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Sagittarius in the Year of the Rooster: horoscope, characteristic, suitable names, compatibility for men and women

Zodiacal characteristic of Sagittarius, born in the year of the Rooster

People born under the sign of Sagittarius in the Year of the Rooster are endowed with a rather contradictory and absurd character. Assertiveness they can only envy, since no earthly forces can not prevent them from proving their case.

However, the zodiac sign softens their obstinate and cocky nature a little. These are bright and energetic personalities, drawing their life potential from outside.

By nature, they are endowed with many advantages: charm, extravagance, sociability.

Women and men who are under the auspices of this combination of signs rely exclusively and exclusively on everything. They directly and openly express their own opinion, not hiding emotions.

It is not always liked by others, which entails negative consequences. Streltsy-Roosters manifest themselves as active, stubborn, rebellious and ambitious people.

Because of this, they are able to reach great heights in their careers.

Under the patronage of the Rooster are people who were born in the following years: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017.

The peculiarity of their character lies in the fact that they are overly hasty in making any decisions and, by virtue of obstinacy, do not admit mistakes. Such people do not retreat, despite any arguments. But in most cases, a well-developed intuition allows them to make the right choice.

However, even close people suffer from their stubbornness. These are unbearable egoists, debaters and braggers.

They themselves know about these shortcomings and do their best to fight them.

Mental work Streltsy-Roosters prefer physical. For them it is important that it gives pleasure and benefit to others. Only in such conditions, their efforts are doubled.

Due to the increased diligence and responsibility, they are successfully moving up the career ladder. Such people love shopping, but they won’t spend too much.

They have an excellent memory for dates and various significant events.

In the general description of the nature, the following positive features are distinguished:

  • justice and fairness;
  • soulfulness;
  • erudition and straightness;
  • frankness;
  • energy;
  • responsibility and accuracy

Roosters-Sagittarius discuss the debate on any topic that usually develops into an argument. They are ready to answer any question.

During such disagreements, they will not become cunning, but act honestly towards their opponent. They will never be subject to manipulation.

Such people like to be in the limelight. This is manifested in the ability to both speak eloquently and dress brightly.

Sagittarius in the Year of the Rooster: horoscope, characteristic, suitable names, compatibility for men and women

Children of the sign under consideration and the year of birth grow mobile, inquisitive and sociable. Quickly addicted to any games, are drawn to something new and unknown. Therefore, often injured, but it does not stop them.

Thanks to sociability, they have a lot of friends and girlfriends.

  • curiosity;
  • the pursuit of knowledge;
  • cheerfulness.

From the negative features distinguish instability and carelessness.

Such a child is always optimistic. During the school period, he is full of all sorts of ideas and long-term plans.

Parents should not be too restrained in their freedom of action, otherwise they will face stubbornness and disrespect in their favor. But at the same time education must be correct.

Boys, because of their irreducible energy, should be sent in the right direction. Otherwise, they start to bully.

From an early age, children show self-will and independence, so parents will need a lot of patience in their upbringing. Girls are less mobile, but you can’t call them shy.

They are more drawn to creativity and art, monotony in their work pushes them away.

Children love guests in the house and often go to friends themselves. Are not indifferent to animals, especially to horses.

The Sagittarius girls early aspire to leave the parental home in search of new experiences. Parting with loved ones is easy for them, but this does not indicate frivolity.

As they grow older, they acquire a characteristic trait for these representatives — stubbornness and a desire to argue, defending their position.

Sagittarius in the Year of the Rooster: horoscope, characteristic, suitable names, compatibility for men and women

People of this year and the zodiac sign are versatile interesting personalities who are not averse to once again brag of their knowledge in society. They are always filled with new ideas. Attract attention with good manners and stylish appearance.

They feel charisma and natural magnetism.

Men tend to take the lead. Successful leaders emerge from such people: demanding and active.

They do not welcome stagnation in business and try to bring rationalization ideas in order to achieve great success. Endowed with increased efficiency and require the same from others.

The ability to eloquently express their thoughts helps the Sagittarius-Roosters carry people along. This is facilitated by the innate sense of justice. They quickly navigate the situation and make informed decisions.

Only excessive stubbornness sometimes slows down this dynamic.

The brightest positive qualities of such men: determination and confidence. They are endowed with several disadvantages:

  • self-centeredness;
  • self-confidence;
  • boastfulness.

With all their strength they try to stand out and draw attention to themselves. Trying to travel a lot, looking for adventure.

Sagittarius in the Year of the Rooster: horoscope, characteristic, suitable names, compatibility for men and women

People of this astrological combination are full of energy. Their impulsiveness and dedication manifests itself in everything. Women are ready to take on several cases at once, which often leads to conflicts and misunderstanding on the part of those around them.

This person is quite emotional. Positive and optimistic outgoing from them is passed on to the rest.

In their work, women try to manifest themselves creatively and creatively, trying not only to diligently fulfill the task, but also to bring something of their own. Due to diverse interests, they are not long determined by the type of professional activity.

The problem is that they are bored doing something alone, they need diversity. Such women cannot be inactive, but what they do should be important and worthy.

Girls Sagittarius-Roosters are endowed with a heightened sense of justice and are always confident that they are right. Therefore, they are ready to defend their own opinions with enviable obstinacy.

These sociable people love to be in the center of attention and are ready to perform bold actions for this. They are able to hit extravagant outfit, wit or erudition.

Easily make new acquaintances and make friends. With such a woman in the company no one will be bored.

Negative traits include:

  • straightness;
  • incontinence in utterances;
  • intolerance;
  • cockiness;
  • quick temper;
  • sharpness.

These are serious disadvantages that prevent a woman from successfully advancing in her career. And in their personal lives they become a hindrance.

Another weakness is uncompromising and categorical judgments.

A man born in the year of the Rooster under the sign of Sagittarius is impermanent in relationships with women. He behaves windy and frivolously, starting small intrigues with several girls at once. By nature, such people are very romantic, dreaming of sincere and great love.

Only impermanence and craving for some new sensations interfere in love relationships. Freedom is their main feature, so they do not marry for a long time.

A successful union will develop only with a woman with similar life attitudes and interests. Intimate relationships also require admiration from a partner. Due to flattery, they assert themselves, which makes for great achievements.

In bed, this is a tireless lover hero, ready for various experiments. It’s never boring with him.

In marriage, men settle down and begin to behave responsibly. They are not afraid of the burden of duties and perform everything flawlessly.

Remain true to their darling no matter what.

The only obstacle to a happy and serene family life is a complex one: the spouses criticize, constantly make comments and point out mistakes.

It is not recommended to limit the man in communication with friends, as the monotonous family life introduces him to a depressive state. Such a person does not tolerate boredom and routine, loves new sensations and changes. For energetic feeding, it needs periodic flattery from the outside, but without extremes.

Otherwise, he immediately feels false.

In love affairs, women are as impermanent as men. Only suffer because of the next failures will not.

Close relationships start exclusively with purposeful and successful partners. Do not tolerate boredom, so the chosen one must be with a sense of humor.

Girls amorous, able to quickly switch to a new object of attention. They interrupt the relationship themselves, and, sharply and irrevocably.

In men, women primarily value punctuality, discipline, vitality and excitement. They give the elect time to correct deficiencies, taking an active part in it.

But not everyone can stand this test.

A married woman lacks patience and condescension. She constantly treats her husband with cavils, points to his mistakes and shortcomings.

Seeks to change his character and behavior in every way. Typically, such pressure exhausts the spouse and he runs away. Only this interferes with family well-being.

Therefore, it is important for girls to develop prudence and tolerance.

Compatibility of the horoscope is presented in the table:

The calendarHigh compatibilityAverage compatibilityLow compatibility
OrientalTiger, Rooster, Monkey, Horse, RatRabbit, Pig, GoatSnake, Dog, Bull, Dragon
WestAquarius, Libra, Capricorn, Fish, Scorpio, SagittariusGemini, Aries, Taurus, LeoCancer, Virgo

It is recommended to pick up the name of the child in accordance with the sign of the zodiac. Then the character’s strengths will be better manifested in character, and fate will be more successful.

The most appropriate names for the Streltsy boys born in the Year of the Rooster:

The most appropriate names for girls Archers born in the year of the Rooster:

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