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Taurus and Gemini: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships, marriage, bed, friendship and work

Taurus and Gemini — compatibility of representatives of the signs of the zodiac

These two signs have completely different views on life, and it is always difficult for them to find a common language. Gemini has a fast rhythm of the day, change of plans on the move and lack of responsibility. Taurus is a conservative sign: it is characterized by slowness and rejection of everything new.

They easily converge, but soon cease to interest each other. Even if there are no serious conflicts between them, long close relationships are extremely rare.

Gemini and Taurus are completely different in character and temperament marks. Hence, their compatibility is not the best both in love and in friendship.

They have completely different life values ​​and goals, ways to achieve them and outlook on life. But, as is often the case, sometimes these signs attract each other like the poles of magnets.

If Taurus and Gemini are found, then relations between them may well be established, but how long they will last and what they will lead to is impossible to predict. The greatest chance of such a union, if:

  • Taurus was born in the year of the Rooster, Bull or Snake;
  • Twins — in the year of the Monkey, Rat or Dragon.

When one of the partners is born in the year of the Tiger, then the union has even less chance of a successful continuation.

Taurus and Gemini: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships, marriage, bed, friendship and work

A successful union between these two opposites is possible when both partners know in advance who is in front of them. They will be easy, fun and cozy.

It is important that initially there are good friendships and trust.

A calm, reliable, self-assured Taurus will moderate the irrepressible passion for change of a woman under the rule of Mercury, just enough that her creative impulses do not interfere with him, but continue to fill family life with a joyful note, liveliness and gave inspiration to an ordinary man. The wife will become more stable, earthly and in bed and in everyday life.

She will become a good housewife, she will cook deliciously, she will not so much be in her dreams. The gentle, sublime nature of the ladies will push the slow-moving Taurus to new deeds, thanks to which he will be able to achieve unprecedented success.

Taurus and Gemini: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships, marriage, bed, friendship and work

Views on life together, managing the partners do not coincide at all. Taurus is guided by well-established principles; revising habits is not in his plans. Twins do not tolerate monotony.

They need change, movement, surprises.

A man, wanting peace in the family, will have to make great efforts over himself. Mental agony can adversely affect one’s health.

A woman will always think that her husband does little for her.

The twins go forward, wanting to get their own, and Taurus gives in to difficulties and circumstances. It will be a life where a lot of effort goes into the struggle with internal uncertainty, fears, doubts. To get along with the air sign, you will have to change, but whether the earthly man accustomed to stability wants it.

They are a little suited to each other.

Taurus and Gemini: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships, marriage, bed, friendship and work

Along with not very good relations in love and friendship, the compatibility of Taurus and Gemini in sexual terms is also far from ideal. Sign Taurus patronizes the planet Venus.

Therefore, physical pleasure for him is of great importance. These are partners who are tireless in bed, although they are not distinguished by the variety of love joys.

Namely, the game and experiments like most representatives of Gemini. The passivity and monotony of the partner soon begin to tire and annoy them.

In addition to Venus, Taurus has a great influence and the Moon. They almost do not need preludes, they are quickly excited; no wonder they are called the most sensual sign. They are unpretentious lovers, surrendering passion to the end.

For Gemini, sometimes the game is more important than the intima itself, and this puts the Taurus in a dead end, causing in them an insult to inattention and coldness of the partner.

At the beginning of a relationship, Gemini and Taurus like each other because of their different temperaments and temperaments. This seems curious and unusual to them.

But then, they will inevitably disagree, and sexual freedom of partners will become the main stumbling block. Hot passion quickly freezes and the couple will be on the verge of breaking.

Only strong family relationships, common life goals and life, along with strong and sincere friendship, can preserve the union of Taurus and Gemini.

The first, as the least plodding and stable sign of the zodiac, are Gemini. They begin to change a partner who has not noticed for a long time.

You can save the family, making joint efforts — Taurus should be more creative and active, and Gemini to invest in love games more feelings.

At the first meeting, the femininity of a Taurus girl immediately attracts a Twin boy. He likes comfort in the house, a soft, calm and sensual partner. He will definitely try to attract her attention, and most often the men of this sign succeed.

Taurus will inevitably conquer sociability and activity of the partner, his ability to compliment and seduce. In the end, they want to get to know each other.

For long-term relationships between a couple, there should be common interests, such as music or religion, literature or cinema. The main thing — that it was a joint hobby.

In this case, the woman will become the keeper of home comfort and family hearth, and the man will be the earner.

The Gemini man and the Taurus woman cannot be avoided in a relationship of difficulty. Soon the partner will begin to feel that her man is an energetic vampire.

And she just can not adapt to his active lifestyle. Such a rhythm is not peculiar to Taurus. They prefer to spend time in a comfortable home environment, sitting comfortably in front of the fireplace, than going on dangerous hikes or visiting exotic places.

As a result, the spouse will tire her quickly and irritability and nervousness will begin to grow in her.

A man can get bored in the marital bed, not sharing her tendency to traditional sex and lack of desire to experiment and diversify intimate life. This in 99% of cases will lead to the appearance of a mistress, upon learning of which, Taurus is able to make a grandiose scandal or immediately leave her husband.

The only way to avoid such a finale of relationships is to demonstrate feminine wisdom and give your spouse what he lacks, namely, more sensuality and diversity.

It is not at all difficult for a Taurus man to win the favor of a woman born under the sign of Gemini. By its nature, Taurus is an indecisive sign and inclined to underestimate itself. He gives the impression of an educated, consistent and reliable partner, albeit a bit closed.

The woman hopes that in a love relationship with him she will be safe and harmony will appear in her life. She amazes Taurus with her erudition and mental alertness, and the attention of such a lady will inevitably raise his self-esteem.

Mutual understanding between a Gemini woman and a Taurus man arises if they together earn money or conduct joint business. The best option for them is a family business. The hard worker Taurus steadily, step by step, goes to the intended goal, without wasting money and avoiding unwarranted adventures.

At the moment when the goal is reached, Taurus is at a loss, not knowing where to go next. During this period, the fantasy and quirky mind of the spouse will be very useful to him.

Listening to her, he will be able to move on again.

In the union of these signs, each has its own speed of life.

He does not like to rush in affairs, spends a lot of time on decision-making, is extremely slow. It, on the contrary, instantly switches from one problem to another, and changes solutions as quickly as it takes them.

With time, the calf begins to feel that the wife does not take seriously either life or their relationship. He sees him too superficial in nature; he thinks that he made a big mistake, but he cannot quit because of a heightened sense of responsibility. The husband is annoyed by her husband’s pettiness and slowness.

As a result of mutual recriminations and constant claims, the already fragile union of Gemini and Taurus quickly collapses.

Even in the rest there is a difference in temperament and character of Gemini and Taurus. Husband-Taurus prefers a quiet, calm and measured rest. The ideal option is a country house, the maximum is a good sanatorium, and best of all, if from year to year it will be the same.

Such boring addictions do not suit the spouse, adoring extreme rest, diversity and new sensations.

With all the unfavorable horoscope to this pair of spouses in a position not to allow the relationship to collapse. To do this, partners need to look for each other not differences, but similarities.

It is extremely important that the spouses learn to listen to the opinion of the partner, because, because of their dissimilarity, each of them has abilities that the other does not have.

Gemini can gush out new ideas and plans. Taurus is their excellent seller; He is able to implement any, even the most daring ideas.

In the family and everyday life, Taurus should provide the partner with more freedom and not limit it to narrow limits. The twin does not need to constantly adjust his half, giving him the opportunity to do things at his usual pace.

Subject to the mutual respect of the personal space of each, the representatives of these zodiacal signs are able to last for a very long time.

According to astrological calculations of the compatibility of signs, the probability of a successful union varies greatly:

Signs of men and womenOverall pair compatibilityMarriage compatibilityRelationship Compatibility
Male and female Taurus90%100%80%
Taurus man and twin woman55%40%70%

The relationship between male and female twins has more chances for a happy future. But this is possible only under the condition that the spouses will constantly think about the partner and do not forget that they have different temperaments and character traits.

As in many other alliances between different signs of the zodiac, Gemini and Taurus may well be happy together. The main thing is to build an alliance on mutual respect, so that each feels his own importance and necessity for a partner, and give each other the rhythm of life that is favorable for him.

Representatives of these signs of the zodiac experience mutual sympathy even in childhood. Toddler Taurus likes to patronize an amusing, funny little Gemini girl who is constantly looking for new adventures. Having matured, he remains a reliable support and faithful companion for a restless girlfriend, clutching at all things and not having time for anything.

A serious and thoughtful Taurus with pleasure in everything helps his companion.

Taurus is not too loving fun interesting with the girl-twins. Her imagination is highly developed and she is full of fantasies: she knows how to talk and cheer, so her friend will not be bored with her for sure. Such friendship may not end for many years, despite the fact that people belong to different elements.

But not without disagreements and quarrels, and the main reason for this is the attitude towards the people around them.

Twins often talk a lot, but do not rush to fulfill their promises, so they quickly lose their trust and friends. The lack of responsibility for their words and lightheadedness in their behavior are unacceptable for Taurus, who never throws empty promises and carefully considers every decision and the next step.

It is inconceivable for him not to keep his word or to deceive a friend.

At one job, these signs may well cooperate fruitfully, but on the condition that they almost do not overlap in business matters. Outwardly, their relationship is more like opponents than employees.

Conservatives Taurus will always confront innovators Gemini with their inherent experiments and new ideas.

For Taurus this is the most difficult situation. Accustomed to follow the clearly defined plan and the rules worked out over the years, it is difficult for him to understand the desire of her employee for change, and any innovative ideas of such a subordinate will meet with displeasure and condemnation of the boss.

If there is a position for Gemini, in which it will be possible to combine her desire for something new and with actions according to the rules of Taurus, then conflicts can be avoided, and the characteristics of such a subordinate will be brilliant.

The most favorable case. Gemini is not peculiar to the desire for power, and the chair of the head for them is not an end in itself. If the Gemini girl becomes a leader, then she does not have any difficulties with the team.

Subordinates do not experience pressure and the more tyranny on her part; she appreciates the professionalism of the staff and their competence. Provided that Taurus will meet these requirements, he will have no problems with his boss.

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