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Taurus and Libra: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Taurus and Libra: compatibility in love relationships, marriage and work

Taurus and Libra are the 2nd and 7th signs of the horoscope, their parity does not match. Constellations belong to the elements of Earth and Water, which are not harmoniously combined with each other.

In this pair, people are like twins, who have a lot in common from birth, but have completely different characters. The peculiarity of the relationship will be the appearance of an instant feeling of love and the same rapid decline. Sometimes at the time of separation, people have time to completely give up on each other, so they part with irreconcilable enemies.

But there is another, more positive scenario. The patroness of both representatives of the signs of the zodiac is Venus. It makes people sociable, able to properly build partnerships, seeking harmony and aesthetics.

These qualities allow lovers to find a soul mate in each other.

Compatibility of a pair of Taurus and Libra is 67 percent. The harmony of the union depends largely on the level of intelligence and the spiritual qualities of a woman.

That she becomes the main engine of relations.

Too practical and pragmatic girl quickly disappointed, looking at the uncertain and irresponsible guy. After stormy first dates and many beautiful words, the woman will understand that the conversations were empty.

It’s difficult for an earthly representative to understand that there are people from a different warehouse, she requires specifics and practical confirmation of any statement.

If a woman is at a low level of spiritual development, she will begin to act harshly and roughly. An intelligent guy can not withstand such pressure, so he would prefer to retire. Raised girl will appreciate the qualities that unite her with a young man.

Based on her own interests, she will not aggravate the situation and will be able to build the right partnership.

A man must also contribute to the union and correct personal shortcomings. The couple has all the chances for happiness, because the indicators of harmony are quite high.

Taurus and Libra: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

To conquer the Libra guy, a Taurus girl will not have to change anything in her usual behavior. She has excellent taste, loves to dress up in expensive things. A man will immediately pay attention to her appearance, because he is an admirer of female beauty.

In the manner of communication and movements of the girl, confidence, strength and tranquility are felt — these qualities appeal to the ever-doubting youth.

Libra wants to find a companion who can solve all his problems and take responsibility.

To conquer the heart of Taurus for Libra will be a matter of a few minutes. The guy always looks immaculate, has good manners, knows how to behave in society. This is a master of gentle speeches and compliments, his words flow like a melodious song that cannot help but touch an earthly woman who has been dreaming of a gallant prince since childhood.

She is not too sociable, perceives the world exclusively from the material side. Light, "air" the guy will seem to her a breath of fresh air, which will temporarily change her worldview.

The advantages and disadvantages of the union:



  • Constellations are under the auspices of one planet;
  • partners value harmony and beauty;
  • a woman creates comfort and coziness in the house;
  • a man surrounds his companion with tenderness and love;
  • the girl becomes more sociable;
  • the guy learns practicality;
  • Taurus becomes the leader, and this appeals to her;
  • Libra gets rid of the need to make serious decisions;
  • partners complement each other in the manufacturing sector;
  • man will promote the personal growth of women;
  • a woman will teach Libra to live by the rules;
  • Taurus life will be brighter and more exciting;
  • Scales are never boring;
  • high sexual compatibility is observed in pair
  • Different rhythms of life;
  • the struggle of spirituality and materiality;
  • excessive economy and practicality of women;
  • the frivolity and irresponsibility of men;
  • stealth and uncommunicity of Taurus;
  • Libra’s desire for constant communication;
  • monotony;
  • conservatism of the girl;
  • the desire for spiritual development on the part of Libra and the absence of this desire in Taurus;
  • the stubbornness of both partners;
  • lack of understanding;
  • differences in domestic issues;
  • different attitude to money

A woman in love is trying with all his might to keep a man, so he assumes absolutely all problems and concerns. If she does not demand anything in return, the guy will turn into a gigolo living at her expense.

Scales are masters of manipulation, so the girl should take care without too much fanaticism.

Taurus and Libra: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

At the beginning of a love relationship, partners experience an extraordinary attraction. Each of them is pleased to discover in another person something that is not in them.

Guy-Libra will bite on the confidence and determination of the earthly representative. It will be interesting to him to get in touch with the world of real numbers and plans that fill the life of Taurus.

A Taurus woman will fall in love with a man who will not re-educate her and voluntarily give the reins to her hands.

The girl will feel the full mistress of the situation on which the future of the union depends. This idyll will continue until each of the partners remembers their characteristic features.

Taurus and Libra differ in their ability to argue without any compromise on their part. If the lovers do not agree and start a discussion, it can end in an irreconcilable quarrel.

In the course of a dispute, people do not notice how they pass to taunts and mutual insults. As a result, everyone remains at his own opinion, but on occasion he tries to prove his case.

The number of disputes directly affects the cooling of feelings, so parting becomes only a matter of time. Lovers should not allow such moments: you need to pull yourself together and just agree with the opinion of the partner.

If people refrain from harshly expressing their opinions, they will get used to each other and will be able to live a long life together.

Relationship aspects:

  • Leisure. Lovers fit each other in matters of leisure time. Both love art, admire the works of masters of classical and modern. People attend theaters, concert halls of symphonic and pop music, exhibitions, openings, fashion shows. The girl loves sensual pleasure, so appreciate the trip to an expensive restaurant. The guy used to go to public places and spend money on fun, so support his companion. The couple prefers to go on a visit, much less often receives guests at home.
  • Intimate sphere. Partners need to honestly talk about their preferences in bed — then their intimate life will be close to perfect. The girl loves bodily pleasures, the guy prefers romance and experiments. If they succeed in uniting their desires, lovers are guaranteed to experience mutual pleasure. Otherwise, the woman will not be satisfied with the lack of quality sex, and the man will not want to endure her conservatism.

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