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Leo-Dragon: characteristic, compatibility, horoscope for men and women

The dragon lion is noble twice as compared to other members of the same constellation. He is always ready to help and give wise advice.

The dragon helps him achieve his goals and gives him responsibility. He always has a large choice of partners for building relationships, but he prefers short novels. Because of demanding and vanity, it is difficult for him to maintain long-term relationships.

Such a person may be too hot-tempered and impulsive, and sometimes aggressive. His main goals in life are related to achieving financial independence and obtaining material wealth.

Under the auspices of the Leo-Dragon combination there are people born on July 23 — August 23 in 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024. They are distinguished by wit, charisma, charm, magnetism and enthusiasm. The dragon rewards them with luck, power and success.

They are attractive, positive and have a great grip. They are full of self-esteem, distinguished by excellent manners and nobility.

They are not greedy — help the weaker and less successful. A distinctive feature of such people is the ability to take on serious responsibility.

Dragon Lions easily have interlocutors and leaders. They have no equal in the art of eloquence and style of dress.

They were born to delight and amuse others and are able to inspire large masses of people. Dragon Lions will easily unite any team and correctly distribute the work.

Lions are able to solve the most difficult tasks — they are not afraid of difficulties. They see the intended goals and go to them. They are not prone to spontaneous decisions and consider every act.

But in the process of achieving these goals, such a person is cruel and does not reckon with the feelings of others.

Dragon Lions do a lot of work in a short amount of time. They work a lot and are distinguished by increased endurance. They are best suited for mental work, but also physically they work efficiently.

If such a person is fascinated by something, then he is given to the cause entirely, forgetting about other things. For him, the most important role is played by status and financial situation, so most of the time he prefers to work.

Leo-Dragon: characteristic, compatibility, horoscope for men and women

The dragon lion loves to rule over people and is sometimes contradictory in nature. Despite his self-confidence and high intelligence, he is capricious and differs light-minded attitude to life. He has a calm character, but sometimes the hot-tempered nature of the Dragon manifests itself in it.

In such a situation, he does not control the situation and the best thing to do is get out of his way.

Other disadvantages of this sign include:

  • vanity;
  • high conceit;
  • pride;
  • narcissism;
  • the desire to parade its achievements.

The dragon lion gives his person too much importance, and sometimes his vanity goes beyond all boundaries. He is fond of flattery, so people can use his weaknesses for their own purposes.

Often unable to objectively assess the environment and to distinguish between enemies and friends. His gullibility can lead to loss of reputation or problems at work.

Such a person is dependent on the environment and craves recognition and appreciation of what he does.

The power of Leo sometimes comes to despotism. He is successful in the role of leader, but it is difficult for him to work as subordinates in a team. He does not know how to admit mistakes and has only his point of view.

She tries to get maximum pleasure from life, which often leads to sad consequences.

Leo-Dragon: characteristic, compatibility, horoscope for men and women

The dragon-lion girl surprises with her perfection, elegance and ability to dress. She used to surround herself with all the best, and society in this case is no exception. She has a lot of fans, and she adores attention.

The dragon endowed her with looseness, inner freedom and the burden of independence. She does not wish to bind herself to obligations and treaties with anyone.

She makes a strong impression on others, and behaves like a queen when communicating. It is a symbol of energy, wisdom and power.

Despite this characteristic, the girl is good-natured, noble, generous and condescending. She is not vindictive, forgives insults and insults if the opponent takes the first step towards. She will never refuse to help.

He likes to hear compliments in his address and is greedy for flattery.

Woman Leo Dragon likes to command and control people. It can make a successful leader.

She sets herself challenging goals and walks toward them, despite some reverie. She has a well-developed intellect, so she is able to solve complex problems.

Climbs the career ladder quickly and usually achieves material success.

By choosing a companion for love and marriage, a woman fits thoroughly. She is able to remain faithful to one partner, if his feelings are mutual.

If a person stops paying due attention to her, she will first worry, and then go in search of a more worthy chosen one.

She needs a reliable, strong-willed and faithful partner who can understand and support her. When meeting with such a man, she is ready to soften her imperious character.

She will never marry the first comer or the man she met for a couple of months. The lady will arrange for the future chosen one a serious test and, only if he passes it, will agree to enter into marriage with him.

Despite its success and greatness, the Dragon Woman has flaws, and living with her is hard. She is unrestrained and easily wounded by a word, without even knowing it. She tells people by sight what she thinks about them.

She will always defend her opinion, even if she realizes that it is erroneous. She is selfish in nature, accustomed to getting the best.

It is difficult for a woman to live without gifts, compliments and romance, so she needs a successful and generous man. Because of such clarity, she often remains alone. In addition, not every man is able to withstand the difficult nature of the chosen one, who never agrees with the opinions of others and likes to make loud scandals.

She is too demanding on her close people, but if necessary she will always give them advice.

Leo-Dragon: characteristic, compatibility, horoscope for men and women

Male Leo-Dragon is distinguished by special diligence and activity. Material well-being plays a crucial role for him. He has excellent business skills and is able to lead any team.

He always moves forward and never gives up on his goals. He has to constantly maintain a high bar, which he set for himself, so he is very picky about himself.

Lions love to meet other people and constantly expand their social circle. They have high mental abilities that help them build a happy future. They know exactly what they want from life, and go to this.

These people prefer creative work, they know how to manage finances, and before they buy something, they will think at least twice.

In their youth, Dragons may be too hot-tempered and angry, but with age they become more patient. From the side of Leo seems peaceful and polite, but in reality he is straightforward, quick-tempered and vindictive.

A man carefully chooses his wife, guided not by feelings, but by reason. He needs a partner who can smooth out conflict situations and make concessions.

In marriage, he needs a sense of freedom and independence, and he will not tolerate jealousy on the part of his beloved woman.

Often, the Lions have several love relationships at once and can live for two families. In doing so, they worry about each of their women and support them financially. But for this, girls should idolize their chosen one, recognize his merits and constantly praise.

A friend will never be able to shine brighter than he, because in this pair the leader is the Dragon.

Because of their demands for partners and straightforwardness, Lions often break up with girls or wives. The period of their loneliness is not long — there are always a lot of fans around them, so they have a large selection.

It is important for them to correctly place accents in relationships and build a strong union. This will positively affect all other areas of activity and will make a man even more active and successful.

Leo-Dragon needs a smart, confident and elegant woman. She should know her worth, be well-groomed and feminine. At the same time, she needs to adhere to the following principles regarding the partner:

  1. one. Adore a man. Leo needs compliments and looks full of admiration. He loves praise and flattery. If a woman does not constantly tell him how she appreciates him, he will be disappointed in her and consider her not worthy of further relations. He should feel like the best man, meeting with whom was luck.
  2. 2 Follow him. The dragon-lion loves it when they listen to its advice and ask for it.
  3. 3 Be docile. Such a man needs a woman who will obey in everything — everyday or social life, bed. This flatters his vanity and elevates his partner.
  4. four. Provide rich intimate life. It is not necessary to be a virtuoso of lovemaking, it is enough to provide diversity and occasionally offer something piquant.

Winning a Leo-Dragon man is not as difficult as keeping him. He is fond of beautiful women and rarely puts feelings in a relationship.

Most often, girls are for him an ornament that he likes to change.

In relationships and marriage, the Lions will play the role of leader and head of the family. They control their partner and show excessive demands on him.

Representatives of this sign do not tolerate adultery, deceit and jealousy. At the same time, they themselves are not averse to flirting with the opposite sex.

They marry at a very early age, succumbing to youthful love, or late.

When concluding a union at a young age, they are usually happy, because their character is still formed, and they can change to become a partner. Late marriages will be happy if the Lions manage to become self-sufficient and are realized as individuals.

Relationship difficulties arise because of their straightness.

Regardless of gender, they openly talk about the shortcomings of loved ones. In the event of a conflict, they will never give up and will defend their point of view to the last.

Astrologers advise such people to become a little softer and more diplomatic. It must be remembered that a wife or husband is a living person who has the right to make mistakes.

The compatibility of the Leo-Dragon with other zodiac signs in astrology is listed in the table:

Zodiac sign


This union is considered ideal and the best in the entire zodiac horoscope. Signs complement each other, do not conflict and do not try to re-partner. Their life will be bright and passionate, filled with positive emotions and pleasant events.

These signs do not fit each other at all. They have different worldviews and goals, and they can never achieve harmony. A fleeting affair may arise between them, but no more than that.

They are brought together not only by strong physical attraction, but also by common interests. At the first stage of the relationship, they will never be bored, but in the future Leo may be frightened by such negative qualities of a partner as frivolity, indecision and changeable mood

These people are opposites who can never change each other, no matter how much they want to. Despite this, they can create a strong alliance, as they will balance each other

The dragon lion can never build a strong and harmonious alliance with the partner of the sign Leo. They will constantly try to prove their power and will not be able to divide power, despite the large number of common interests.

A fruitful union can develop between partners, despite the difference in temperaments. They complement each other, and their relationship can be called ideal

People are created for a long and happy life. They love to be the center of attention and spend an active and memorable leisure that helps them make family life as diverse as possible.

Signs can build relationships, but conflicts cannot be avoided. Both partners are strong personalities who will not give up the role of leader in a pair

This is one of the most harmonious and strong unions. Partners have similar views on life, temperament and character.

Both are active, energetic and optimistic. They will always be comfortable together, and most often these couples have happy children.

A complex alliance has minimal chances to exist. Partners are characterized by different views on life and they cannot find a compromise in controversial situations.

Opposite signs can both complement each other and destroy. For relationships to be positive, they will need to exercise restraint and patience.

At the beginning of the relationship of people pulling each other. They are confident in the truth of their light feelings. After a closer acquaintance, they realize that they will not be able to build a strong union, and they disagree

Men and women Lions, born in the year of the Dragon, have the greatest compatibility with the signs of Fire — Aries and Sagittarius — as well as Air — Gemini and Libra. Astrologers recommend abandon relations with Lions and Aquarius, as such alliances are rarely favorable.

Men and women Dragons easily attract attention, but it is difficult for them to create a strong and long-lasting alliance because of their character. Features of building relationships with other signs of the Chinese horoscope are presented in the table:



Ideal relationships are filled with mutual understanding and idyll. Signs can be helpful to each other, therefore between them both happy love and strong friendship are possible.

These are unstable and conflict relations in which partners will be in an eternal struggle for power. The bull may be fascinated by the charm of the Dragon, and the latter will appreciate the practicality of the chosen one, but this is not enough to build a strong bond

These signs have many common features and similar temperament. They are literally attracted to each other, but to build harmonious relationships, the Dragon will have to accept the unsociable temper of the partner.

This is an ideal union, which has all the chances of a long existence. The dragon is attracted by the pliability of Rabbit. They will easily find a compromise and solve controversial issues.

A similar mentality and worldview will help people get along with each other. But to build a strong alliance, the Dragons must have different temperaments.

This is a successful union of two partners who have similar views on life and temperaments. They admire each other, and there is no power struggle between them. To improve relations, Dragon is recommended to listen more to the Snake’s opinion.

In this relationship there will be many secrets and mysteries. These signs can both live together for life, and suddenly break all ties. Between them there will be a lot of conflicts that lead to energy loss.

This is a bad union. Wounded and jealous Koz will not be able to build strong relations with an independent Leo, who constantly drives her into stress

This is a good relationship. The partners have many compensatory qualities that they teach each other.

With the joint efforts of partners, you can build a strong alliance. They should not make claims to each other, and you need to learn how to express your sincere feelings.

This is an unsuccessful union in which partners will constantly sort things out, spoiling the lives of each other.

The pig will admire her partner, which is her ideal. However, she will have to take on the role of an eternal sacrifice, which can annoy her and lead to a rupture.

The most favorable are the unions of the Dragon with the Rat, Rabbit, Tiger, Monkey, Snake. Relations with the Rooster and the Pig can also be positive, but they require partners to work on themselves.

The most incompatible couples are with Dog, Bull and Goat.

Lev-Dragon needs glory and recognition of all close and surrounding people, therefore it sets difficult goals and goes to them. It is important for him to achieve professional heights and have high incomes.

If he fails to climb the career ladder, he abandons a hopeless occupation and switches to a new one. He wants everything at once — high wages, a place of leader and recognition of the team.

If Leo cannot become more patient and resilient, then he will not succeed in achieving success in his career. It is important for the representative of the combination of signs in question to find a job that will give him pleasure and to go towards the goal with slow steps.

This will help him achieve financial stability and sustainability.

Stars have provided Lviv-Dragons with everything they need in order to achieve success in many industries. But it is recommended to give preference to professions that are associated with pedagogy, psychiatry and medicine.

For this, people have all the prerequisites, and learning is easy for them. Lions have acting talent that allows them to be in demand in the field of cinema and theater.

Lion-Dragon is very sociable and needs a lot of friends. He easily begins to communicate, but not everyone can withstand his complex nature.

That is why he so often hurt loved ones, and the ideal is only for those with whom he prefers to maintain relationships at a distance.

To build a strong and lasting alliance, Leo must learn to respect and love the people close to him. Fruitful friendships are possible with the following signs:

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Dragon communicates well with almost all signs except the Dog and the Bull. It is recommended to build the most trusting relationships with the Rat, Snake and Tiger, which have similar worldview and goals.

The friendship with Pig and Monkey will be calm. Relationship with the men and women of the sign of the Rooster can quickly turn into a love affair, which subsequently often upset partners.

Friendship with a goat is possible, which will always support Leo, but will not tolerate his criticism and harsh remarks about himself. Two Dragons will not be able to become best friends, and their relationship will be filled with quarrels and envy.

The dragon lion is a bright personality, which has a strong energy and is always ready for new feats. In pursuit of success, it can cause pain and suffering to close people. Typically, the representatives of this combination of signs themselves do not realize that they offend those who are dear to them.

It is important for them to monitor their statements and become more patient.

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