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Taurus and Scorpio: compatibility of women and men in love, marriage and family life, bed

Horoscope compatibility signs of the zodiac Taurus and Scorpio in relationships, in love, in marriage

Between Taurus and Scorpio is quite possible the birth of a strong union with mutual understanding and respect. The emergence of mutual sympathy between these signs is due to favorable circumstances. However, the unity of interests can be easily destroyed because of the obstinacy of each of the representatives of these signs of the zodiac.

Natural perseverance and even stubbornness prevents them from achieving harmony in relationships, and rivalry will more likely lead to enmity.

Located on the zodiac circle opposite each other, Taurus and Scorpio usually at first glance experience either a sharp rejection, or, conversely, a powerful attraction. Neutral in this pair is not given. Most of these relationships are doomed to failure: the partners simply can not stand each other.

However, the time spent together remains the brightest in their lives.

It is especially difficult for Taurus to argue with Scorpion on the emotional plane, which he prefers instead of constructive. Scorpio does not cost anything to provoke a conflict, but over time, both learn to listen to a partner and find a compromise: this is how the path to understanding each other in this pair begins.

As with all signs of the favorably interacting elements, there is compatibility between the earthly Taurus and the water Scorpio in love. Only from both it takes a lot of effort and sincere inner desire to reveal the harmony of their relationship.

The temperament of both signs does not allow them to restrain themselves in emotions and expressions, but both should learn to admit their mistakes. It should be noted that, depending on the gender of the representatives of these signs, the chances of building a long and strong union may vary.

Taurus and Scorpio: compatibility of women and men in love, marriage and family life, bed

Taurus women are extraordinarily attractive and light. They seem to be completely unadapted to real life, but behind external weakness lies endless patience and tremendous strength of mind.

Despite the outward composure, the Taurus woman is quite temperamental.

They do not experience a lack of male attention, because they have an innate ability to communicate freely and never abuse moralizing. At the same time the Taurus girl chooses the fans herself.

When choosing a partner, Taurus looks not only at the material situation, but also at the intellectual abilities of the chosen one.

Taurus women are wonderful partners in life, unless the partner makes a mistake and does not push the partner away. The role of the breadwinner in the family they see in the spouse, although they themselves are able to provide for themselves.

Scorpio will have to match his wife.

Scorpio man never hurries to reveal his secrets and soul. Externally, men of this sign look prudent and cold, and not every woman can bring them to the revelation.

In life, such men do not like to admit their mistakes, and especially their defeat.

In Scorpios fighting qualities manifest themselves from childhood, but they never engage in combat with a lady, preferring an equal opponent. A Taurus woman who has won such a man’s heart will find in his person a passionate and sensual partner who is sincere and ready to protect her at any moment.

Scorpio will defend it imperiously and zealously, sometimes too.

But forecasts for a joint future of such signs are not limited to the date of birth. You can select several options for their compatibility depending on the relationship.

Taurus and Scorpio: compatibility of women and men in love, marriage and family life, bed

The man Scorpio appreciates in his first choice loyalty and constancy. Transparency of relations is important for him, and omissions of any kind cause his partner suspicions.

In a partner, his attentiveness and beautiful courtship will cause reciprocal feelings.

At the beginning of the relationship between the female Taurus and the male Scorpio, harmony and vivid emotions will dominate, but over time they may begin to look at life in completely different ways.

Partner Taurus, loving reliability and stability, does not want significant changes in life, and the Scorpio man will always be in search of new sensations. Along with the propensity to develop, he does not consider it necessary to take unreasonable risks and participate in questionable enterprises.

Not burning with the desire of constant changes, the chosen one of Scorpio will respond with constant refusals to all the entertainment offered by the partner, and how long such a relationship lasts depends largely on the patience of Scorpio. Sooner or later, such a union will crack and fall apart.

Taurus and Scorpio: compatibility of women and men in love, marriage and family life, bed

The freedom-loving Taurus will not tolerate obedience in a relationship, and Scorpio’s very first attempts to limit her freedom will cause her partner’s discontent. At the same time, outwardly such a union will look very successful, delighting the relatives of both spouses.

Although Taurus has a rather soft and balanced character, in relations with Scorpio a woman will quickly turn into a picky and jealous wife, which will force her partner to constantly think about the correctness of her behavior and the reasons for her unjustified jealousy.

In four of the five cases, the relationship between a Scorpio man and a Taurus woman is destroyed.

Such relationships will always be on the verge of breaking. But the partners will not part from the everyday routine; they simply need to change the situation, go on vacation or travel.

The situation without cares and household problems will help both to come to their senses and look at the relationship from a more positive side.

The union between these signs will be more successful, provided that the partners enter matrimony at a more mature age. Both partners highly appreciate the warmth and comfort of home, the house for them — a kind of rear to rest from the troubles that lie in wait outside.

Responsibilities in the family are usually distributed between spouses, where he is the breadwinner, and she is responsible for home comfort and hearth.

Signs confront each other due to mutual misunderstandings. A Scorpio man is prone to looking for something interesting and new, and a Taurus woman believes that this is a manifestation of his dissatisfaction with relations with her.

The scorpion to everything new is incomprehensible to the Taurus woman, and the incomprehensible is alarming and frightening. Marriage between these signs can be successful if a woman learns to endure her husband’s desire for knowledge and self-expression.

Friendship Taurus and Scorpio can lead to a strong alliance, and to adamant enmity. Taurus since childhood is distinguished by hard work, gentleness and surprising perseverance.

Scorpio, as a child, tries to prove himself as a winner.

These signs of Water and Earth are equally rivals, and the fact that they are both inflexible and successful will become the basis of long friendships. From childhood, a Taurus girl will be under reliable protection, as Scorpio will not allow anyone to encroach on his friend.

Such an alliance is indestructible for the outside world, and all matters conceived by such friends are doomed to win, thanks to the inquisitiveness and perseverance of Scorpio and Taurus.

Even after both signs have a family, they will not stop close communication, despite the jealousy of their spouses.

Despite the fact that representatives of these signs have different views on the process of making love, they are unanimous in their attitude towards sex. A Taurus woman receives complete satisfaction from her Scorpio husband, and he enjoys the realization that he possesses the object of his passion.

Scorpio men and Taurus women have 99% compatibility in intimate relationships.

For a man, sex is a kind of ritual that allows partners to enjoy each other’s proximity, whereas for a lady of Taurus, this is a way to get ordinary pleasure. The sexual relationship between Scorpio and Taurus in such a union will never become a boring duty, but will constantly inspire partners and become a necessary part of family life.

Scorpio can not worry about the reliability of his partner — a female Taurus will never let you down, and you can always count on her in important matters. She is an ideal executive and goal-oriented worker.

In the case when Taurus becomes a leader, employees will constantly be under pressure from her. In such a team, conflicts are inevitable, because it is extremely picky and demanding. The Scorpion subordinate will experience oppression and will not take any initiative in the work.

It will only help the wise behavior of the head and the frequent encouragement of such an employee.

Scorpio doesn’t need to control the Taurus subordinate, since she definitely doesn’t like it and, entrusting her with some business, you just need to trust her responsibility. Otherwise Taurus will rebel.

Between an adventurous Scorpio and a prudent and cautious Taurus, partnership deals are hardly possible. They will not be able to find a compromise in the affairs.

In this case, one should trust the other and not wait for a response gesture.

The compatibility of Taurus women and Scorpio men can be estimated at 40%.

The excellent sexual compatibility of these marks cannot replace the lack of mutual understanding and support that is necessary in a union between a man and a woman. They will have to control their behavior every day and make mutual concessions to preserve the union.

As a short relationship between two lovers, the union of Scorpio, a man and a female Taurus, is very successful. But after the transition of relations into the official phase, the danger of breaking up relations sharply increases.

These signs are not at all suitable for living together, although as lovers or friends, they are perfect for each other. Especially their relationship becomes fragile after many years.

Mutual claims arise more often, and it becomes almost impossible to avoid scandals and offenses.

Taurus and Scorpio have completely different views on lifestyle and financial values.

An ardent supporter of stability and order, a Taurus woman does not tolerate the extra excitement that such an incorrigible romantic as Scorpio brings into her life. He is always beyond the bounds of everyday life, constantly looking for romance and new sensations.

Both representatives of these signs have their own ambitions, which they jealously protect. Taurus will not be able to adapt to the Scorpion, as well as to force him to love family life and home comfort.

Scorpio will soon begin to try to find understanding with other women, and his betrayal will be the reason for the final break of the already fragile relationship.

Men born under the sign of Taurus, at any time ready to provide their assistance to those who need it, are balanced, decent people, purposeful romantics. Difficulties and life troubles only harden the persistent character of the representatives of this sign.

Taurus men attract women with their loyalty and reliability, they look like ideal companions of life, and vice versa is rarely the case. However, Taurus themselves are extremely selective and their external attractiveness is no more than an addition to the outstanding mind of a partner.

The wife of Taurus must be an intellectually developed person. Otherwise, it will cease to be attractive to him.

Scorpio Woman is a femme fatal woman who has the ability to drive any man crazy. As a child she understands the value of her attractiveness and knows how to use it.

Men, tying their fate with Scorpio women, without realizing the danger, put themselves at risk. They just do not see the flaws of the Lady Scorpio.

Scorpio woman is inflexible in front of any problems and failures. Weak men are drawn to such women, although they are looking for the inner strength and qualities of a leader in a man.

Below is a description of the compatibility of representatives of these signs based on the nature of their relationship.

Partners of these signs have different life rhythms, which they do not notice in the first stages of a relationship. Subsequently, the difference becomes noticeable. It is worth a man something to touch the lady of Scorpio, as she will show her true face and will cease to be silent.

In such a relationship, Scorpio is the initiator of the quarrels and scandals.

As a partner in a love relationship, Taurus is a smart, practical, time rational man who is quite comfortable with a Scorpio woman. The only thing that annoys her constantly is his slowness and slowness. Both partners do not seek to start living together as soon as possible, knowing full well the responsibility of such a step.

They prefer to look at each other, carefully consider the prospect of joint relations. A Scorpio woman will never hold her partner by force.

As more practical in the union of these signs, the Lady of Scorpio from the first minutes of communication can see all its qualities in a partner — both positive and negative. Therefore, her indecision is strange to her.

There are two scenarios in such relations: if the relationship is allowed to take its course, then they may be too long due to male indecision; if a woman begins to manifest her disposition towards a partner, Taurus may perceive this as pressure.

A beautiful period of courtship in the relationship of these signs quickly ends, and the culprit can be any of the partners. Without mutual understanding and awareness of the accumulated life experience they can not do.

Only with mutual desire the union will last for a long time.

If Scorpio can tame his zealous attacks, then she will be able to curb her spouse, especially since Taurus trusts her and sincerely considers her out of any competition.

In the relationship between these signs is important the personal space of each. You should not impose your favorite activity on the partner, let everyone have their favorite business, so both of them will be comfortable and convenient.

Both signs are equally serious about marriage. The decision to register a relationship for them is serious, and it’s not easy for them to decide on it, but the marriage will end up strong and strong.

The usual life style of Taurus will be broken, but the Scorpio woman will do it unobtrusively and tactfully.

Both representatives of these signs relate to home life and comfort equally, adore cleanliness and order in the house: the spouse has much more time for this, since the husband leads an active life and devotes most of his life to work. But thanks to the support and understanding of his wife, Taurus often reaches great heights in his career.

A Scorpio woman unobtrusively directs the energy of her spouse in the right direction, both in the intimate life. Even if the spouse does not grab something at the first stage of married life, she will be able to push him to bold steps unnoticed by her husband, for which he will be sincerely grateful to her.

Not all children love to be friends with Scorpio girls because of their excessive impulsiveness, but the Taurus boy can withstand the pressure of the girl and gain her confidence for many years. He will be a great friend for Scorpio.

Taurus in the company of Lady Scorpio feels at ease and easy, she is his best friend, for whom he is ready for any sacrifice. Scorpio protects his partner and never give him a grudge.

Scorpio does not forgive insults and betrayals. Excuses and apologies will not restore lost relationships.

In such a union, both partners are trying to open up as much as possible. A man is proud of his qualities in bed, and a woman in a fit of passion is indomitable in his feelings.

Both signs are constantly striving for perfection and harmony in sex, and they try to satisfy each other’s requests as fully as possible.

The working relationships of representatives of these signs are usually quite tense and are often accompanied by mutual distrust, but not going beyond reasonable limits. Although they have almost perfect relations in love, Taurus and Scorpio cannot always find a common language in business communication, and harmonious cooperation between them will not work.

As a percentage of the compatibility of Scorpio and Taurus, astrologers estimate on the verge of 80%. Unions precisely between these signs are most often found in life.

Both have a strong character, they know how to keep warm relationships, despite the frequent conflicts and differences. Their relationship is based on mutual respect.

Both are wonderful family men who care about family well-being.

To make mutual concessions within reason is the main thing in such a union. Respect for the freedom of your partner is the key to success of a strong family between signs.

They fit together.

Compatibility horoscope says that the earth and water elements of signs when they are combined form an ideal union. Its basis is respect and mutual understanding.

Taurus sensuality is perfectly complemented by the natural sexuality of Scorpio, which gives the couple a harmonious intimate life.

Neither the scorpion’s aggression, nor the apparent obstinacy of Taurus does not prevent the creation of strong long-term relationships between the signs.

Taurus man constantly need the approval and support of his wife. He is able to awaken in her a strong sexual interest. And this is for the Lady Scorpio is of great importance.

As a result, both get what they want.

Scorpio can be a gift for a pragmatic and discreet Taurus. The mysterious, sparkling and sexy lady instantly seizes his mind and feelings.

How their relations can develop further depends entirely on themselves.

Lady Scorpio can be for Taurus the meaning of life, and the man will constantly seek its location. Sometimes ladies-Scorpios become real fairies for a husband, and this makes a simple hard worker an exceptional leader.

Scorpio in relations with Taurus finds a reliable and strong support, an excellent friend and an excellent companion. Most Taurus men are mostly Scorpio-women who are looking for the best candidate for the role of spouse and are ready to start a family.

If in the future Scorpio begins to feel jealousy, it will not destroy the union, but only add new colors to the relationship. Relationship with Scorpio for Taurus — this is a kind of test, because to keep such a woman is not easy, and he will have to work hard.

According to some astrologers, the oriental horoscope also influences his relationship with other signs of the zodiac, a pattern in which each year corresponds to an animal and its intended characteristics, according to a 12-year cycle. Eastern horoscope represented by the following animals:

The eastern horoscope reflects on the character of Scorpio as follows:

Zodiac signCharacteristic
Scorpio-RatThese people are characterized by insight, curiosity and passion. Extremely independent, love to work alone. People understand well, their intentions are well felt. Able to get along with anyone, but prefer to share work and home. Houses spend a lot of time making it functional and cozy.
Scorpio BullThe determination of the Bull, combined with the depth of Scorpio, creates a complex character, but such a person is very emotional and sensitive in his soul. Scorpio-Bull does not like to give in and make compromises, can be stubborn and tough. Such people are very energetic and inspire, but can often be tedious.
Scorpio TigerThe tiger is a symbol of strength, vitality and good luck. Scorpio-Tiger is a very ambitious personality, an optimist, almost not subject to stress and depression. Such people are usually cheerful and charismatic, it is easy to make acquaintance with them and make friends, but they are not in a hurry to tie long-term relationships. Generous, have a great sense of humor. Scorpios-Tigers are romantic and thoughtful, always remember important dates in a relationship
Scorpio Rabbit / CatScorpion Rabbits take both themselves and other people seriously. They have great willpower, secretive, but not cold — on the contrary, they can be very passionate. Scorpio-Kot — these people are quite calm and collected, but at the same time they are very warm and passionate. Friends usually make easy
Scorpio / DragonThe Scorpio Dragon combination is an assertive and very cute personality. They love when people pay attention to them and demand it themselves. Such people are usually positive and pleasant, but they can also be capricious, demanding, suspicious and jealous. Optimists, not afraid of hard work, like accuracy and organization, prefer to be friends with like-minded people. They are tuned to long-term relationships, they do not give up at the first difficulties both in personal and business partnership
Scorpion snakeThe Scorpion Snake loves to compete, even when it is completely inappropriate. It has a strong character and charisma, it is very independent, however, such people sometimes lack self-confidence. They have an active mind that allows you to quickly make decisions and figure out possible options. They interact well with people, but sometimes they lack tact: excessive honesty and straightforwardness can alienate the interlocutor from them. Do not need a large company of friends. Active, love sports, especially street sports.
Scorpio HorseThe horse in Chinese astrology is a symbol of diligence and self-reliance. The combination of Scorpio and Horse gives independence from the opinions of others, self-confidence. They are not particularly ambitious, but for the sake of a comfortable life they are able to work a lot, but they often change jobs because they don’t like routine. They try to stand out from the majority of people, they can choose atypical clothes
Scorpio GoatScorpio goat has great willpower and ambition. Mudras, endowed with artistic talent, romantic, emotionally responsible. They have a high level of empathy, perfectly understand the feelings of other people. Goat-Scorpio — these are people who have a cheerful disposition, it is easy to make acquaintance with them. They do not like to go through life alone, so personal relationships in their value system are not the last
Scorpio MonkeyScorpions-Monkeys — people are secretive and suspicious, they see a trick in everything. Very resourceful, have the ability to easily convince other people that they are right. Real enthusiasts who tend to make decisions impulsively, without thinking about the consequences, are very curious. Quite good-natured and compassionate, but apparently they do not usually seem so
Scorpion roosterScorpions-Roosters are able to convince and love competition. Easily reach the heights of a career, intelligent, witty and sociable, but there are very fastidious. With such people it is useless to argue. Can get along with most other people. Family and friends are loved and valued, therefore they show great loyalty towards them
Scorpion dogSelf-confident, aggressive and not very sociable, but in his heart quite compassionate. Being maximalists, equally ardently, they can be given both to decent classes and to set foot on the slippery slope. They can not always resist the temptation, because often change their partners. Pretty quick-tempered, but not vindictive. Good guess the mood of people
Scorpio-PigVery suspicious, trying to keep everything under control. Worried about their material well-being. Men and women Scorpio-Pig are emotionally demanding, not shy, they like to attract attention to themselves, they like to talk. Often love music, are able to achieve career success in all areas

The character of Taurus, depending on the eastern horoscope, changes as follows:

Zodiac signCharacteristic
Taurus-RatTaurus-Rat is a charming and friendly person, people love him. Sometimes too conservative, but smart and energetic. Needs comfort, his house is settled carefully and carefully. May be a good businessman
Taurus-BullSuch people are reliable and down to earth, however, can be very gentle and attentive. They understand other people’s feelings well, but they rarely give up their principles for the sake of someone. They are stubborn, ambitious, love money, but will not go to their heads for the sake of receiving them. Extremely jealous, very demanding of themselves and others.
Taurus-TigerThe Tiger-Taurus is realist, energetic, courageous and decisive. He has a good sense of humor, easily converges with other people, is sociable and hospitable. The combination of Taurus and Tigger gives a person excessive conservatism, the weakness of this zodiac sign is that its representatives can be too predictable. Careful in everything, whatever they do
Taurus Rabbit / CatThey love the homely atmosphere and tranquility, sometimes they are too materialistic and boastful. As a rule, fair and disinterested. In personal relationships, they are usually very romantic and attentive, but sometimes they are jealous. Rarely conflicts, does not like to destroy relationships. These people make excellent judges.
Taurus dragonExtravert and energetic, but not impulsive, able to think about their actions and their consequences. Sometimes it takes them too long to make a decision, which is an undoubted disadvantage of this sign. In personal relationships, as a rule, they are attentive and not selfish, they seek to please their partner. However, making concessions will never give up their own principles.
Taurus SnakeThe Taurus Snake is a hardworking and responsible person. Inquisitive, free time is often spent on obtaining new knowledge or skills. Representatives of this sign are not very confident in themselves, but failures are easily forgotten, switching to new cases. Always see the mood of your interlocutor
Taurus HorseHorse in Chinese astrology is considered a reliable and loyal sign. in combination with Scorpio, such people become ambitious, but certainly in a financial sense. Pragmatic and even conservative. They can be very stubborn, but they are prone to introspection and see their mistakes. In private life, express their emotions surprisingly easy.
Taurus-GoatTaurus-Sheep friendly, but only as long as no one encroaches on their calm. Usually self-sufficient and collected people. Cheerful and optimistic, feel confident in any situation. Impartial, but people are treated with understanding. Do not like hard and physical work
Taurus MonkeyIn Chinese astrology, the Monkey is known for its sociability. Taurus Monkey — smart people with quick thinking, able to solve problems, are considered executive workers. Inventive and creative person, beautiful owners. Representatives of this sign love their house very much and try to equip it so that they feel comfortable there. Appreciate personal and private life, but at the same time friendly, hospitable and friendly
Taurus-Rooster-Taurus is a rather self-confident person, tireless enthusiasts, everyone’s favorites. Usually very interesting people. They are persistent, reliable and versatile, ideal for almost any kind of work. They are very excitable and emotional, so they need appropriate partners. They value loyalty and loyalty in relationships, are ready to answer their partner with the same
Taurus DogThese people are usually cheerful and look at this life with a high degree of optimism and wariness. Purposeful and responsible, they seem to have endless patience and endurance. In personal relations, they are ready for compromise, love the feeling of being in love, and when they are loved in return. If a partner responds with loyalty and the same emotional generosity, their love unions are usually very strong.
Taurus PigFriendly, sociable people, have excellent communication skills. Can manifest itself in almost any job. Personal relationships are fairly easy to establish. Romantic, sensitive, but very stubborn, which often becomes the cause of quarrels

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