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Man, guy-Virgo: a characteristic of the sign of the zodiac, compatibility in love and relationships with women

Characteristic man-Virgo, its compatibility with other signs of the zodiac

Virgos belong to the elements of the earth. Men born under this zodiac sign have an analytical mindset and a rational view of the world.

Dreaminess, sentimentality and romanticism are alien to them. Despite this, young people are very serious about friendly, romantic and family relationships.

They are faithful, caring, loving and able to forgive. In relations with a representative of this zodiac sign, it is important to take into account both positive and negative qualities.

Patron saint planetMercury
Sign StonesJasper, moonstone, agate, malachite, rock crystal, amethyst, jade

Vulnerabilities Virgo — digestive and excretory systems. These people are prone to gastric ulcer, gastritis, intestinal obstruction and other pathologies.

Of the famous Virgos, the following males can be distinguished:

  • Francois Viet;
  • El Greco;
  • Giordano Bruno;
  • Giotto di Bondone;
  • Stradivarius

Man, guy-Virgo: a characteristic of the sign of the zodiac, compatibility in love and relationships with women

Speaking about the characteristics of a man-Virgo, it should be noted that young people born under this zodiac symbol are very charming and attractive. They always carefully monitor their appearance, speech, behavior.

Never appear in public in an untidy way, they have a sense of taste.

Men born under this zodiac sign, often have a fit physique, pretty features. They always look after their skin and hair.

Their style of dress is impeccable.

Negligence and uncleanliness of the Virgin despise — it repels them very much. Therefore, a man’s social circle consists of people who take care of themselves both externally and internally.

Guy-Virgo may have excessive pedantry, tediousness, intolerance to other people’s weaknesses. In the first minutes of communicating with him, a person may be bored.

But despite this, a man always has many friends — they appreciate his wit and originality.

Virgo has the following positive qualities:

  • A responsibility. A young man will never make a promise if he cannot fulfill it. You can rely on a man even in the most difficult moment, knowing that he will not fail.
  • Modesty. Virgos used to live modestly, not to show off their achievements, not to measure income with their acquaintances or friends.
  • Ability to forgive. A man is ready to forgive his loved ones almost everything. Virgos know how to listen, support, sympathize. The only thing that a young man can not forget — betrayal or betrayal. He will treat everything else simply, with understanding.
  • Hard work Virgos never shift their work responsibilities to someone else. They take their work seriously, try to do it well.

It should be noted that the guys-Virgo are very prudent, they always act out of logical impulses, putting emotions and feelings in the background.

Men also have negative personality traits, here are some of them:

  • Impatience. The impatience of the earth sign is manifested in communication with people, work, study or something else. The drawbacks of another person greatly oppress Virgo, emphasizing his heightened attention. If we are talking about working moments, the guy will be difficult to continue to do something if it does not work out initially.
  • Touchiness If someone from friends, relatives, acquaintances or colleagues hints to the young man about his lack, even if in jest, he will be offended. Virgos strive for idealism in everything, so any reproach for them can be very painful, the guy will focus on this and will be very worried.
  • Obsession. Virgo behaves quite differently with loved ones than with strangers. A man may seem too annoying, intrusive, talkative.

Decentiousness and rationality Dev can be attributed to both positive and negative qualities.

They do not build grandiose plans, their goals are simple, boring and banal. On the other hand, a man always sets himself only tasks that he can accomplish, and does not attempt to jump higher than his head.

In his work, he often achieves quite good results precisely because of his earthiness, rationality and objectivity.

Man, guy-Virgo: a characteristic of the sign of the zodiac, compatibility in love and relationships with women

Male Virgos are always in search of their ideal. They are attracted by smart, beautiful and witty girls with similar interests.

Description of appearance and type is difficult to give, because everyone has different preferences. But Dev will definitely be able to hook only a well-groomed girl who is sensitive to her body, is caring for herself.

If we talk about sex, then men like gentle, affectionate and passionate partner. They themselves are trying to please the girl in everything.

At first, the guy may be shy, be constrained, but after he opens up and begins to completely trust his companion.

To attract a young man, a woman should pay attention to the following features in herself:

  • Thrift. Cleanliness, pedantry and commitment to idealism make Dev pay attention to the habits of the girl. Even if there were no conversations about this at the beginning of a relationship, the couple may have conflicts in living together due to a different vision of living together.
  • Purposefulness. Men attach great importance to whether the girl is seeking something, whether she wants to achieve the desired. If a potential partner does not want anything, is not interested in anything, then the young man is unlikely to understand and appreciate this attitude to life.
  • Ambitious. Also, the guys pay attention to the life position of their passion. They look at whether the girl embodies her plans into reality or whether they remain dreams. Virgos do not like those who artificially overestimate the bar and abandon their goals afterwards, since they themselves are used to designate simple tasks and quickly implement them.
  • Charisma. Dev men are attracted to charismatic, interesting, original personalities. If the girl was initially unable to interest the guy, then his attitude towards her in the future is unlikely to change.

For young people born under this zodiac symbol, it is also important whether a woman can support the conversation. Virgos love to communicate, discuss, argue, share opinions, they always want to tell their soulmate a lot.

Men take love and marriage very seriously. If they start dating a girl, then their intentions are serious.

Parting young people endure painfully, long come to life.

At the beginning of the relationship, the guy-maiden can behave constrained, closed, modest. For a long time he gets used to the girl’s society, studies her inner world.

A man will begin to trust his soul mate not immediately, but only after some time.

The young man chooses not to maintain relations with his former partners, although he is a supporter of quiet partings without conflicts and swearing.

But in family relationships Virgins manifest themselves from a completely different angle. The young man belonging to this zodiac symbol will be a good husband and father for his children.

He will make every effort to ensure that his own people feel comfortable.

The same goes for friendship with the Virgin. At first, the guy will be incredulous, wary of a new friend, but after that he will become very attached to the person and begin to trust him.

Man, guy-Virgo: a characteristic of the sign of the zodiac, compatibility in love and relationships with women

The highest compatibility in family life with Aries, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgos. Low — with Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius.

To find out about the compatibility of the pair, you must take into account the horoscope of both representatives of the zodiac signs. Astrologers say the following about this:

Zodiac signCompatibility with Virgo
AriesAries are used to pushing suspicious Virgos forward, and men appreciate it. People have common interests, attitudes, opinions, on which romantic relationships will be built. There may be misunderstandings and quarrels over the way of life, differences of opinions, the willfulness of both partners, but this will not lead to the separation of the couple.
TaurusTaurus and Virgo — the perfect combination. Representatives of the two signs of the zodiac are hardworking, thrifty, responsible. They will have a strong and friendly family, small household quarrels will not be able to destroy a strong, trusting relationship
TwinsFemale Gemini for a man-Virgin is mysterious, unattainable, perfect. He sees in her what he usually looks for in women. Typically, such a union is fragile and short-lived, but the couple have a chance for a happy marriage. If the Virgin breaks up with Gemini, then she suffers a lot, suffers, tries in every possible way to return her
CrayfishPeople will live comfortably together, they will quickly find a common language and acquire common habits. But Cancers are dreamy and romantic, and Virgos are stingy with emotions, pragmatic, rational. A girl may lack passion, warmth and love, but a high level of trust can compensate for this — the couple will not have secrets from each other
a lionIn these relationships, a woman often manipulates a man who is willing to do anything for her lover. Virgo is trying hard to please her passion, and both of them like such roles. A young man is pleased to care for, please and protect a woman, and she likes the care, attention and love that a partner gives
VirgoVirgo and Virgo — the perfect couple. People understand each other perfectly, everything suits them in a relationship. Habits and views of men and women are almost identical, which is important for a couple. Disagreements and quarrels are possible on trifles, but it will not destroy the strong marriage of two Virgins.
LibraLibra and Virgos have a lot in common, but the lifestyle of a girl will not be understood by a man. Women always strive for novelty, travel, self-realization, and young people prefer a calm and measured life, flowing its course. If the couple accepts each other’s position, their marriage will be happy, long and strong
ScorpioThe couple has a lot in common, so in the relationship both will be comfortable. But quarrels on trifles are possible. Excessive temper Scorpion hurt the Maiden. A man will begin to put pressure on a woman with his niggles. Their union can be strong, but people will have to learn to live with each other, not trying to change their partner or partner.
SagittariusVery often, Virgos look at Sagittarius with incomprehension and admiration, as they are complete opposites. The girl is able to teach the guy to live differently, forgetting their conservative habits and attitudes. A man will forgive his beloved a lot, but betrayal or betrayal can never forget
CapricornFor Capricorns and Virgos, marriage can last for many years, even if both partners are unhappy. Neither man nor woman are inclined to rash decisions, and their views on life are similar. Destroy the harmony in the family is capable of criticizing the girl against her man — the Virgin can not stand it
AquariusAquarius used to live the way they want. This will unnerve the conservative male-dev. Spending time with other people makes the guy mad, makes you very jealous of your partner. The girl will find the young man boring, picky, harmful and capricious. Jealousy and mismatch can destroy even long-term relationships.
FishA couple will be fun and easy with each other, but people will have problems related to life. Fish are not as careful and meticulous about little things as picky Virgos. Because of this, frequent conflicts and quarrels are possible. Men and women should learn to please each other, compromise, then avoid swearing and maintain relationships

It is important to take into account the individual traits of the character of your partner — then you will be able to maintain a long and strong relationship. A Virgo man may be unyielding, capricious, stubborn and harmful, but you should not pay too much attention to this.

You should not be rude to a young man, reproach him, point out his mistakes — this can hurt him badly.

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