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Sagittarius and Libra: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Libra and Sagittarius: features of character, compatibility in love and family life

Astrologers claim that the signs of the zodiac Sagittarius and Libra are highly compatible. When meeting partners, they immediately feel mutual attraction and falling in love and quickly enter into a relationship.

Problems in the family are solved without much effort, almost without quarrels. To save the union and avoid conflicts, astrologers advise to adhere to some recommendations.

Relationships can be strong and last for a long time if the lovers do not limit each other’s freedom and trust the partner.

Libra — the people ruled by the elements of Air. They are romantic and live in the world of their own illusions and fantasies.

They are constantly plagued by internal doubts. Carefully weigh the pros and cons before making an important decision.

They like freedom very much, they value it, therefore they should not be limited. Non-conflict, but there is a spirit of rivalry that is not noticeable to others.

They do not always achieve their goals, as they quickly lose interest and switch to another project.

Representatives of the air sign of the zodiac act as diplomats, are cultural in communication, are tactful. Do not like boors and rude people. Good by nature, but if they hurt, they can take revenge on their abuser.

They have an analytical mindset and a peculiar sense of humor. Scales are aesthetes, comfort and beauty are most appreciated.

Sagittarius and Libra: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Sagittarius is a sign controlled by Fire. People born during this period have a strong love of freedom.

They are cheerful and cheerful, often achieve their goals. They do not lose heart and do not refuse to continue what they have begun if they fail. Dreamers love to read and travel a lot.

Money plays a minor role for them, they are not very concerned about their financial situation.

They are not tactful and sometimes rude, straightforward than they offend loved ones. They are not reliable partners, both in love and in friendship: they can change or betray a secret.

Sagittarius and Libra: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Girl and boy are great for each other. Their compatibility reaches eighty percent.

It is a good combination in love, friendship, sex and marriage. If the partners have managed to build strong relationships — it’s already impossible to destroy a couple.

Sagittarius and Libra: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

The table shows the characteristics of the compatibility of partners in various spheres of life.

Compatibility area


A strong alliance in which there is lightness and passion. Sagittarius comes to admire the feminine and tender girl.

Scales, in turn, are ready to submit to the elements of Fire, revealing all their feminine nature.

Already after the first meeting there is a strong attachment, which leads to a long love relationship. In the pair there is a full understanding

Family life and marriage

The couple will live a long family life. Spouses are alike: they love comfort and travel, they constantly develop intellectually.

Partners expect a reliable marriage, where there is understanding and love.

Problems arise because of the rudeness of her husband, he is harsh in his statements. Weights have a gentle temperament — even if she keeps silent, the resentment will remain. A man should show maximum restraint and tact in communication, then quarrels can be avoided

The compatibility of the two signs is not ideal, they have different temperaments and attitudes towards sex. For Sagittarius, it is important to have an intimate setting.

He loves to flirt and play. As a rule, before marriage, Sagittarius already has extensive experience, as it is illegible in intimate relationships.

Sexual intercourse for Libra is less important, which is why a woman submits to her partner. If love prevails in a marriage, the partners will listen to each other in bed. When a man and a woman move away — change cannot be avoided

Friendship and work

Representatives of the sign are interesting to each other in communication, but you should not expect strong friendship and help in their work. The disadvantage of these signs is pride, not loyalty.

They will not donate the latest money to help a friend solve problems. They are easier to step aside and wait for the outcome in the current situation.

Libra woman loves to flirt, but always knows the measure that can not be said about a man. Sagittarius likes to pay attention to other women and is prone to treason.

Because of this, a couple may have scandals.

The straightness of Sagittarius offends Libra. The words of a man deeply hurt and leave a sediment for a long time.

Financial instability also becomes a subject for quarrels. The young man loves to spend money right and left, that Libra is absolutely not peculiar.

Maintain a strong relationship is possible if present: sexual compatibility, similarity of characters, common goals and hobbies.

A good and strong union in which the fire sign is perfect for a cool guy. The girl is so active, cheerful and sociable that it makes the representative of the air sign crazy.

Such a union can last a lifetime.

How compatible are the male Libra and the female Sagittarius in various fields of activity:

Sphere of life


After the first acquaintance between the representatives of these signs, there is sympathy and mutual attraction. Sagittarius needs stability in relationships, and Libra — an active lifestyle and real emotions, so they are great for each other.

A girl and a guy can become one, creating a strong alliance. The young man is not afraid of the bonds of marriage, so the relationship ends with a wedding

Family life, marriage

Both spouses are purposeful individuals who know what they want. The wife does not like domestic chores, so it is better for a man to take over the duties of the house. By nature, he is an esthete and has good taste, loves to cook.

Money can be a cause of contention in the family. Even if two people work, finances end quickly, and it’s not always possible to save them

If they love each other, then they expect maximum compatibility in bed. Easy to experiment, not inclined to change

Friendship and work

The couple rarely makes friends, as it develops into a love relationship. Man and girl like a magnet pulls to each other.

In the working environment are not excluded office romances. The couple has common interests and hobbies, but a strong friendship between them is impossible

Scales — deceptive nature, they are able to conceal a grudge for a long time. A woman can easily offend her soul mate, as she is pretty sharp on her tongue. Over time, she realizes that she was wrong, but to change something will not work.

Man-Libra is proud, he should say only good, especially when it comes to appearance. Better to lie than to hurt a partner by telling the truth.

Astrologers recommend adhering to the following guidelines to maintain relationships:

  1. one. Discuss the problems encountered. This is necessary in order not to accumulate negative and not to bring to a quarrel.
  2. 2 Spend as much time as possible together. You should go to the cinema, chat with friends, take walks in nature, and make each other romantic surprises. This will help the couple to maintain a warm atmosphere in the family.
  3. 3 Trust each other. In a pair, both partners need freedom, so they have excellent compatibility. Relationships will develop well, if they are based on trust.

The horoscope says that the relationship between Libra and Sagittarius can last a lifetime, if you do not make scandals over trifles and do not restrict the personal freedom of a partner. You should spend more time with your family, listen to the opinion of the second half, and then the union will be strong and long.

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