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Lions born in the Year of the Rooster: characteristic, compatibility, names and horoscope for men, women

Leo born in the Year of the Rooster: characterization and compatibility

A lion born in the Year of the Rooster is a rather extraordinary person with an inner core and great strength of mind. From the standpoint of astrology, the combination of a formidable predator and a militant bird gives rise to a powerful alliance, which has a strong influence on the fate of a person. A feature of such people is dedication.

They move towards the goal in spite of everything and always achieve the desired, even after several years.

Lviv, born in the year of the Rooster, is hard not to notice in the crowd. Regardless of gender, they always look brilliant and regal, which makes an impression on others.

These are very sociable people who are correct and generous in communication. For Lviv-Petukhov is characterized by excessive self-confidence, which motivates them to teach and instruct others.

But it looks so friendly that no one is offended, and others even listen to the advice.

Representatives of such an astrological duo are confident in their own right and do not perceive a different opinion. Do not tolerate criticism in your address.

Such people are universal favorites for a cheerful and cheerful attitude, as well as for a sense of humor. No one next to them is bored.

Rooster Lions are kind by nature and ready to help anyone who asks. They love to be admired.

Often they do good just for the sake of praise, but disinterestedness is not alien to them. Despite the vanity and external severity, these people are very good-natured and compassionate. Therefore, good volunteers and social workers emerge from them.

These are congenital organizers who can easily plan any festive event. They are endowed with hard work, endurance and perseverance in all that relates to work.

The power of nature is also manifested here: Roosters-Lions love to command and control the situation.

But in his personal life, authoritarianism hinders. Another drawback, which is not always liked by others, is excessive initiative.

Rooster Lions are extremely economical. They know the price of money and know how to correctly dispose of them.

Therefore, always live in abundance.

Lions born in the Year of the Rooster: characteristic, compatibility, names and horoscope for men, women

Imperious nature manifests itself at an early age. Little Lions, born in the year of the Rooster, are true restless and mischievous.

Parents are not easy with them, because they do not want to obey the rules established in the house. Boys are big egoists, and if something happens not according to their plan, they make scandals.

In girls, a similar trait in the character is also present, but less pronounced.

Negative traits include stubbornness and excessive pride. Positive characteristics of a child Leo-Rooster zodiac combination:

From birth, such children cause universal sympathy, as they always smile and sweetly communicate. They easily communicate not only with peers, but also with adults.

Not by age deeply and widely think.

Often, these children are on the lists of excellent students or horoshistov school curriculum. They love everything in order, so since childhood they live according to their own daily routine.

The room is kept clean without coercion. Prefer making plans for the future.

Lions born in the Year of the Rooster: characteristic, compatibility, names and horoscope for men, women

Representatives of the considered combination of signs have a business acumen and a set of related characteristics:

  • ambitiousness;
  • hard work;
  • hardness;
  • purposefulness;
  • activity;
  • perseverance.

Thanks to this, the Lions-Roosters are successfully moving up the career ladder. The greatest success is guaranteed when working in government positions, as officials.

No less successful is their own business. Men are constantly striving for power and success, which is achieved at any cost. The leaders are honest, fair and talented, but strict.

Themselves fully committed to the cause and require the same from subordinates. Such people do not fear the burden of responsibility.

They are not suitable for work in which there are no prospects for growth and low earnings. Leo-Roosters do not like to waste enormous energy reserves in vain.

These are inborn careerists who seek to increase not only their own importance, but also their financial well-being.

Those close to them may consider such men to be both a gift and a punishment, since their character is ambiguous. These natures are extremely energetic and explosive, so all those close to them should constantly be on the alert.

For them, it is vital to be the center of attention and hear eulogies in their favor. Sometimes they purposefully play to the public, but are noticeable even with natural behavior.

Leo-Roosters have a happy and successful fate. Luck follows on the heels and they use it.

Rooster lions value their authority, so they don’t enter into any discrepancies on a topic that is not well understood. If the question is familiar to them, then they will defend their own opinion to the end.

A guy or a man-Leo has a developed intuition, which often helps in professional activities. In private life, this feature does not appear, so he has to rely on his own arguments.

Lions born in the Year of the Rooster: characteristic, compatibility, names and horoscope for men, women

Responsive and cheerful Lions-Roosters easily make new acquaintances, but only in the male environment. With women, everything is much more complicated. In communicating with them, such people lose the gift of speech and inherent sociability.

Compliments do not know how, but immediately notice all the flaws, and, verbally. Not many ladies are able to endure such an appeal, so the personal life of men in Lviv is full of failures and disappointments.

Because of this, men start complexes more and feel like losers. With age, isolation only increases.

To eradicate this deficiency, they should behave more relaxedly with women and show more respect. Otherwise, representatives of the zodiacal combination under consideration are at risk of being left alone until the end of life.

To build relationships with such men is not an easy task, due to their stubbornness, exactingness and uncompromising. They do not see any flaws in themselves and are not accustomed to working on mistakes. Lions-Roosters are sure that the chosen one should accept them as they are.

If such a woman is found, then they are ready to bestow her care and loyalty.

Best of all, representatives of the Leo-Rooster combination will get along with girls who are able to constantly praise their chosen one. They open up, stop complexes, and relationships in a couple become more trusting and tender.

In family life, Leo the Rooster wants to rule, as in a business environment. It is important for him to feel like the head of the family.

But the man treats his wife and children gently and with love. If a woman conquers, then in marriage with such a person she will have everything: material wealth, love, care.

Colleagues at work consider such a man a tyrant, but at home he becomes soft and sensual. The main thing is to be faithful to him, since treason is not forgiven under any circumstances.

It is difficult to find more charming and bright women than those born in the year of the Rooster under the constellation Leo. These are persons in whom the strong side of the personality is successfully combined with spiritual kindness.

At any time they are ready to help. However, require close obedience.

Outwardly, representatives of the combination of Leo-Rooster look impeccable, dress stylishly and with a twist. They spend a lot of time and energy on their beauty.

These ladies are smart, resourceful, insightful and calculating. They like to have fun and are in the circle of people.

Due to the charm of a lack of friends and acquaintances they do not exist. Secondary roles are not for them.

Women used to shine and painfully perceive criticism, although they themselves are ready to do it all the time in relation to others.

Like men, they are characterized by accuracy, pedantry, responsibility. Women demand order in everything and support it themselves. Can’t live without moralizing.

Those close to this quickly get used to themselves and begin to seek advice.

In the work of such personalities stand out diligence, diligence and diligence. No problem cope with any tasks.

Such girls like men. But personal relationships are not quite successful.

Women are more initiative than men, but the same powerful and demanding. Romance is alien to them, as they are used to finding a business approach in everything. Most often partners choose fellow co-workers or male careerists.

Since Rooster Lionesses are prudent and practical, they prefer men like them.

The representative of the combination of signs in question will not fit a partner both stronger and weaker than her. The ideal is the one who can ensure equality in the pair.

Romance with such women will not bring joy, since they are too harsh and despotic, they absolutely do not compromise. They are not sensitive.

Even with strong sympathy, women are in no hurry to enter into a close relationship, they weigh everything for a long time. "behind" and "vs". Family usually start late and on their own initiative. They decide to take this step only with the person who fully meets their needs and is similar in character.

By the birth of children they have an approach no less responsible.

In the family circle, a woman considers herself the main one and demands respect. Very clean and in the house of such a hostess is always order, which teaches all the others.

Independently establishes the rules of family life, which members of the household must strictly observe.

In relations with her husband, frequent quarrels and scandals are inevitable, which is due to his wife’s increased jealousy. Therefore, the husband is looking for comfort on the side, but he still loves his chosen one.

If a man succeeds in overcoming the obstinacy of his spouse, he will receive a faithful and caring wife as a reward. Despite the fact that the Rooster Lioness does not know how to openly express her feelings, she is capable of sincere love.

The merits of a man born in the constellation of Leo in the Year of the Rooster are not a few, but not everyone will survive his assertiveness. For a harmonious union requires a partner who has the strength and patience to constantly smooth out sharp corners or move in the same rhythm of life with the elect.

Therefore, it is recommended to focus on the compatibility horoscope by year and month.

Astrological compatibility of the Western calendar is presented in the table:

Zodiac signRelationship with Leo-Rooster
a lionFirst, between people there is a strong attraction, which nothing can resist. With the mutual desire of partners to comprehend the art of diplomacy, the union should be successful and long-term.
VirgoDifferences and recriminations are inevitable. It is common for virgins to criticize everything, and the Lions suffer this painfully
LibraSigns vary in temperament, but have many common interests. Against this background, they are able to quickly but briefly converge.
ScorpioPartners are ideally combined in intimate relationships, but this relationship will not outgrow into something more.
SagittariusCalm and happy coexistence is impossible, since both signs are endowed with a foolish and conflicting character. But the feelings between them are so great that they overlap all the differences in a pair
CapricornIn the union there is respect for each other, and if desired, partners can find a common language. Even despite the fact that both are assertive and stubborn, they are not able to curb their temper
AquariusA strong marriage is unlikely, but the friendship promises to be interesting and useful.
FishPartners live amicably and happily, without mutual claims. Lions eclipse Pisces with their eccentricity, but the latter are of little concern
AriesIt is not easy for partners to reach a compromise and reach an understanding. They tend to dominate, and no one is willing to give way. But with strong feelings, the novel can last for a long time.
TaurusSerious relationships rarely add up due to incompatibility of characters. These are strong, stubborn and wayward personalities. Both are not particularly tactful in statements, which does not allow them to enjoy mutual love. People quickly disperse
TwinsSigns are ideally combined, because they do not notice the flaws of each other. They enjoy every moment together.
CrayfishLove compatibility is low, but there is passion. Friction occurs against the background of misunderstanding and differences in views on life

Compatibility of the eastern horoscope is presented in the table:

YearCompatibility degree
CockTwo Roosters will inevitably make trouble and sort things out. Union is possible if you learn to give
DogThe partners will involuntarily offend each other, so together it’s quite difficult for them
PigThe rooster shows increased aggression towards the Pig, but the latter’s patience usually mitigates such situations. As a result, both a love affair and living together are possible.
RatPartners have different worldviews, especially with respect to material goods. But reconciliation between the parties is possible, and the marriage becomes happy and strong
BullThe Independent Bull will not tolerate the authoritarianism of the Rooster and will run away as soon as possible.
TigerUnion turns out quite harmonious and promising.
RabbitThere is no mutual understanding and unity of thinking between people. The rabbit is annoyed by the boastfulness of the Rooster. Only great love is capable of overcoming everything and will allow you to live happily ever after.
The DragonStrong relationships are unlikely, as both partners have complex characters.
SnakeSigns easily and with pleasure enter into a love affair, but the Snake quickly becomes a leader. Because of this, decay happens quickly.
HorsePartners converge without problems, due to the ability of the Horse to find a compromise. The result is a successful marriage
GoatMarriage is possible if Goat’s extravagance doesn’t bother the stingy Rooster
A monkeyRelations are harmonious, if true love is present between partners

Women are attracted to strong and volitional men, so representatives of this astrological combination are ideal for them. Winning a male Leo born in the Year of the Rooster is a difficult task, but you can attract him with compliments.

He prefers to make a choice himself, and in the field of his attention fall smart and modest women.

Such a man does not accept both tightness and excessive looseness in the behavior of the girl. You can draw his attention if you choose "middle ground": you need to present yourself correctly, without obtrusiveness. False and flattery, he recognizes immediately.

It is important for him to pursue the ladies of the heart. If you do not need to make any effort, then the interest disappears.

Only with strong interest does he show "the lion" activity.

A Lioness Woman can be subdued only by being often in her "the elements" — social life. She loves to attend mass events, where you can easily get to know her.

The girl prefers classic style grooming: flowers, exquisite compliments, romantic deeds. Her interests include music and art.

An invitation to a small restaurant with Mexican or Italian cuisine and conversations on topics of interest to it give a chance for the development of relations.

To stand out in the eyes of Leo-Rooster, you must have a high intelligence and sense of humor.

The most appropriate names for Lviv born in the Year of the Rooster:

For girlsFor boys
Milanaa lion

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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