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Scorpio and Sagittarius: compatibility of women and men in love relationships

Scorpio and Sagittarius: compatibility in love, sex, friendship and work

Scorpio and Sagittarius belong to different elements, but astrological obstacles will not prevent to give a strong union, if love was born between them. Maintain relationships help compromise on the part of Sagittarius, and the improvement of life and financial responsibility lie on Scorpio.

People of these zodiac signs bring together common goals, deep feelings and love to travel. They do not sit still, trying to add new impressions and bright emotions to their lives.

The main thing is not to offend Scorpio and be honest with Sagittarius, as mutual understanding and trust in this pair are in the first place.

Guy-Sagittarius — a bright representative of the fire sign. He is impulsive, emotional and active. The girls in it like a sense of humor and a light temper.

Representatives of the watermark Scorpio also do not remain indifferent to his jokes and good attitude. He is fun and interesting, he is well-read and educated, loves adventure and is ready to give his darling an unusual date and an original gift.

In girls of this sign he will be conquered:

  • hidden, but alluring sexuality;
  • mystery that you want to unravel;
  • femininity;
  • pride;
  • strength of mind.

A Scorpio woman is shrouded in an invisible cloud of magic and magical charm. From a tender, soft girl, she turns into a predator, ready to violently defend herself and her rights.

She is persistent, stubborn and courageous. Able to adapt to people and not afraid of difficulties.

In the male-Sagittarius women of this sign like these qualities:

  1. 1. Honesty. He directly expresses his thoughts, does not hide anything and expects the same attitude from people.
  2. 2. Optimism. I never lose heart and I am sure that a rainbow is hiding behind the clouds.
  3. 3. Sense of humor. Sagittarius cheerful, it is never boring.
  4. 4. Kindness. A man sees the best in people, always ready to help.
  5. 5. Thirst for adventure. He is bored of sitting still.
  6. 6. Education. He likes to read and can support a conversation on various topics.
  7. 7. Lack of greed. He knows that conquering and maintaining love is possible with the help of gifts and wide gestures.

Sagittarius and Scorpio see each other as their fellow adventurers, if a spark has run between them, they do not resist attraction and create a passionate union.

Scorpio and Sagittarius: compatibility of women and men in love relationships

An open and straightforward man and a woman who hides her feelings surprisingly get along well if they want the same things from life. Sagittarius is not offended by the unwillingness of Scorpio not to disclose his soul and share thoughts.

A man does not hold on to his beloved for her harsh statement and jealousy.

Sign compatibility horoscope will help build harmonious relationships.

Scorpio and Sagittarius: compatibility of women and men in love relationships

In the love relationship between a Scorpion girl and a Sagittarius guy there are mutual claims and restrictions on freedom. Scorpio penetrates deep into the soul and suppresses the will of the partner. Sagittarius fetter such invisible actions and limit its freedom.

Only emotionally strong and strong men are able to resist such pressure. And although Sagittarius does not like to obey, he perceives such control and pressure as a concern, but he continues to act in accordance with the principles. With his naive resistance, he instigates the interest of the girl, but cools the heat of passion.

Over time, she begins to look condescendingly at his hobbies and distant plans and quietly adapts herself to his rhythm.

Love binds the couple and makes the relationship trusting, touching and stable. If the guy does not give grounds for jealousy, the girl does not control him openly, but always on the alert, sees all the obstacles and envy of her happiness.

The woman loves gifts, but the gentleman does not stint on them and makes generous offerings to his beloved. Compatibility reaches 85%.

Scorpio and Sagittarius: compatibility of women and men in love relationships

In family relationships, couples experience conflicts related to differences in temperament. Water element gives a person phlegm and depth, and fiery — explosive character.

Of these, the classic family does not work, in which the woman comforts and takes care of all family members, and the man is the protector and support. The wife is absorbed in her emotions, and the husband is looking for new impressions.

The spouse is unable to bear the entire emotional burden that she piles on him.

Peace in their family depends on a husband who is more compromise than a wife. A woman periodically makes scenes of jealousy, requires more attention and does not like to do housework. The Sagittarius man is quite independent; he cooks dinner himself and looks after the children.

He is a great father, he easily assumes confidence in children and gets along well with them. If he loves his wife, he will do everything to save his family.

Compatibility — 80%.

If a Sagittarius male is difficult to verbally show his love to a Scorpio woman, he will easily do it in bed. In an intimate setting, the girl opens up and is ready to accept everything that makes her favorite.

She is very passionate, sex for her is an indicator of the power of male love. If the guy does not pay enough intimate attention, she sees it as an insult and dislike for herself. The physical side of life is important for both partners and gives them real pleasure.

Compatibility level — 95%.

It is difficult to build friendships between people of different sexes, since different things are important for them. The girl needs support, and the boyfriend is a friend who will not complicate his life. Their friendly interests do not touch, people have nothing to offer each other.

Compatibility — 70%.

If the representatives of these zodiac signs work together, there will be competition between them. Both are strategists, they like to plan everything and set goals.

A woman is more domineering, working with her will affect a man’s self-esteem. It is better to avoid joint projects and work on different tasks.

Compatibility — 60%.

Their union can not be called perfect, but it is quite peaceful and can last for a long time.

Scorpio guy is able to conquer any woman. Nature has endowed him with a hypnotic gift and sex appeal.

He is strong, honest and charming when he needs it. If a man likes a girl, he will lure her into a trap of feelings, from which she cannot get out until he lets go. Sagittarius girl will not remain indifferent to his sarcasm and insight, she obeys such qualities as:

  • charisma;
  • external balance and inner passion;
  • decency;
  • strong will;
  • a responsibility;
  • purposefulness.

Sagittarius woman notices that he is self-confident and is not afraid of obstacles. Emotional, can deeply feel and experience.

Behind his imperturbable appearance are serious passions, but he never "loses face" and does not show weaknesses. But when he notices the flaws in others, he hits them at the most unexpected moment. The guy wants the girl to obey him, and wants to control her life and know everything about her.

Sagittarius female accepts his rules and does not resist control.

He also likes it:

  1. 1. Her cheerfulness.
  2. 2. Courage.
  3. 3. Thirst for adventures.
  4. 4. Good attitude to people.
  5. 5. Risks
  6. 6. Credulity.

It is easy to build a relationship with her, she agrees to give the man a leading role in the relationship and is not offended by his harsh statements. He feels that he has found the perfect woman for himself and begins to forget that she cannot be pressured.

We must not forget that it is easy to convince a girl, to put it bluntly, that it is better for her. But do not impose your will with all force.

Girl-Sagittarius fit guys with diverse views on life, which will not restrict her freedom and suppress the will. Scorpio man is difficult to behave in this way. He seeks to subjugate and crush a loved one.

But if he will do it in a mild form and trust his darling, she will allow to dictate terms from time to time.

The relationship between the Scorpio guy and the Sagittarius girl is filled with vivid emotions and unpredictable situations. Scorpio is prone to dramatize, and Sagittarius often sees no problems. This difference and attracts them to each other.

A man needs to be reassured, and a woman — opened his eyes. The guy is cunning and secretive, and the girl behaves straightforwardly.

And she does not understand why he complicates where it is possible to act openly and not invent obstacles.

In love, Scorpio is passionate and jealous, and Sagittarius is open and generous. They enjoy each other’s company if mutual understanding and trust arise between them.

A man understands how to entertain his beloved and how to please, but she remains open and tries to be close by necessity. If misunderstandings arise, the girl first compromises and does not take offense at her chosen one. She knows that he cannot be offended, as the vengeful nature is a serious reason why they can part.

Compatibility level reaches 90%.

To marry should be after long communication, when young people have well studied each other, and the connection will be deep and strong. Spouse will have to put up with the reluctance of women to do household chores.

She wants new adventures and knowledge, and he wants her spouse to be tied to him, children and home. If the husband does not press emotionally, his wife has enough freedom and she will take care of all family members.

She gets along with children and enjoys reading fairy tales and watching cartoons. A woman agrees to honor family traditions and devote time to her husband and children. Her husband is responsible for wealth and comfort.

He takes care of, but also dictates his own rules. A woman knows how to smooth sharp corners and direct dictatorial manners to the other side.

Relationship Compatibility — 85%.

Scorpio does not need time to understand that in front of him is a girl with whom he will be fine. A woman needs a longer period to move to this level of relationship. Sex between these signs is different in depth and fiery passion.

For a man, he means power, control, and trust. If a girl is satisfied with him in this regard, he will not change it.

It is important for him to feel and see that sex with him gives her pleasure. The guy is very offended if the beloved will refuse him in intimate caresses for no apparent reason.

Compatibility — 95%.

The friendship of these signs is superficial. Scorpio is considered a good friend, but it is difficult for him to reach an understanding with Sagittarius.

In women, he is not looking for friends and sees them in a different role. He is not interested in giving the girl new impressions, if she is not his favorite. In life, a man seeks meaning and depth in the present tense, and a woman looks far ahead.

They will be united only by a joint goal and only for a short period. Compatibility in friendship — 70%.

If people want to achieve one goal, they create a cohesive team. Sagittarius woman acts openly, and Scorpio man takes cunning steps.

Having united efforts, they leave behind all competitors and together rejoice in achievements. But when these people are rivals, a woman has no chance of winning because of trust and naivety.

Compatibility — 80%.

Having the same outlook and respect for the partner, they are able to create a strong union, in which there is a lot of passion, vivid emotions and exciting adventures.

There are a lot of disagreements between people of these signs. Sagittarius trust is easy to hurt, as are Scorpio’s feelings.

The fire sign has an explosive character, and the water element is able to create problems from scratch. Quarrels and conflicts alternate with outbursts of passion. And when both are in a bad mood, then only the desire of Sagittarius can restore peace and harmony in the house.

Scorpio is offended by tactless statements, and the partner desperately resists pressure and control.

The most frequent conflicts occur for such reasons:

The reasonsBehavioral psychologySolutions
JealousyScorpios are jealous, and Sagittarius — frivolousSagittarius should not be a reason for jealousy, you should not make friends of the opposite sex
RestraintThe water sign loves to rule and control, and the fire sign — freedom and independenceScorpios can not put pressure on a partner, it is necessary to give him freedom (or its visibility). The deceit and cunning of the watermark is enough to do so unnoticed and lovingly.
CarpingWhen they are together for a long time, they cease to struggle for feelings and surprise their spouse. Satiety leads to the search for flaws, then between them appear cold and alienationDo not look for the flaws that all people have. More warmth and understanding to the weaknesses of the partner will restore mutual understanding in a pair
SuspicionThis quality is inherent in Scorpios, it interferes with trust. Mutual understanding also disappears when Sagittarius sees no reason to doubt himself and his honesty.To learn to trust your loved one before entering into marriage with him and remember that Sagittarius is the most honest people.
VengefulnessScorpions can not take revenge on the offender, if their feelings are hurt. Even if it is the closest and favorite personIt is difficult to restrain the desire to take revenge, but for the sake of preserving the relationship will have to go to such psychological "the victims"
SuperficialityThis quality belongs to the Sagittarius and annoys the Scorpios.Treat insight to the inattention of Sagittarius, and look deeper at the problem floating on the surface.

Sometimes Scorpios annoying Sagittarius talkativeness and his inability to hide secrets. His frankness borders on impudence and leads to quarrels and offenses.

Scorpio can hide the cause of offense for a long time. A Sagittarius will be annoying stealth loved one.

He is lost when he does not understand what he hurt, and after the partner’s reluctance to communicate, he leaves, slamming the door loudly.

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