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Sagittarius and Capricorn: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships

Sagittarius and Capricorn: the compatibility of men and women in love and marriage, friendship and work

Sagittarius with Capricorn can make a good pair in any relationship. Representatives of these constellations hold opposing views of the world, but precisely because of this they complement each other perfectly.

In this alliance, Capricorn is mentally revealed, becoming more communicative and open to communication. Sagittarius learns from the orchestra of restraint and practicality.

In a love relationship, they do not immediately reach an understanding, but with a mutual striving for harmony, both are ready to compromise. Over time, these partners find common interests and enjoy joint leisure.

Sagittarius and Capricorn: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships

The love horoscope of these zodiac signs indicates the incompatibility of Sagittarius and Capricorn. But astrologers noted that the chances for a happy future in such a union are quite high.

The development of relationships is more dependent on the behavior of Capricorn. It is difficult to get along with a representative of this constellation if he is not set up to work productively on himself.

These signs have common features that often repel people from them:

These partners do not flatter each other, and speak out about the deficiencies in the open. If Sagittarius does not like the instructive notation of Capricorn, he will easily call him a bore, without trying to smooth the wording.

In response, he will hear a fair criticism of himself. However, it is this honesty that they value in people, although at the initial stage of relations the rigidity in communication can dissolve them in different directions.

The differences in many issues they have due to the management of various elements. The constellation Sagittarius is at the mercy of fire, and Capricorn is subject to earth. Therefore, when one is ignited by an idea, the second is skeptical of it from a rational point of view.

A representative of the earth element carefully considers each action, plans steps and calculates possible outcomes. Sagittarius is characterized by impulsive impulses.

He first does, and then thinks, for which he constantly receives scolding from a partner.

In this union, Capricorn plays the role of an angry mentor, and the fire sign behaves infantilely and constantly tries to bring the chosen one to emotion. Over time, a representative of the earth element finds charms in the carefree behavior of Sagittarius and sometimes allows himself to relax. However, Capricorn cannot completely get rid of the gloom and pessimism.

He always thinks about the future, unlike his partner, who prefers to live for one day and solve problems as they come.

Sagittarius and Capricorn: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships

Sagittarius is not holding back their feelings. From the very beginning of the relationship, he splashes out a multitude of emotions on the closed Capricorn, scaring him with such behavior. Sagittarius loves bodily contact and does not hide the passion.

If he is overwhelmed with feelings, he kisses and hugs Capricorn in public, the latter categorically rejects such behavior. He is conservative, therefore he considers that it is indecent to show emotions in public.

However, even after several warnings, Sagittarius continues his tactics. Capricorn can only accept this behavior.

A big problem in this alliance is joint leisure. Restless Sagittarius does not like to stay at home, he is beckoned by cheerful companies and extreme entertainment. Capricorn prefers to spend free time with benefits, he likes:

  • to fish;
  • pick mushrooms and berries;
  • needlework and tinkering.

Windy Sagittarius is unlikely to be able to entice a representative of the earth element with his activities, so the partners will have to find a compromise. Capricorn is quite jealous, he does not let go of the chosen one walking alone, where it is unknown, but he allows to receive guests.

The best solution for this couple is leisure time at home. However, Sagittarius should not completely surrender positions.

A limited Capricorn sometimes needs to be pulled out to the public, otherwise it will completely close in its “armor”.

Harmony in this pair is possible only with a prudent desire to make concessions.

Sagittarius should be patient and wait out the long intractability of the partner. Capricorn knows how to appreciate what it has.

He will definitely pay attention to the partner’s agility and will try to thank him in the future. Astrologers note that the earth sign is rather self-critical, it is well aware of all its shortcomings.

If Sagittarius shows itself on the positive side, he will definitely be rewarded in this relationship.

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