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Taurus and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships

Taurus and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in love

Compatibility horoscope can be a source of knowledge on how to build a harmonious relationship, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of Taurus and Pisces. Taurus, which protects Venus, susceptible to beauty and very practical, which is characteristic of the earth element.

They are in perfect harmony with the intuitive mysterious Pisces, wards of Neptune, able to bestow feelings. Taurus and Pisces complement each other and can create a promising lasting alliance for life.

The Taurus-Pisces union is a pair that is able to get along with each other, but under certain conditions. Partners think differently about each other.

Taurus considers the partner irrational, and Pisces sees him as overly calculating and stubborn, and both are right to some extent.

Despite the differences in signs, Taurus and Pisces are in harmony with each other. The stubborn and rather rude Taurus softens under the attention of Pisces.

And Pisces gives Taurus a feeling of lightness with which Taurus has every chance to realize itself.

Pisces prefer to give control of the relationship Taurus. Thanks to the softness and delicacy of Pisces Taurus creates the impossible.

He is ready to support his family, to make all kinds of sacrifices. Peace-loving Pisces will not allow to dispose of themselves, they themselves are ready to take others into submission. Fish with such a partner are calm, experiencing a sense of stability, both material and moral.

To their inconstancy, confusion, Taurus introduces order and balance.

Taurus and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships

The elements of the earth endow Taurus with realism, he sometimes needs more flexibility, which the Pisces is not deprived of, being under the auspices of the unpredictable water element. Being separately, the signs lead a way of life peculiar only to them, but they perfectly complement each other in the interaction.

Taurus is reinforced by inspiration, and Pisces feel themselves on a solid basis thanks to the confidence and rationality of Taurus.

The fish are happy to relax under the responsibility of Taurus, but he is not at all opposed to it because of its natural stability. The obscurity of Taurus requires a very sensitive attitude from others, precautionary Pisces in this regard correspond to its sensitive nature.

Both partners try to please each other, care, support by all available means.

Due to the coldness inherent in the water element, Pisces may have misunderstandings with the opposite sex, while Taurus responds adequately to the detachment of Pisces. In the union, trust reigns, freedom remains after marriage, but reasonable jealousy, as well as possessiveness of Taurus, still threaten to undermine the existing harmony in a pair.

Taurus and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships

Tauruses are endowed not only with stubbornness, but also with romance, just not with everyone they are ready for adventures of a love nature. They know exactly what kind of person they want to build strong relationships.

Taurus places high demands on his life partner.

A Taurus man stubbornly and aggressively seeks the location of his woman, under his pressure few will stand. He gives his beloved beautiful and practical things. This man is patient and ready to forgive others for their shortcomings.

But you shouldn’t piss him off, his rage will break any relationship. If this happens, it remains only to wait for Taurus to calm down before continuing the dialogue with him.

The length of the relationship with him depends more on the woman, as he is able to make his choice once and for all. His chosen one should be feminine, prudent, graceful, good housewife and reliable wife. Vulgar and frivolous girls are not to his taste.

Any moralizing should be expressed in private, so as not to cause jealousy or irritation in Taurus.

Women born under the sign of Taurus, take the elect as he is, do not idealize him, are indulgent of his shortcomings, allow him freedom and do not re-educate him, are not jealous without reason. Dame-Taurus does not need random novels, it attracts common sense, sense of humor, the ability to make responsible decisions.

She does not tolerate disrespect for herself, neglect of money. For a husband, this lady is not only a passionate lover, but also a reliable partner.

She will take responsibility for the family instead of criticizing the spouse for insufficient earnings, will make many sacrifices for the sake of his well-being. She is a wonderful hostess, keeps the house in perfect order, loves to cook.

Taurus and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships

Fish are endowed with sensitivity, dreaminess, generosity, possess strong intuition, memory, gained fame of seers, telepaths and geniuses. But they are secretive, subject to depression and other people’s opinions, they need to be alone with them. A little laziness and unwillingness to take responsibility make them passive in business.

The first step is expected from the chosen one.

They live in the present without deepening their life with thoughts of tomorrow. In irritation, they tend to sneer and scoff, but do not show aggression.

Calm attracts people to them. They get involved in a conflict only if there is criticism of themselves.

Fish are compassionate, docile, emotional, but alienation from reality is not always beneficial for them.

Men Pisces are impressionable, full of feelings, erotic moods occupy a significant place in their soul. They differ in timidity, shyness, prefers the initiative of a woman, but on the other hand, such her behavior can scare him away.

From time to time she gives a woman to understand how independent she is and needs personal freedom.

This man is eloquent, therefore it is easy for women to turn their heads. His mood is changeable, so that timely entertainment will not allow him to wallow in depression.

They love children and gladly devote their time to them, beautiful fathers come out of them.

Women Pisces are in the unreal world of dreams created by themselves. They are attracted to art, sensitive and impressionable, but are more willing to go for an intellectual rapprochement than for an emotional one.

These women are full of affection, tenderness, tend to become attached to a man. Not able to forgive treason.

In intimate gusts are unpredictable. A married woman herself is prone to sudden manifestations of sensuality, which she cannot explain to herself.

The pair needs to work on themselves: Pisces — to be more open, stop being offended, Taurus will not interfere with more romance, understanding of the feelings of his partner. Serious claims to each other are absent, compatibility in terms of building relationships is ideal.

This pair has all the capabilities to create a strong, long-lasting relationship. Despite the difference in reaction to what is happening, the representatives of the water and earth elements have common preferences, are willing to show loyalty and loyalty to loved ones, are compatible in any field of activity, feel confident together, preferring compromises and a constructive approach to solving problems.

These representatives of the signs of the zodiac harmonize in family life, cherish mutual understanding, do not make hasty decisions, do not rush in their rules to sever relations in the event of disagreement. They are accustomed to discuss all the nuances of misunderstanding in a state of peace and tranquility; in marriage they justify each other’s hopes.

In the intimate sphere, Taurus manifests itself more passionately, Pisces are gentle and slow, but their sensuality compensates for the possible disadvantages, therefore they are compatible in love relationships. It is only important to remember the manifestation of warmth, attention and care.

It is easy for them to find a common language, they do not argue because of trifles, and in a controversial moment, any of them prudently steps aside. The swiftness of the woman is successfully combined with the practicality of the man. The wife gently guides the piercing husband in the right direction, and he is glad to be inspired by her ideas and not to turn from the given path.

A man does not feel the role of a subordinate, both partners are satisfied.

The man is most consistent with the expectations of women about the ideal life partner. Calmness and appeasability of Taurus seem to be true value to the girl, given her resistance to pressure.

A man chosen seems to be a real princess, a bit capricious, but immensely charming.

This is a good combination, but Taurus must take into account that pressure from leadership will not bring harmony, and attention and care are the ideal way to expand their influence. In order for the Pisces woman to feel comfortable, Taurus needs to be soft and condescending, which he lacks so much.

Pisces need more manifestation of romance, which can be more than compensated for by the gallantry of Taurus, which does not always express feelings, but perfectly replaces words with action. In this pair, he does not show any particular demands on the lady, since he appreciates her inner peace and does not want to step down from the pedestal of the ideal partner she has erected.

Taurus is condescending to some Irresponsibility of Pisces, considering this quality to be a woman’s weakness.

Love in a couple develops gradually, bringing people together and promoting marriage. The offer Taurus makes, making sure of the reciprocity of feelings.

The fish are sincere and loving, it is simply impossible not to appreciate such a handsome and courageous guy like Taurus.

In a marriage, relationships become only stronger, the trust of partners only increases. The formality of the relationship is important for both, it marks their confidence in the strength of the future. The guy before the wedding controls the costs of his darling, but in family relations she completely trusts the budget of the girl.

Only correctly solve financial issues she fails. Over time, Taurus comes to the conclusion that only due to his prudence in the family financial stability is possible.

A couple rarely has common hobbies. At the beginning of a relationship, they try to find a common occupation for themselves, but they don’t manage to have a common hobby right away.

Most often, children become the reason for their joint leisure. With the advent of children, the roles are distributed according to the classical scheme: the husband emphasizes himself on making money, the wife devotes himself to the hearth.

Children bring up each in their own way: their husband teaches them to work, his wife pampers, which causes his partner’s dissatisfaction, but they come to a common opinion.

Over the years, marriage becomes stronger, leisure becomes more interesting, so the spouses do not spare efforts to develop relationships and build harmony.

Intimate sphere suits both. Taurus is not in a hurry for quick contacts, it is aimed at the process of receiving pleasure, which is entirely in the soul of sensual Pisces, who love long preludes.

Only prolonged contact contributes to the full disclosure of the passion of the woman Pisces.

Difficulties are possible because of the monotony, Taurus is not inclined to ingenuity, and to the experiments Pisces reacts sluggishly. The partner should show delicacy in order to lead Taurus to the desired caresses.

She also needs to be careful in refusing intimacy with a partner: he can understand such a step as a loss of interest in himself. It will be difficult to convince him later.

In the Taurus representation there are no female friends, everything is limited by superficial friendship. The girl is inclined to see a friend in Taurus, ready to entrust her secrets to him, but she herself will not wait for reciprocity in this.

He is confident that the girl randomly let loose all his secrets. The girlfriend does not notice the superficial attitude towards himself, and the boyfriend does not push away from himself the one who is interested in him.

In this pair, the development of intimate relationships depends on the woman, the warmth of the relationship is preserved from the woman’s ability to organize life, leisure, and spiritual intimacy. Only if the listed areas are observed in order will the Pisces prove themselves as true gentlemen who need, besides tenderness for their partner, to also have respect.

Pisces man is gifted with talents, romantic, if he is confident in the reliability of the rear, he is capable of much for the sake of relationships. A woman becomes a reliable support in a pair.

Their union turns into a fortress.

This couple is unlikely to accidentally have a reason to communicate, to get close, they need to put a lot of effort. They seem to each other boring and boring.

If, however, between them slip a spark of understanding, then a short meeting will be a transition to something more. The man of the water element is sympathetic to the strong ladies of the earth, but the lady of the Taurus is not only reliable, she is also extremely picky.

Man-Pisces seems to be weak-tempered, she is in no hurry to deepen contact with him.

At the beginning of their acquaintance, mutual sympathy is not always possible, but in the process of rapprochement, they reveal many points of contact, therefore compatibility increases.

The ease and optimism of Pisces attracts a Taurus girl who becomes a real ally and faithful companion for him. The novel begins with obstacles, since the lady of the earth element with irony perceives the dreaminess of the watermark, and its extravagance seems to her extremely impractical, for every decoration she gives to her she sees the lost useful thing.

Dinner in a restaurant is less acceptable for her compared to home solitude, as she cooks well. A man in love is ready for madness that a woman does not appreciate, and such an attitude seems insensitive to him.

But he is in no hurry to clash, because such a woman is the ideal of his future spouse.

Conflicts arise because of insufficiently expressed concreteness on the part of Pisces. Mysterious phrases that came down from the mouth of men, will not necessarily be intuitively guessed by Taurus, the misunderstandings annoy both.

If they do not get tired to restore clarity in the relationship, then move forward to creating a family.

Despite the devotion of Pisces, this man eventually stares at other women; only caress and sensuality will stop him, which her partner is not always ready to show. The family does not have a clear distribution of roles, since Pisces are unable to fully manage relationships, they do not differ in the qualities of a breadwinner, as well as in particular economic management, and the Taurus woman does not take on the main role.

As a result, she is forced to take on domestic problems and the search for livelihoods. If they care about the relationship, then the man will have to take care of raising children and take on the lion’s share of household chores. A woman becomes successful in business, but none of the spouses is embarrassed by this state of affairs.

Otherwise, the marriage falls apart.

In bed, partners study each other for a long time. Taurus is slightly shocked by the desire for diversity in sex modest-looking partner.

Fish, on the other hand, are able to express themselves clearly in sex. She is more important emotional discharge and satisfaction of physical needs.

The lady spoils the relationship with haste, she does not need the long preludes that are present in the vicinity of Pisces. Taurus aggressively pushes Pisces to the final.

A man is not ready to change his line of behavior, so the couple is forced to discuss problems in sex. They are able to adjust to each other’s tempo, but Pisces cannot fulfill their fantasies. Cheating triggered by the search for new sensations Pisces.

Chosen need to behave more liberated in the intimate sphere, so that he did not have thoughts about going to the side.

In friendship, they have harmony only at a young age, and over the years, these people lose interest in each other. The stability and regularity of a woman does not intersect with the adventures of an adventurous man.

A Taurus woman is not interested in his opinion, because he is so childish in her eyes. Pisces are forced to maintain communication with Taurus because of cooperation or neighborhood.

Friendship interest is often explained by hidden sympathy. Pisces highly appreciates the mind of Taurus-woman, so he is drawn regularly to seek her advice.

In other cases, interest arises on a material basis.

The hidden resentments of Pisces and the excessive conservatism of Taurus are serious obstacles to building relationships that representatives of signs are objectively unaware of. It is preferable for the couple that Taurus should manage financial matters, and Pisces show their talent in psychological skills, smoothing out the roughness of the relationship.

Taurus and Pisces perfectly cooperate, if the activity is connected with creativity and creation.

What to do Pisces:

  • at least occasionally descend from heaven to earth;
  • accept the pragmatism of Taurus;
  • teach your partner to listen to people.

What should Taurus do:

  • give freedom to Pisces;
  • moderate an authoritarian approach;
  • provide more attention and tenderness to the partner.

Taurus’s proprietary moods become a problem when he decides to lock Pisces in four walls because of his jealousy. And then Pisces romance will turn into depression and sadness.

Resume the old feelings will not be easy.

They match each other sexually, but Taurus should drop the restrictions, show more warmth to the Pisces, agree to experiment, and Pisces need patience so that Taurus can open up, let his sexuality flourish gradually, considering that the conditions for this are in a happy couple the most favorable.

Characteristics of the signs change under the influence of the growing moon, which may to some extent correspond to the year of the eastern horoscope. Taurus is easier to get along with the Bull, Pig, Horse, Rat; Pisces — with a snake and a rabbit; if one of the partners is a dog, a dragon or a tiger — it will go to strengthen the union, if a monkey or a rooster — somewhat complicate them.

This couple has good prospects for spiritual development and the development of relationships, so the correct approach will only help them in the future.

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