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Taurus and Aquarius: compatibility of women and men in love relationships, marriage, bed, friendship, work

Taurus and Aquarius — is it possible to have a harmonious union of representatives of two different elements?

Taurus and Aquarius are the most controversial and unpredictable alliance among all the star pairs. This is a combination of two opposites, two incompatible elements. Nevertheless, strong and long-term relations between the opposite-sex representatives of these signs are possible if they are ready to make an effort not to lose each other.

They can equally well be faced with total misunderstanding, and quite harmoniously build their relationships.

If the stars brought the representatives of these two signs together, it means that from such a relationship something unusual, surprising and memorable will turn out. These people are as similar as they are completely different.

When two bright extraordinary stars are combined into one whole — an explosion turns out. Such are the relations of Taurus and Aquarius.

Their whole life together is like a volcano. But they do not get bored together.

In the issue of compatibility of signs, it is necessary to take into account the gender of each representative separately. A woman and a man of the same sign have different characters.

Taurus and Aquarius: compatibility of women and men in love relationships, marriage, bed, friendship, work

Both Taurus love comfort, but only if a woman creates it, then a Taurus man is too lazy for that. He is waiting for someone else to do this.

He likes to deal with the material affairs of the family, creating stability.

And in matters of appearance there are differences. If a woman always remains well-groomed, the man does not think about how he looks. He will gain excess weight and not be upset.

And certainly will not spend money on hairdressers and stylists.

Taurus and Aquarius: compatibility of women and men in love relationships, marriage, bed, friendship, work

The differences between a man and a woman by Aquarius are only that the woman is more closed and independent. A man has more friends, while a woman has one or two girlfriends throughout her life.

Representatives of both signs are strong independent natures. Despite this, their joint existence is possible, subject to a compromise.

Ideal relationships are very difficult to build.

Taurus and Aquarius: compatibility of women and men in love relationships, marriage, bed, friendship, work

In astrologers, the Aquarius-Taurus couple is considered one of the strongest in any relationship. The case ends with a wedding in 80 percent of cases.

But for this they need to go a long and difficult path. If this couple has existed together for more than 5 years, then it will be the strongest union that is difficult to break.

A spiritual connection is established between them, that sometimes they feel almost as one.

Their acquaintance is easy and romantic. But further relations are similar to life on a powder keg.

This is a combination of two people completely different in their goals and views on life. Conservative Taurus and the revolutionary Aquarius are in constant confrontation with each other.

They will never be bored together.

How long their relationship will be depends only on themselves. These signs, on the one hand, are very unlike, and on the other, they are attracted to each other with incredible strength.

Young couples break up much faster than more mature ones.

Love relationships rarely end in marriage, but if the representatives of these signs wisely approach the pluses and minuses of each, then this will be a reliable and interesting union:

Properties male TaurusQualities of Aquarius Woman
  • Values ​​stability. He never soars in the clouds, always knows what he wants and stubbornly goes to the goal.
  • Is a materialist, what to look for. He is one of those who carry everything into the house and for the house. Surprisingly home sign.
  • As soon as he realizes that he is not needed, Taurus loses faith in himself. He needs to understand that they are waiting for him and love that he is needed. A woman for him is a keeper of the hearth, always ready to meet with a hot borsch and always with a smile
  • Taurus will have to endure his spouse, because surprises from her can be expected at any time.
  • The representative of Aquarius can not push. She needs self-realization and sometimes complete loneliness.
  • Aquarius woman is not ready to become exclusively housewife. She needs freedom. In this case, a man must be a breadwinner in the family. Aquarius woman never planted him around his neck

Aquarius — the only sign of the zodiac, which is never boring more than one. Such a woman is so self-sufficient that loneliness can replace any society with her. But only until she gets tired of it.

Then the Aquarius Woman will entertain herself, will call her chosen one for this, that the homely Taurus will not like it very much. He is more inclined to a romantic dinner for two, long discussions of joint affairs and relationships.

And it certainly should smoothly flow into sex.

Compatibility in love and marriage — 80–90%. Such a relationship is very difficult to build.

Partners will be constantly unhappy with each other. And it will pour out in different forms: from stormy scenes with the smashing of dishes to a boycott. In family life, they will have to swap their familiar roles.

A practical and hardworking Taurus woman will provide materially for the family, and the Aquarius male who is soaring in his fantasies will be engaged in everyday life.

He loves order in everything. Every thing he has in its place and in the cabinets everything is systematically laid out on the shelves. This feature is very like and neat woman Taurus.

She is more household oriented. For a lady of this sign, a feeling of comfort is very important, she should be comfortable everywhere: at home, in the car, at work.

So she feels more confident and it is easier for her to manage all the processes around her, because the girl of this sign always has everything under control.

Whereas the Aquarius guy is sometimes inclined to let things slip by. Having created his cozy nest, Taurus will already be difficult to allow the innovator-Aquarius to change something in it.

But he needs it. Aquarius cannot see the same world around itself for years. He gets bored, and this is a direct threat to the relationship, and without that difficult.

It will be difficult for Aquarius to come to terms with the fact that he is in the chains of duties under the vigilant control of her partner. If you do not build a household relationship, it will lead to a quarrel, often the last.

Union "wife Taurus — husband Aquarius" persists as long as there is harmony in love relationships. As soon as the feeling is gone — the end of the relationship.

They will not tolerate each other by inertia. Marriage will be stable and long-term, provided that both compromise and learn to accept and respect the world views of their halves.

They should always trust each other in everything, frankly discuss their problems. In this relationship, omissions are excluded.

Both signs have excellent intuition and will easily be felt if a partner hides something and keeps back.

In bed, the views of representatives of the signs also diverge. Taurus governs Venus. Thanks to her, the outwardly attractive Taurus has the ability to magnetically attract the opposite sex.

He is able to conquer any heart, in the conquest of which will use any means. But only if he needs it.

Confirming the futility of the relationship, Taurus without a shadow of regret will throw this venture.

Venus endowed the representative of the earthly sign with passionate kind. In this case, the sensual Taurus is not always able to ignite the intellectual Aquarius.

If it happened, then sex will be diverse and unmatched. However, their differences in temperament can lead to the fact that a passionate partner leaves the cold Aquarius on the side. The latter will suffer greatly, but will forgive a petty intrigue.

Serious treason will be the last.

As business partners, the representatives of the signs are similar in their stubbornness and readiness to bring everything to the end. But Taurus strives to go the beaten paths, and Aquarius — constantly make any innovations.

They need to determine joint tactics of action, and then they will succeed. Aquarius should set goals and objectives, and Taurus to implement them.

Compatibility horoscope in business says it will be the perfect affiliate union.

As friends, such people may not happen, because the materialist Taurus and the idealist Aquarius are too different interests. But if friendship has developed and there are points of contact, then the reliability of their companionship can be envied.

They will protect each other under any circumstances, help in difficult situations, have fun. After all, both signs appreciate reliability in friendly relations.

In this regard, they fit together.

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