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Sagittarius and Gemini: the compatibility of men and women in friendship and love relationships

Sagittarius and Gemini: Compatibility in love, marriage, sex, friendship, work

Gemini and Sagittarius may develop happy, strong, long-term relationships — even though the partners are very different and have opposite views of the world. The twins are open to everything new, although they have a changeable character, while the Sagittarius is more purposeful, although more quick-tempered.

However, both signs combine the desire for freedom, new experience and acquaintances, the unwillingness to devote much time to domestic issues, and their mutual attraction over the years only grows.

Twins are very energetic, vibrant, active people. They never get bored alone.

Often they are passionate about several areas of activity. You can quickly generate interest from them, but it is unlikely to persist for a long time. Men and women born under the air symbol, strive for self-development, love to learn and learn something new.

They are always ready to support the conversation, flashing their knowledge. The profession can be changed often, as they get tired of the routine and are looking for changes.

Despite this, the Twins are able to save money, because the waste is alien to them.

People belonging to this zodiacal symbol are prone to reflection and self-digging, and therefore from time to time they need solitude. In addition, they are emotionally unstable. The mood of a man or a woman can change for no reason and imperceptibly for the very representative of the sign: in the morning he has fun, jokes, rejoices, and by evening he becomes rude, angry or upset over trifles.

This behavior can be a real mystery for the second half.

Twins are headstrong and rarely listen to the opinions of others. They only do what they want.

Gemini relationships are taken seriously, but marriage is not the primary purpose of life. Romanticism is not typical of them, they approach relations with the opposite sex exclusively from a pragmatic position.

Sagittarius and Gemini: the compatibility of men and women in friendship and love relationships

Archers are purposeful, self-confident, self-sufficient. They go to their goals despite all the difficulties and obstacles.

Representatives and representatives of the fiery zodiacal symbol are also interested in different areas of activity, but they try to be realized professionally, to climb the career ladder. Typically, they have many ambitions, plans, desires, most of which can be translated into reality.

Helps them in this gift of persuasion: Sagittarius can manipulate other people. Often, men and women may be unnecessarily rude, familiar, selfish, but the first impression about them is deceptive.

Women and young people do not take marriage too seriously. They may marry for convenience or other formal reasons not related to interpersonal relationships.

But if Sagittarius falls in love with someone, then he tries to prove his love and by all means to win the favor of a chosen one or chosen one.

Family quarrels and abuse can occur through the fault of the representative of the fire sign. These people are quick-tempered, emotional, love to crush psychologically, to provoke loved ones.

Moralists or conservatives of people belonging to this zodiac sign, can not be called. They live based on their ideals and views, which may be far from common.

Sagittarius and Gemini: the compatibility of men and women in friendship and love relationships

Despite different views and perceptions of the surrounding reality, the partners are very close in spirit. In their pair will reign understanding and trust. Together, the girl and the guy will be fun, calm, comfortable.

Twins and Sagittarius together go towards common goals, motivating and charging each other with positive energy. They are always ready to support their other half, to help with advice, to listen.

Compatibility of Gemini and Sagittarius in percent is great — more than 90%.

The Gemini woman will be calm on the back of a Sagittarius male. He will take great care and protect his beloved spouse.

She will be his muse and inspiration. The love representative of the fire sign will prove both in words and deeds.

And the Sagittarius girl will melt in the tenderness of an emotional Twins guy. The young man will be able to step over himself, change for the better for the sake of his beloved.

A woman will try to stabilize and strengthen their union.

Sagittarius and Gemini: the compatibility of men and women in friendship and love relationships

The prospects for a long relationship are very high.

In a love relationship, bright feelings of a man and a girl may not flare up immediately. They stare at each other for a long time, evaluate all the pros and cons, learn to trust.

Sometimes romance in a couple arises after a long friendship — when people understand that they have a lot in common, including in love.

The advantages of this alliance include the following:

  • Understanding personal boundaries. Both representatives of the zodiac signs love to meet and communicate with people. Jealousy and misunderstanding about this in the pair will not arise. Although both are open primarily for new acquaintances, but do not forget about old friends. Also, from time to time, each spouse needs to be alone, and the other half perfectly understands this need.
  • Undying interest in each other. Even after many years of marriage, Gemini and Sagittarius will have something to talk about. They are developed, intelligent, charismatic, passionate about their work. There are always topics for conversations, so for sure a man and a woman will not be bored together.
  • Common household habits. Spouses are accustomed to living in a creative mess. None of them thinks about the situation in the house, because they are engaged in much more sublime affairs than household. Therefore, quarrels over the management of the husband and wife will not arise.

In the couple’s house always fun reigns, harmony and peace. Their children are brought up in agreement, parents allow them a lot.

A mother or father may try to inculcate good habits to his daughter or son, discipline them, but at the same time they will never be able to live by the same rules.

A pair of Gemini-Sagittarius used to live spontaneously, to decide on rash acts, to do things unusual for themselves.

Also, a pair of Gemini and Sagittarius has disadvantages:

  • Quarrels over trifles. A man and a woman can react too aggressively and emotionally to each other’s reproaches. Their scandals are heard by everyone, as spouses scold very loudly. But more often they put up almost immediately, as they cannot be angry for a long time and take offense at their other half.
  • Inability to compromise. Both representatives of the signs of the zodiac are very obstinate and capricious. They may be selfish in relation to their beloved or beloved, which will inevitably lead to disagreements and quarrels.

Representatives of these two signs of the zodiac are encouraged to learn to listen to each other. This skill will help them keep calm and peace in their family life.

In bed, a girl and a man also fit together. Their sex can be called passionate, tender, emotional and bright.

Spouses are completely satisfied with themselves, liberated, initiative and active. Very often, sexual partners use intimate toys, costumes, because they love experimentation and diversity.

Sagittarius and Gemini should more often discuss their sex life. This will increase the level of trust and strengthen the relationship in the couple.

Representatives of the zodiac signs have radically different thinking and approach to business. Scorpio thinks rationally, on a large scale; The twins pay attention to the details, focus on the moment, and not on the prospects for the future.

Their working union can be successful if people have the same vision of the goal. It is recommended to discuss this right away so that in the future no disagreements and mutual recriminations arise.

Neither Gemini nor Sagittarius should be in a leadership position. High expectations of teamwork will be justified only if both are on equal footing.

In friendship, the signs are perfectly compatible. They immediately get along and find a common language.

People will support and help each other over the years. They will become each other like brother and sister, they will understand their friend or girlfriend from half a word. They are fun and interesting together.

A man and a woman will be able to make a joke, and talk on serious topics, and give sensible advice, and listen to the interlocutor. The friendship of Gemini and Sagittarius is harmonious, self-sufficient: there is no place for envy and jealousy in relation to a loved one.

In order to maintain a long, strong and happy relationship in the union of Gemini and Sagittarius, it is recommended to pay attention to the following problem points that can embroil them:

  • Criticism. Constant reproaches and dissatisfaction with their other half will dispute partners. Constructive criticism is appropriate, but it should not be empty claims for trifles.
  • Imposing an opinion. Both the woman and the man are used to getting what they want. If the desires do not coincide, then they begin to persuade each other, to instill their opinion. This should not be done: it is necessary to seek compromises. If the decision taken by the spouse does not directly affect the family’s life, then there is no need to intervene.
  • Psychological pressure. Twins are accustomed to put pressure on their partner by their behavior and actions. Sagittarius also can tell a lot of excess in a fit of anger. Both zodiac signs are provocateurs and manipulators in their essence. One should get rid of this, since such behavior sooner or later will destroy even the strongest marriage or friendship.

It is important to take into account the individual character traits of your second half, and not just rely on the description of her zodiac sign according to the horoscope.

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