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Scorpio and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and marriage

Scorpio and Pisces: compatibility in love, family, friendships and working relationships

The Union of Pisces and Scorpio is considered one of the most successful in astrology. Here the temperaments of the partners are well combined, so that the harmony in the pair appears by itself. Representatives of these constellations do not need to look for points of contact, mutual understanding in the union arises gradually, as relations develop.

When Scorpio and Pisces meet, love or friendly feelings immediately flare up between them.

Mutual attraction here is the foundation for building long-term and strong ties. Partners ignore minor disagreements in world views, while passions rage between them. But when the fervor fades away slightly, they have to contend with their shortcomings.

However, astrologers note that most often Scorpio and Pisces manage to smooth out all the sharp corners in a relationship.

Scorpio and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and marriage

Unions of Pisces and Scorpions are formed quite often, because the representatives of these constellations have the same range of interests and hobbies. Often they find each other thanks to mutual friends.

These zodiac signs rarely spend leisure time at home. If they do not have common friends, then they very quickly join each other’s companies.

Both zodiac signs are under the control of the water element, therefore they are on the same wavelength. Emotional compatibility of these signs reaches one hundred percent. The leading role in the pair is always given to the resolute and powerful Scorpio, and Pisces gladly takes the place of a thoughtful adviser.

The partners are suitable for each other in any kind of relationship, only their friendly relations do not always develop successfully, but love and business unions become strong and mutually beneficial.

Here, the iron grip and gustiness of Scorpio are perfectly balanced by the smoothness and rationality of Pisces. When one breaks into battle and misses important points, the second gently holds it and points out possible mistakes. There are a lot of advantages in this relationship, these partners:

  • listen and hear each other;
  • love to reason and find common solutions;
  • seek to preserve the union under any circumstances;
  • build love and business communication on mutual respect;
  • able to admit mistakes and apologize.

However, this alliance has disadvantages:

  • The quick-tempered Scorpio does not think about the consequences of emotional outbursts, but patient and tactful Pisces hold back insults, but move away from their partner in order to avoid emotional wounds.
  • Representatives of these constellations do not know how to forget quarrels. In each conflict, they pull up old mistakes and re-disassemble them, reproaching each other for having long had to be forgiven and left in the past.
  • Scorpions judge people by themselves, they love to flirt and walk on the side, and Pisces ascribe their own sins, harassing them with their jealousy.

Despite the differences, these zodiac signs seldom part. Both are quite affectionate, and when they get used to each other, they find it difficult to break off relationships.

Fish always believe in the best. Even if it is difficult for them to live with their chosen one, they prefer to sacrifice their principles for the sake of maintaining communication.

Often, Scorpios use the flexibility of a partner and become true tyrants. However, experts note that in any type of relationship, these zodiac signs are happy together in their own way.

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