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Sagittarius and Pisces: compatibility of women and men in love relationships, family life

The union of Sagittarius and Pisces can be long, strong and happy. A man and a woman have good chances for joint family life and the birth of common children. It all depends on how the interests and views of two specific people coincide.

Their romance can end quickly and painfully for both partners, but leave bright and warm memories. To keep relationships in peace and harmony, partners should learn to be patient and listen to each other’s opinions.

Archers are representatives of the water sign of the zodiac. They are energetic, charismatic, self-confident, self-sufficient and purposeful.

Often these people are passionate about a variety of areas of activity. They try to realize themselves professionally, climb the career ladder.

Representatives and representatives of this zodiac sign can be selfish, boastful and familiar, which is reflected in communicating with other people.

Sagittarius often acts as a provocateur in family quarrels. He likes to manipulate, persuade, crush psychologically.

He always tries to achieve his goal, at any cost, even if a close person suffers from it — a lover, friend or family member.

Marriage girls and men are not too serious. Can conclude it for calculation or other reasons not related to feelings. But in love, representatives of the zodiacal symbol are very passionate, emotional.

If you fall in love with a person, then you treat him jealously, prove your feelings with actions, try to please and gain confidence.

Streltsov can not be called moralists or conservatives. Such people live by their own rules and according to their ideals, which rarely coincide with social ones.

The opinion of the majority for them rarely has some value, they do only what they want themselves.

Sagittarius and Pisces: compatibility of women and men in love relationships, family life

The element of Pisces is water. These people are wise, cunning, sensitive and have the ability to psychoanalysis.

Fish seek to be realized in the creative profession. Less often, they are fond of sports, night sciences, history or mysticism.

They are not very hardworking, partly irresponsible, not initiative.

Men and women representing this zodiac sign are extremely unrestrained emotionally. They, as well as Sagittarius, can be provocateurs and manipulators. Quarrels and scandals are remembered by them for a long time, in this regard, Pisces is very vindictive.

They are able to psychologically influence a person, to force him to something, to press. This is reflected in family relationships, as well as friendship and work.

Understanding what a family should be, in Pisces is absent. For them, marriage is not the primary purpose of life. Despite this, in a love relationship Pisces are strongly attached to their partner, the gaps are extremely painful.

If they have feelings, then they are ready for the sake of the beloved or the beloved for literally everything.

Representatives of the watermark also live based only on their ideals and ideas about life, ignoring public opinion. Their views may differ from those of Sagittarius, but they respect other people’s values, even if they contradict their own.

Sagittarius and Pisces: compatibility of women and men in love relationships, family life

Sagittarius and Pisces belong to the opposing elements — water and fire. Their relationship can not be neutral.

They are either perfect for each other, or not at all. That is why percentage compatibility ranges from 65 to 95%.

In a perfect pair of men and women, harmony and understanding reign. People have common goals, interests, opinions.

They go hand in hand through life, despite all the difficulties and obstacles.

The male Sagittarius will be the support and support for all the undertakings for the female Pisces. She will become a muse for her husband. The young man will love the girl immediately, at first sight.

Their mutual feelings will flare up quickly, for both it will be a surprise. The couple will come to cohabitation and marriage quickly, as their relationship develops rapidly.

Man Pisces will not less admire his spouse Sagittarius. She is strong, confident, self-satisfied.

Life energy and charisma flow from it, which bribes a representative of the watermark. In such a union is always a lot of emotions, passion, tenderness and romance.

Sagittarius and Pisces: compatibility of women and men in love relationships, family life

Both Pisces and Sagittarius are very powerful and freedom-loving. But if they meet on the path of each other — fall in love immediately.

They fully devote themselves to family, childbirth, home improvement. Their views on the upbringing of the child, finances, life are very similar, so quarrels and abuse on this ground does not arise.

Conflicts periodically occur due to the fact that the desires of partners in something do not match. But a man and a girl seldom take such quarrels seriously, although in a fit of anger they can tell each other a lot of excess, insult.

From the side of a pair of Sagittarius Fish looks like an ideal family. These people are not accustomed to putting their own misunderstandings and conflict situations on people.

All friends, friends, acquaintances and relatives consider them to be role models.

This union has the following advantages:

  1. one. Undying interest in each other. Both Pisces and Sagittarius are always trying to learn something new, to develop, to learn. Even after many years of marriage, the couple will not lose interest in each other and relationships in general. A man and a woman will always have something to discuss, to argue about, on what topic to speculate.
  2. 2 Understanding and support throughout. Husband and wife immensely trust each other, considered the closest people. They will always provide support, assistance, if necessary partner.
  3. 3 Understanding personal boundaries. By entering into marriage, people do not forget about their social circle. Both man and woman continue to meet with friends and buddies. This does not cause confusion, since both parties realize that they do not want to limit themselves to meeting new people, friendship, and entertainment outside the family.

The Union of Pisces and Archer is distinguished by mutual respect. Spouses try to accept their partner as he is, without trying to change his attitudes and habits.

In family life and relationships of the considered signs of the zodiac, there are also disadvantages:

  1. one. Emotionality In the relationship of the couple will be a lot of jealousy, passion, love, experiences, joy and grief. These people are constantly living emotions, stability in marriage is not for them. This usually suits both partners, but sometimes this behavior of the parties can lead to separation.
  2. 2 Lack of sincerity. Often, deception and deceit destroy even the strongest and longest relationship. This should be avoided. Sagittarius are very fond of keeping back and cheating, and Pisces is silent, moving away from questions.

Sagittarius prefer passionate and fast sex, starting spontaneously. Pisces likes a lot of tenderness, slowness, attention to detail.

However, the sexual life of partners will be rich and diverse. Husband and wife understand each other’s erotic desires and needs.

In bed, both are very relaxed, energetic, at ease.

Sex can be unstable, as the mood among the representatives of these signs of the zodiac changes often. But it will not be a problem in the relationship of partners.

Fish and Sagittarius can develop together in a creative field. Their duties, opportunities, and powers are equal, so conflicts can be avoided. Both man and woman have a rich imagination, enthusiasm, nontrivial thinking.

Together they will succeed in creating something unusual, especially if the vision of the desired result is approximately the same for both.

Doing business with the elect or working under his leadership in this pair is not recommended. It is unlikely that partners will be able to find a common language.

Under such conditions, it will be difficult for people to work together, since the approach to their work duties is radically different.

Fish and Sagittarius are well compatible in friendship. They can have a strong and long relationship.

Communicate people will immediately after they met, as they recognize the soul mate. They will be fun, interesting together.

If necessary, a friend or girlfriend will always come to the rescue, give valuable advice, share all the sorrows and joys, will support in a difficult life situation.

The friendship of these zodiac signs can last a long time — over the years. They can become each other like brother and sister.

In order to maintain a happy, long and strong relationship, Pisces and Sagittarius are advised to pay attention to the following aspects of behavior:

  1. one. Criticism. Do not give a guy or girl unsolicited advice. Constructive criticism is appropriate, but it should not be reproaches on trifles.
  2. 2 Obsession You should not try to impose your opinion on your partner. This can cause a major quarrel.
  3. 3 Provocations. It is impossible to try to provoke emotions in the chosen one, to provoke jealousy in him. This behavior can separate a couple forever.

It is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics and character traits of your partner, and not only the description of the sign of the zodiac according to the horoscope.

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