack romance
  • Rat. They will be able to build relationships and start a family if the Bull woman does not hurry.
  • The Dragon. Despite the differences in signs, they can be happy. There is a possibility that the dragon will become bored.
  • Horse. The love relationship couples add up very well. In marriage, differences are likely due to the horse man’s love of freedom.
  • A monkey. Not bad compatibility, but for a happy life together a Bull woman will have to sacrifice her principles.
  • Pig. The Pig-Man does not immediately notice the Bull-woman, and the Boar may seem silly to her. But between them there will be sympathy, which gives a chance for the future of the union.
  • Tiger. A rare couple, whose relationship is very fragile, any quarrel may be the last.
  • Sheep. There is no understanding between the signs, the bull woman is annoyed by the ram’s levity

Good-natured and calm, Taurus girl has some problems in communication due to innate closure, but is able to interest a man of any sign due to natural charm.

Characteristics of the relationship shown in the table:

Partner zodiac signCompatibility in friendship, love and marriage
AriesA Taurus woman and Aries man can create a strong union even despite differences in interests and views on life. Their relationship is filled with tenderness, and in bed the guy will be able to unleash the chosen one. Marriage between signs has a chance to exist, provided that both cope with their jealousy. Friendship of these people is rarely long
TaurusTwo Taurus, at first glance, can make the perfect pair, but the double combination of each other’s shortcomings can bring a lot of problems to the pair. In friendship, they have more bright prospects
TwinsThe friendly relationship between a Taurus girl and a male Gemini is an infrequent phenomenon, but the love between them arises quickly. Despite the mutual dislike of signs to conflicts and waste of nerves, their relationship is not without scandals and reproaches. Sexual life of a couple is filled with passion
CrayfishIt is with friendship that the relationship of these partners begins. Cancer gets time to compare women with their mother. He is looking for a chosen one that looks like a parent, and a calm and affectionate Taurus girl is the best suited for this role. Marriage of people can become exemplary if the relationship does not deteriorate due to different temperaments in bed
a lionBetween the people of these signs is very low compatibility. They hardly manage to build relationships both in friendship and in love. If the partners manage to bond their union with marriage, it can be said with confidence that family life will not be long. In sex, people will give vent to fantasy, but this is not enough for a strong marriage
VirgoHigh compatibility in all areas of life. Taurus and Virgo can be wonderful friends, but more often they choose love relationships. They trust each other and will do everything possible to preserve and strengthen the union. In the bed of these signs there is no place for experiments, but mutual attraction will give them unforgettable impressions.
LibraThese partners have a mutual interest at the first acquaintance. The leader in the relationship will immediately be a Taurus girl, which is not very frustrating for the chosen one. She also becomes the initiator of the marriage, and the Libra man easily agrees with her decision. Sexually, signs always know what the other half wants.
ScorpioConflicting relationship. Too strong differences in character, while each of the partners tends to be a leader in the pair. Extremely rarely their love relationship grows into something more. Even in bed, Scorpio scares the excessive activity of the chosen one
SagittariusLow compatibility. The girl will miss the attention of Sagittarius men, because of which their love relationships and family life will be filled with numerous conflicts. Taurus will be very worried because of quarrels, while Sagittarius will pretend not to notice the problem. In bed, they are also waiting for disagreements
CapricornCapricorn and Taurus are able to maintain strong friendship. The love relationship of the couple is very tangled, but based on love and trust, which gives good chances for a happy life together. Over time, they will manage to overcome the differences. The sexual realm will not be filled with raging passion, but they understand each other well
AquariusThe compatibility of these signs is nearing zero. Although the love relationship between them — not uncommon, because together they are experiencing an emotional shake. In such a union, there is absolutely no place for stability, so long-term relationships and marriage are rare. In bed, Aquarius is not suitable for a woman, with time she will look for a more sensitive and tender lover on the side.
FishThere are warm friendships between Pisces and Taurus, everything is a bit more complicated with love. Signs are opposites, to avoid quarrels they will not succeed. But the Pisces man is not quick-tempered and will try to bridge differences. Marriage will not be perfect, but people share common problems. Sexually, they are all happy

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