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Scorpio-Bull: compatibility, characterization, horoscope, suitable stones for men and women

Scorpio-Bull: a characteristic of men and women, compatibility with other signs of the zodiac

Scorpio, who was born in the year of the Bull, is a rather contradictory sign of the zodiac. He is unrestrained and quick-tempered, and sometimes becomes detached and plunges into himself. Never the first to start a conflict, but still often quarrels with others.

In general, such people have a difficult character. For them, the stability they seek in work and in relationships is important.

They are faithful spouses and reliable partners.

A woman who was born in the year of the Bull (1985, 1997, 2009, 2021) and under the sign of Scorpio (October-November) has such peculiarities of character as imperiousness and stubbornness. Differs activity and impulsivity.

She doesn’t like it when someone invades her personal space, and blows rivals and enemies to pieces. This is a female fighter, charging the surrounding energy.

A Scorpio woman is able to succeed in any field that interests her. To the partner has special requirements, but they are fair.

He has his own idea about the norms of morality. Such a woman has a conservative character, so does not tolerate any changes.

Often this leads to conflict with older children, who consider it non-progressive.

A Scorpio Bull woman cannot imagine her life without work. When she creates a family, she soon fades into the background, so this marriage often ends in divorce.

The representative of this element is monogamous and during parting takes a long time.

In a career, such a woman always reaches the goal and waits for the same from the employees. Scorpio-Bull produces meticulous leaders who are characterized by excessive rigor.

In the work go ahead and perform the most impossible tasks.

Scorpio-Bull: compatibility, characterization, horoscope, suitable stones for men and women

Resolute Bull and non-standard Scorpio breed complex. Such a person is very emotional, but does not allow emotions to prevail.

He often experiences a certain event within himself, but never shows his feelings, even to the closest people.

Characteristics of Scorpio men-Bull: energetic, persistent, cold-blooded. He does not like being imposed on his opinion, but in his judgments he is firm and categorical. This is a versatile person who achieves success in any field.

He can make a good career in the political or military sphere.

Such a man knows how to earn good money, correctly plans the budget and creates profitable projects. Even if he does not reach the heights in his career, he will still have money to live on.

The main problem of the representative of such signs is the lack of flexibility. He does not understand how to live free and easy.

A man seeks to create a family, but a girl who would meet his exaggerated demands is looking for a very long time. His chosen one should be an active and extraordinary person, able to surprise him constantly. It is not easy to live with such a guy, as he does not tolerate when they re-read him.

He finds fault with trifles, does not hear his partner and does not consider his opinion. In adulthood, Scorpio Bull already knows how to take into account other people’s desires and respond adequately to criticism.

This allows him to be less disappointed in love.

Scorpio-Bull: compatibility, characterization, horoscope, suitable stones for men and women

Both men and women Scorpio-Bulls will not meet solely for fun. They are very responsible in choosing their second half.

Friendship is important to them and such people will not be friends with anyone for their own selfish purposes.

Compatibility of the Scorpio-Bull according to the Eastern calendar:

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