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Leo and Sagittarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Leo and Sagittarius: compatibility in love relationships, family, friendship, work

Leo and Sagittarius are the 5th and 9th signs of the horoscopic circle, their oddness coincides. Constellations are under the auspices of the element of Fire, so it is easy for people to understand each other.

This is a wonderful union of two similar and at the same time different representatives. From the first minute of dating, a man and a woman feel a mutual attraction.

Their temperaments provoke such passion and ardor that surrounding people wonder how such strong personalities can be around. The forecasts of observers indicate that the partners will soon burn out and get tired of each other. In practice, everything turns out differently.

Every day their love grows stronger, the passion ignites more and more, there is no end to these strong and emotional feelings. Lovers have their own problems, because the nature of each person is different.

But if they learn to understand each other, then their life together will be bright, rich and almost perfect.

Compatibility of a pair of Leo and Sagittarius is 88 percent, which is an excellent indicator for harmonious relationships. Both representatives have many qualities of character to be proud of.

Each of them knows the virtues of his second half and respects them. Among the representatives of the fire element quarrels are rare, they never have a winner, because the partners have equal forces.

An enterprising Sagittarius and a wise Lioness prefer to spend time building up and not wasting energy on a showdown.

Leo and Sagittarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

To win a male Sagittarius, a woman does not need to change anything in her behavior. She always looks great, loves to dress in expensive clothes, decorates herself with luxurious accessories. Her gait and manners will not be ignored by the guy.

He will definitely be interested in a bright girl who will be able to conquer him with one glance or touch. A man will appreciate high intelligence, education and intelligence. Girls should keep naturally, sincerely share his views.

A nice bonus for a man will be the ability of a woman to create comfort and coziness in the house.

To attract the attention of a female Leo, a man will have to try. This person is selective, she prefers courageous and status guys. Sagittarius is able to present himself, his immaculate appearance and proud posture will not leave the girl indifferent.

A man should abandon the controversial stories, strange jokes and frivolous appeals (interested in a woman Sagittarius behaves like a girl’s older brother). The lioness may not like such familiarity.

Guy is recommended to keep naturally, to say compliments, to show care.

Positive and negative sides of character of signs:



  • Same life priorities;
  • single rhythm of life;
  • the desire for leadership, healthy competition;
  • the acquisition of tenderness and softness of the Lioness;
  • Sagittarius responsibility;
  • reasonable adventurism;
  • fine business tandem, successful general business;
  • general hobbies;
  • deliverance from pride by a woman;
  • the softness of the character in Sagittarius (becomes "homely");
  • material security;
  • lack of desire to bring the problems of the family for all to see;
  • perfect intimate relationship
  • Fight for leadership;
  • lack of due recognition for a man;
  • the presence of competition for women;
  • the lack of the desired number of compliments and flattery for the Lioness by the Sagittarius;
  • attempts to get out of control at Sagittarius;
  • irritability in a girl due to mockery and remarks from a man;
  • hot temper

If the Lion Woman and the Sagittarius man met at a more advanced age, it will be much more difficult for them to build relationships. Each of them is inherent egoism, which is already rooted in them.

Young people, especially when the fire of passion burns in their soul, will be easy to find a reasonable compromise and build harmonious relations.

Leo and Sagittarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

If people did not scatter during their acquaintance because of their ambition, peace and harmony will reign in the love relationship of this couple. Lovers will discover each other more and more new and interesting.

The lioness is delighted with the optimism and inspiration of Sagittarius. The man is proud that next to him is the dream of any guy.

Aspects to help build the perfect union:

  • Pastime. Lovers attend theaters, exhibitions, fashion shows, expensive restaurants. They are not strangers at the receptions of high society, they like to communicate with famous people. Leo and Sagittarius will be happy to go to an exotic resort, hiking, will engage in extreme sports. Their house is full of guests, the hospitality of this couple is worth learning. Each of those present will feel comfortable. These representatives of fire signs are happy to be called by their friends and relatives, because they are not boring with them.
  • Intimacy Sexual compatibility of the pair is approaching the ideal. Each sign of the zodiac is characterized by increased temperament. Sagittarius is an unsurpassed lover, he is tireless and passionate. With his preludes and beautiful words, the guy is able to make the Lioness forget about everything. For a woman, sex is of paramount importance, because at this time she dumps negative energy and is charged with positive. She gives all her passion and passion to a man. Partners get sensual pleasures, experimenting, making love games.

Leo and Sagittarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

When this pair appears, all present involuntarily turn their heads in their direction. These intelligent people always respect each other, never show their bad temper or personal misunderstandings. In the union of Lionesses and Sagittarius, there is a tendency to improve both the moral qualities of each of the partners and to increase their personal growth.

A woman shows her qualities as a hostess, takes care of comfort: she cooks well, keeps the house in perfect order, cares for the children. Very often, representatives of the sign of Leo leave work and career and devote themselves to the family.

A married Sagittarius becomes even more responsible for the material well-being of his family. The representative of this sign is the darling of destiny, therefore, in his life he manages to make a stunning career. His family does not need anything, the house is a full cup with the presence of a large number of elements of luxury.

There are few children in the Lioness and Sagittarius (1-2 children), but they are always well-groomed, brought up and loved. Both dad and mom are wonderful parents who are ready for anything for their children.

The main advantage of this marriage is that each of the partners is proud of their second half. They respect each other and enjoy overall achievements.

In the family of a female Leo and a male Sagittarius, problems sometimes arise. They are related to the fact that both representatives of the signs are ambitious, quick-tempered and too temperamental.

These qualities were awarded to them by the fire element, which is the most energetically strong in the entire horoscope.

The table shows the most common problems that arise in the family, as well as ways to solve them:


Recommendations for women

Recommendations for men

If a woman does not hold back, then constant quarrels are provided to the family. Should not be a mirror reaction to the husband’s temper

If Sagittarius with his inherent humor smooths sharp corners, the spouse’s irritability will completely disappear

Jealous does not make any sense, this can only complicate the situation

It is not necessary to provoke a proud Lioness for jealousy, she suffers greatly from this

It is necessary to break the command and demand that everyone obey the woman’s opinion.

It is recommended to discuss this problem with your wife, to argue your opinion.

If you consider any situation from the standpoint of egocentrism, there is a risk of being lonely.

The family consists not only of a man-Sagittarius, next to him is a woman who dreams of taking care of him

If the husband does not receive his portion of recognition, he will go to look for her from another woman.

The recognition is necessary for the Lioness, as the air, it inspires her for the rest of her life.

Restriction in freedom

You can not deprive Sagittarius of freedom, he will not tolerate it. If you give it to the full, the man will enjoy it and he will prefer to rest next to his beloved wife

It is necessary to give the Lioness freedom, the girl herself will be able to properly dispose of it.

The friendship between the Lioness and Sagittarius is strong and long-lasting. People are never bored together.

They have a great leisure time on vacation, call up and correspond. They can strongly quarrel, then reconcile and quarrel again.

They always have their secrets, which friends will not tell anyone.

Their second half should be alert. At any moment, the temperamental fishing man Sagittarius will be tempted into a closer relationship with the Lioness, and she will not be able to resist him.

This tandem will be successful in any areas of services, information and art. Routine work related to the paper, does not fit one or the other person.

Colleagues will fight for leadership, from time to time there will be a manifestation of their own ambitions. But the result is not reflected.

Leo and Sagittarius are able to work efficiently and in concert.

Roles that take on the signs in the business sphere:

  • Woman Leo-chief. This is a wonderful union of two business people. Lviv makes excellent bosses who take care of their subordinates and do not find fault with trifles. Sagittarius agrees to work well under the leadership of an enterprising woman. But the inherent irony will be sure to be present when discussing the boss.
  • Male-Sagittarius-chief. Sagittarius is not tactful and restrained, he used to speak the truth in a sharp form. In some moments, it will hurt a proud girl who demands respect. But the professional approach and patronage of the chief in all disputable cases (a man will never leave close people in trouble) force the Lioness to ignore the boss’s words. In terms of production, this tandem is very successful.

Compatibility of this pair is 83 percent. This is a great union of two strong personalities who understand each other.

It is very difficult to get along with an ambitious, formidable king of beasts, which when closely examined sometimes resembles a kitten.

But the girl knows how to find the key to his heart, because she understands the guy better than the representatives of any other sign of the zodiac.

A female Sagittarius is able to immediately impress a male Leo. She is bright, original, sociable and charismatic. The girl is a decoration of any company.

If she pays attention to the guy, and especially praises him for all, the young man will be subjugated by her forever. Attention Sagittarius, he will take as a gift of fate.

In the nature of women often present tactlessness. In such a conversation, you can accidentally offend a guy, and this will scare him away.

She needs to keep track of her words and communicate with Leo as with her boss.

To win a Sagittarius girl, a guy needs to change his style of behavior a little. The lion always behaves grandly, he looks proud and impregnable. In relation to a woman, he is not in a hurry to take active steps.

This is because the guy is afraid of defeat. In the case of a Sagittarius woman, with such behavior, he has little chance, unless she herself notices him. It is necessary to become more active, to try to tune with it on one wave.

The girl is looking for a friend and soul mate who can understand her immediately. It is necessary to become that way.

Positive and negative sides of the union of a male Leo and a female Sagittarius:



  • People have the same vital rhythms and temperaments;
  • they never get bored together;
  • the woman becomes more responsible and economic;
  • man is constantly inspired by a woman;
  • spouses have very high chances to achieve success in the overall business;
  • Lion helps Sagittarius learn to concentrate on important aspects;
  • the girl will help the guy to move away from stereotypes and teach ease in the perception of life;
  • The lion will become less impulsive, more selective and easier to relate to the incoming information;
  • Sagittarius inspires the expansion of all aspects of Leo’s life (power, influence, capital);
  • great compatibility in bed
  • Selfishness and self-centeredness in the nature of partners provoke quarrels;
  • Leo’s authoritarianism prevents a girl from being heard;
  • the demanding of a man makes it impossible for a woman to do what she wants;
  • the irony and sarcasm inherent in Sagittarius irritates the arrogant Leo;
  • the truth expressed in the eyes will be offensive to a man;
  • the ambitiousness of both partners keeps them from hearing each other;
  • in this union, everyone is afraid to appear weak;
  • jealousy is possible on both sides;
  • the separation is detrimental to the future life of each of the partners.

Cohabitation brings partners many positive moments, people achieve the most significant success in all spheres of life. Parting causes irreparable damage to each of the partners. A woman is unable to solve important problems on her own.

A man without support is able to descend to the lowest level of life.

In love, this couple is able to achieve complete harmony. Sagittarius is sympathetic to the ambition of her partner, she knows how to be docile and generous.

Lovers seem to be eccentric and dissimilar in character. In fact, this is not true. Sagittarius and Leo are very similar, they perceive the world equally.

These features help them find points of contact in their views in a variety of circumstances.

Aspects in the pair:

  • Leisure. These are energetic temperamental signs that prefer to spend time actively and fun. Lovers travel with pleasure, engage in extreme sports, find for themselves the most unusual (sometimes risky) hobbies. Partners often go to visit, host friends and relatives. They are impressed by everything related to publicity. People love to impress, and the appearance together strengthens this pleasure.
  • Sex. Sexual relations of this pair fully satisfy both partners. People like to have sex often and qualitatively, because they are temperamental signs. They experiment, realize their fantasies and are not afraid of condemnation from their partner. Intimacy allows you to reset negative energy and recharge your positive emotions. In this pair of betrayals are rare. None of the partners can find a worthy replacement that could compete with the chosen one sexually.

The family of Sagittarius and Leo differs in brightness and stability in relationships. Both representatives are very proud, but it is this that helps them to find a compromise in some misunderstandings. Spouses understand that their second half is the best of many other people today.

Everyone in the soul understands the unchanging advantage of the fact that this particular person is nearby. In an ideal family, everything is distributed correctly.

The wife often becomes a housewife who finds pleasure in household chores (this quality is manifested in Sagittarius only in a pair with Leo). She cooks beautifully, her house is always clean and hospitable.

At the same time, the girl does not forget to raise her intellectual level. She will never limit herself to everyday life and will surely find a parallel occupation that will give her pleasure. The husband is engaged in the material support of the family.

He will never insist on his woman working. A lion will be happy if she stays at home or just helps him.

Representatives of signs are excellent parents who teach children the necessary skills, care about their material well-being, and provide proper education. Women often sacrifice careers because they prefer to spend more time with their children.

A typical problem for representatives of fire signs is the idealization of a partner. At the initial stages of relations, a woman and a man are incredibly happy that they have found a like-minded person with whom it is easy and pleasant to communicate. Lovers close their eyes to some of the shortcomings, which are sometimes significant.

To a greater extent this is characteristic of a Sagittarius woman. For the time being, she looks at her lover through rose-colored glasses.

But when the epiphany comes, the girl feels an unbearable disappointment.

She cannot play the role of a loving wife, because she is true and not inclined to make believe. It seems to her that the beloved person constantly deceived and used her gullibility. Leo also lived in his illusions, because he always perceives praise and flattery at face value.

After the behavior of the spouse has changed, he has to state the fact of his inferiority. Partners need to understand that all the feelings of the second half were sincere, no one deceived anyone.

Just love gradually moved to the stage of love, but it is much less romance.

Frequently encountered problems in the relationship of a Sagittarius woman and a male Leo:


Recommendations for women

Recommendations for men

It is necessary to calm the husband, it is reasonable to apply humor.

Do not take irritability at your own expense and be offended, this is just a property of character

You shouldn’t be jealous of Leo, he won’t leave his wife anywhere

Sagittarius feels the need to communicate, but does not allow himself to go over the line of what is permitted.

It is necessary to correctly tell the husband about his dissatisfaction with his behavior.

If Leo does not cease to behave this way, Sagittarius will leave him

It is always necessary to put yourself in the place of your spouse and not only do what you want.

Nearby is a woman who also needs attention.

If Leo ceases to feel the recognition of his wife, he will run out morally and physically

A woman needs to hear kind words addressed to her, because she also needs them.

Restriction in freedom

If this happens, the guy will be depressed, and the girl herself will no longer respect him.

This is the worst for a female Sagittarius. With such a question, she will never be able to accept

Friendly relations between representatives of the signs are possible on the condition of their kinship or successful strong long-term marriages on the part of each of the friends. They have common interests, views on life, attitude to the material sphere and leisure activities. The girl will be very helpful friend who will help with advice, solve problems, fix everything in the house (Leo is distinguished by his skill, he gets everything repaired, whatever he takes).

The guy can always count on the support of a girlfriend. She will amuse him, raise his spirits and increase self-esteem.

Friendship between two free people will not work, because they experience mutual moral and sexual attraction. Very quickly the relationship will turn into a novel, and friends will become lovers.

If they have not very successful marriages, the second half should be worried. Sagittarius and Leo will without hesitation destroy the burdensome bonds of marriage and unite.

This is a great tandem in which partners work as one. People complement each other; each of them brings their invaluable qualities of a responsible and skilled worker to production moments.

A woman becomes a slave with pleasure, she is responsible for flexibility, communication skills and mobility. A man takes over the function of the lead, which guarantees stability and the final result.

Colleagues are successful in joint business and in general production, since there is no competition between them.

How do representatives of marks behave in business relations:

  • Female Sagittarius-chief. This is an incorrect distribution of roles that will be uncomfortable for each of the employees. Leo is more ambitious, he can not long be in the role of a subordinate. If this is an intern or young inexperienced employee, this alignment of forces will be successful for some time. The boss will help you gain experience and make an excellent patronage for the career growth of her ward. If Sagittarius and Leo have the same qualifications, they will not have good performance. A man will not allow a woman to command himself, he will ignore her instructions.
  • Male-Lev-chief. The representative of this sign is an excellent boss, and in such a tandem his positive qualities increase several times. He will be happy to encourage the girl to work, because she will become a responsible and sensible performer. Sagittarius will not have ambitions about his status, the woman does not seek leadership and gives this right to a man. This cooperation will be mutually beneficial, because the boss feels the constant support, and the subordinate is confident in his future. A wise boss will take care of her and never leave her.

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