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Sagittarius and Aquarius: compatibility of women and men in love relationships and family life

Sagittarius and Aquarius: Compatibility in love relationships, sex, marriage, friendship and at work

A pair of Sagittarius and Aquarius is the perfect union of two signs of the zodiac. Both signs are very active, freedom-loving and inquisitive.

With similar traits and common interests, the couple can easily go on an exciting journey. Interesting adventures, unexplored adventures and knowledge of something new — all this characterizes the interests of their union. As a percentage, compatibility averages 85%.

Combining into one, this tandem can achieve great success, be it love, family, friendship or a common business.

Sagittarius male and Aquarius female have very good compatibility. They sympathize with each other and are open enough to communicate.

Both Aquarius and Sagittarius are optimistic in life, both love active pastime, which further unites their tandem.

The representative of the sign Sagittarius, known for its rude behavior, will find in the woman Aquarius a real understanding friend who will not take offense at his criticism. In this couple, a man may not pretend to be someone, but be himself, because this woman appreciates his naturalness and naturalness in him.

Also in this alliance, a representative of the air element will become less windy and will begin to treat many vital things more seriously. Sagittarius, on the contrary, will cease to perceive everything close to the heart.

Relationships in the pair will be most successful if the man is born under the sign of the Dogs, and the woman is Tiger, Horse or Dog.

It should be noted that initially the relationship will not be easy, because both representatives of the signs are very different, they will have to get used to their attitudes for quite some time. In order for this process to take place as quickly as possible, each of the partners needs to learn to give in and find a compromise in a difficult situation.

Destroy harmony can also selfish nature of Sagittarius. In order for the relationship in the pair to develop safely, he should restrain his egoism.

The main character traits of the male sign Sagittarius:

  • activity;
  • curiosity;
  • the ability to conduct a dialogue on any topic;
  • openness and sincerity;
  • optimism;
  • rudeness and sharpness.

The main traits of a female Aquarius:

  • charm;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • generosity;
  • distraction;
  • irresponsibility;
  • susceptibility to various addictions;
  • variability and unpredictability.

Sagittarius and Aquarius: compatibility of women and men in love relationships and family life

The love relationship in this couple is born quickly and easily. They are initially drawn to each other, so young people easily find common topics for conversation.

The Sagittarius guy, like all men, first of all draws attention to the appearance of the girl. She should be a bright and showy personality. He will not meet with an unerudicated, haughty and calculating girl.

Also, the guy does not tolerate lovers to argue on everyday topics. He is attracted by energetic and easy-going optimists who are ready to discover new life experiences.

Aquarius girl refers to the choice of the gentleman is very selective. She prefers strong, reliable and serious guys.

Honesty, openness and dedication — these are the qualities that a girl appreciates in young people. In relationships, she does not accept complete submission, but at the same time she does not like it when the guy constantly goes with her about.

It is worth noting that the Sagittarius guy is more serious about life than the Aquarius girl. He is inclined to complicate things and therefore is often worried about his problems. A representative of the sign Aquarius always helps her beloved to solve or circumvent difficulties in a simpler way.

She does this unobtrusively and carefully, so that her boyfriend thinks that she made the decision.

Since both signs are rather freedom loving, in love they try not to limit each other. Full confidence reigns in the couple, so they both allow the presence of little secrets.

Partners value personal space and individuality, so they will never control each other. She appreciates his seriousness and profoundness in him, and he admires her easy temper.

If there is a love relationship between Sagittarius and Aquarius, their feelings last a long time. These two signs are so comfortable in each other’s company that very often, after only a few months of dating, they decide to marry.

Sagittarius and Aquarius: compatibility of women and men in love relationships and family life

Family relationships between a Sagittarius male and a female Aquarius make the best of it. Harmony and mutual understanding reigns between spouses.

They are honest and frank with each other, which makes their relationship open and sincere.

The impulsive spouse sometimes allows himself to show aggression, but a wise wife does not perceive his anger in his address. On the contrary, the woman Aquarius supports her man and believes that he just needs to throw out negative emotions.

She will listen to him and calm him down.

The couple loves to rest outside the house, because their economic affairs are oppressive. They are reluctant to do household chores, so in order to finish them soon, they prefer to do everything together.

The wife of Aquarius is not famous for its special economy, but Sagittarius in this regard is quite happy with everything.

In the event of a serious quarrel, the husband and wife try to reconcile as quickly as possible and willingly yield to each other. They are rarely resolved for divorce, since both are aware that it is very difficult to find such an understanding person in life.

Sagittarius and Aquarius: compatibility of women and men in love relationships and family life

In bed, these two signs reign in perfect harmony. A woman of Aquarius who loves all sorts of experiments behaves freely in sex, which flatters the Sagittarius man very much.

He likes that she is not afraid of his critics and is fully revealed to him. Aquarius woman as no one else is suitable for the role of mistress for a male Sagittarius, as she fully satisfies his needs in bed.

The friendship between the Sagittarius guy and the Aquarius girl is almost impossible. They may be together for a long time and maintain friendly relations, but in the end they will still understand that they are bound by something more.

If one of them has a partner at the time of friendship, this will not be an obstacle to rapprochement. In most cases, the friendship of this couple ends and smoothly flow into love.

In the work plan, the Sagittarius male and Aquarius female form a strong and promising tandem. Working in pairs, they can easily perform any tasks assigned to them.

In the business sphere, they both lack a bit of hard work.

If both signs are partners, then their working union will become successful and fruitful. And Sagittarius, and Aquarius are very active and enterprising, they are not afraid to learn something new for themselves. Best of all, if a man takes the lead and responsibilities for organizational issues.

A woman is better engaged in the implementation of various creative innovative ideas.

If the Aquarius woman is the leader, and the Sagittarius male acts as a subordinate, then this union has good prospects. She will easily find a way out of the predicament, and he will try to do his job one hundred percent, because by its nature Strelets Troops are not in a hurry and act deliberately.

In a pair of chief-Sagittarius, and the subordinate-Aquarius relationship will develop not so harmoniously. A man of the sign of fire will always feel that his worker is too frivolous and frivolous.

He will appreciate her for her honesty and ability to get along with the team, but she will never trust a representative of an airborne sign.

Between the woman of the sign Sagittarius and the man-Aquarius there is a very strong attraction to each other. They have a lot in common — interests, worldview and sociability.

They will be drawn to each other even if they are both in a relationship or in marriage. Nothing and no one will stop this wave of feelings that runs between them, be it material wealth or the children in their families.

The attraction between these signs is so strong that even a fleeting, non-binding novel can grow into serious feelings. People of these signs will do anything to be next to each other.

Also, the compatibility of Sagittarius and Aquarius is influenced by the Eastern horoscope. For the sign Aquarius, the auspicious year of birth is the Goat or the Rat, and Sagittarius is more suitable for the Dragon or the Tiger. The pair will be most compatible if one of the partners is born in the year of the Horse.

Sagittarius and Aquarius, born in the Year of the Dog, will be endowed with loyalty and devotion, which will also serve their greater compatibility.

In order for a couple to achieve a perfect relationship, both partners need to stock up on a sense of humor. It will help smooth out sharp corners in conflicts, and will not allow petty quarrels to develop into a major scandal.

The main character traits of a male Aquarius:

  • friendliness;
  • charm;
  • thirst for novelty;
  • the desire to stand out from the crowd;
  • eccentric and extraordinary behavior;
  • rejection of the rules, frameworks, norms.

The main traits of the female sign Sagittarius:

  • honesty and sincerity;
  • commitment and ambition;
  • optimism and cheerfulness;
  • creative thinking;
  • straightness;
  • quick temper.

Between the guy-Aquarius and the girl sign Sagittarius love occurs at first sight. A single meeting for this couple can be decisive, because in order to feel the soulmate more time and not necessary.

The girl sign Sagittarius does not need to make special efforts to win the attention of the guy-Aquarius. By nature, she is the owner of those qualities that attract a representative of the air element.

In order to win the attention of the girl sign Sagittarius, the guy needs to be fun, comprehensively developed and have a great sense of humor. She does not tolerate dull, monotonous and constantly whining guys in her life.

Her dream is an active, vigorous, sincere and open young man who, in a relationship, will not restrict her freedom.

Windy guy-Aquarius often falls into unpleasant stories, to get out of which helps his beloved. The very same representative of the fire sign has a special temper.

In a fit of rage, she can slander a lot of hurtful words, thereby spoiling the mood of their loved ones. The Aquarius boy helps her to avoid conflicts, who very gently and delicately smooths sharp corners and tries to stop her darling in time, for which she is grateful to him later.

Both signs communicate with each other in comfort and stability. She likes his unpredictability, and he is interested in her assertiveness and courage.

Aquarius male and female Sagittarius can be called the perfect couple. Many married people can envy their family relationships.

They always understand and support each other. Spouses rarely quarrel, because they do not have mutual claims and recriminations.

They never lie and keep secrets from each other.

It is worth noting that both spouses do not perceive adultery as a tragedy. They are so trying to preserve the harmony in the family, that they look at adultery through their fingers.

This pair can not be called economic people. Life in their family life occupy almost the last niche. The spouse prefers to do his hobbies more, and the husband pays all attention to his career and work.

Bringing order to the house a couple can do only in the case of the arrival of guests. In the usual pace of life, a man-Aquarius and a woman-Sagittarius try not to burden themselves with domestic duties.

Over the years, relationships in a couple become only stronger, so such marriages break up extremely rarely. If, however, it happens that the union has broken up, in most cases the Aquarius man and the Sagittarius woman decide to reunite again.

In terms of sex, this couple has no complaints to each other. The Aquarius man shows himself to be a very inventive and diverse partner.

The woman of Sagittarius is not very demanding, so she can easily fulfill any of his sexual fantasies.

People of these signs intimate life does not come first, so it will be spontaneous and irregular. In order to warm the attraction in each other, the stars advise the couple to have sex in a wide variety of places.

A Sagittarius girl among friends usually has many guys, as she is one of those who believe in friendship between a man and a woman. If her friend turns out to be the Aquarius boyfriend, then with him she will be especially close.

Other friends will not perceive her as a girl with whom you can start a relationship, but the guy-Aquarius will pay attention to her sensitivity and understanding. Relations between young people will develop in the best way, but the character they will be far from friendly.

In the work of a pair of Aquarius-Sagittarius has excellent compatibility. Thanks to their commitment and activity, they will be able to quickly complete any task.

The only thing they should not do is the production, since the material results of their work are low.

If the couple have the opportunity to become colleagues or business partners, this tandem will achieve great success in working together. They understand each other perfectly and both are aimed at achieving positive results in their work. Neither Sagittarius nor Aquarius will deceive and cheat, since they are honest with each other.

An enterprising man-Aquarius comes up with various moves and schemes in business, and a woman will make every effort to realize his ideas.

If a man-Aquarius will be subordinate to a woman sign Sagittarius, then the work in their hands just boils. The boss will not limit the freedom of Aquarius, which will increase his activity and diligence in working moments.

The representative of the air force will like the work under the auspices of the lady-Sagittarius.

The business relationship of a couple will be good, in which the Aquarius male acts as a leader and the Sagittarius female becomes subordinate.. The representative of the air element is very loyal to his staff and tries to be equally friendly with everyone. The subordinate of the Sagittarius sign does not quite understand this, since it is used in the authorities to respect rigidity and categoricalness.

However, there are no conflicts on working moments.

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