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Leo and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women by horoscope in love, bed, marriage

Leo and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in love, marriage, friendship

Leo and Pisces are the 5th and 12th signs of the horoscopic circle, their parity does not match. Constellations are patronized by the elements of Fire and Water, which speaks of poor compatibility. For each of the representatives of the opposite elements of this novel will be unforgettable, no matter how long it will last.

People with different temperaments, habits and views on life rarely combine into a harmonious couple. A large number of discrepancies leads to mutual claims and deep disappointment. At the initial stages of a relationship, these differences attract lovers, since everyone tries to please his soulmate.

Over time, everything changes dramatically, and each person begins to defend their rights.

If Leo and Pisces remember the emotions that they were able to give to each other during the period of love, they will be able to find the necessary compromises to continue the relationship.

Compatibility Lion Women and Pisces Men is 19%. This union is ambiguous, although it has low rates.

An important factor is the existence of joint interests, aspirations and goals. On the one hand, the difference in temperaments will be a constant cause of misunderstanding on the part of each of the partners.

People will not be able to understand the behavior of their chosen one, to convey their desires and visions of a happy future.

But Leo and Pisces can be an almost perfect match. The guy will finally find a reliable and caring companion who will save him from all problems.

A girl will be able to fully enjoy their power and greatness, will be loved and necessary. So all the demands will be met and the hopes that each of the partners assigned to the upcoming relationship will be fulfilled.

To stay together for a long time, the Lioness and the Pisces need to try. The main thing is that work on oneself does not stop, because the success of the union depends on the desire of lovers to continue to be near.

Leo and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women by horoscope in love, bed, marriage

To win a Pisces man, you must conquer him with his beauty. It will be easy for the Leo woman to do this, as she prefers brightness and extravagance in the image.

The guy may even get confused by the fact that such an original lady paid attention to him. Pisces are considered the most emotional sign of the zodiac, so they want to find a soul mate who could understand their subtle inner world.

The lioness needs to be gentle, sincere and tactful.

Winning the heart of the Lioness is harder. Man Pisces is distinguished by intelligence and diplomacy, so a representative of the fire element will be pleased to communicate with him.

The guy always looks stylish, he dresses well and does not try to attract attention. It appeals to the girl, because she does not love those who stand out brighter than her.

A man should be braver, not to be afraid of the external inaccessibility of a woman. This is just a mask that is not true.

In fact, the Lioness sincerely hopes to meet someone who caresses her.

Advantages and disadvantages of the union:



  • A woman will be able to satisfy her leadership tendencies;
  • a man will become bolder and more courageous;
  • the girl will feel loved and desired;
  • the guy will get rid of the attacks of a bad mood;
  • Pisces will raise his beloved on a pedestal;
  • The lioness will be calmer and more confident;
  • communication contributes to the personal growth of both partners;
  • in the house all duties will be clearly distributed;
  • the girl will be able to realize the creative ideas of the guy;
  • Pis’s conflict-free quench Leo’s temper
  • The woman will suffer from bouts of jealousy;
  • a man will manipulate the feelings of the chosen one;
  • The lioness is positive, Pisces is pessimistic;
  • the girl will become annoyed by the weakness of the guy;
  • the man will be oppressed by the demands of his wife;
  • the problem will be egocentrism and egoism of women;
  • there will be no understanding in the family due to different temperaments

At first, lovers do not notice the problems that they will have to face. After a period of courtship, each of them may be disappointed in his chosen one.

The guy will have little sensitivity and depth, the girl will not be in awe of the weak nature of her partner. If the situation cannot be changed, it is better not to waste time and part peacefully.

Leo and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women by horoscope in love, bed, marriage

Female Leo and male Fish in love relationships can be quite helpful to each other. If they are on the same level, have approximately the same worldview and life goals, it will be easy and fun for them together.

The lioness will enjoy her royal position, which she had long dreamed of. The guy knows how to make a woman happy.

The representative of the fire element can forget that she needs to seem strong. Together with Pisces, she will relax and feel herself a meek and defenseless woman.

Man Pisces is prone to melancholy, accustomed to experiencing every little thing of life, sometimes inventing additional problems for himself. Together with the Lioness, he will forget about all the anxieties and learn to enjoy life.

The girl is always positive, her inexhaustible energy will be enough to completely dispel the fears and anxieties of her chosen one. A man will be much stronger and more fun.

In this tandem, lovers can realize dreams and projects related to creativity. The original ideas of the guy and the help in their realization from the side of the girl will make their life bright and rich.

Aspects of love:

  • Leisure. The girl is active, loves a large society and vivid impressions. The guy also does not mind to communicate with friends and interesting holiday. Lovers can go in for sports, go on a trip, go to visit and invite friends over. Since both partners are not indifferent to art, they will be happy to attend exhibitions, opening days, fashion shows, theaters, concerts.
  • Intimate life. The sexual life of this couple develops harmoniously, especially in the initial stages. The energy of the Lioness will be a pleasant surprise for the guy, and his romance and sensuality will delight a woman. The combination of two temperaments will result in an original sex filled with tenderness and fantasies. If the Lioness is not too imperious and unrestrained in bed and does not hint at the fact that she does not like something, intimate life will bring pleasure to both. This aspect can significantly strengthen the union.

Leo and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women by horoscope in love, bed, marriage

In the ideal version of the family life of a female Leo and a male Pisces, complete harmony reigns. The wife is happy to manage all the important processes. In her hands is the budget, which she can dispose of at its discretion.

A woman can improve her social status, since no one restricts her freedom. The lioness builds a career, reaching grand heights in this direction.

She knows that a loving husband is waiting for her at home, who will always support her in difficult times.

Man Pisces is also pleased with this tandem. He has no time for melancholy and deepening philosophy. The energy of the Lioness is so strong that the guy just has to try to keep up with his wife.

The eventful life, changes, travels, new acquaintances allow a man to forget about pessimism. He has the opportunity to engage in creativity and all that he wants.

The lioness loves to take risks and always supports any undertakings.

The partners succeed in succeeding in the family business, having fun and exciting time together.

The main problem of this pair is the lack of understanding. Straight and frank lioness used to act openly. She expresses all her claims and is waiting for a response from her partner.

Guy Pisces silently accumulates grievances and experiences them within himself. Careless word, voiced by the chosen one, the guy prefers to leave without comment.

He withdraws into himself and gradually moves away from his second half.

When a woman, fascinated by domestic problems, notices the detachment of a guy, it is too late. The man has time to stop loving her and begins to use the feelings of the Lioness for his own benefit.

The girl tries to understand when and what she did wrong: she makes concessions, shifts the bulk of her worries to herself, comes up with an original rest, or decides to change the situation, but all these actions do not bring the desired result.

Realizing that they do not understand him, the guy becomes disappointed and becomes cold as ice. Sometimes this situation occurs in cases where a man is much younger than a woman and enters into a relationship with her for the sake of profit.

The lioness needs to take matters into her own hands. If a man begins to behave passively and seeks for solitude, it is recommended to immediately speak the problem: to call the guy into a frank conversation, find out the cause of his resentment and eliminate the misunderstanding.

Delay in this union is impossible — it leads to separation.

Other problems and solutions:


Recommendations for women

Tips for men

You need to constantly monitor your words, because the husband is extremely susceptible and hurt

A hot-tempered lioness, but quick-witted. It is always necessary to honestly pronounce their insults — the wife will be able to explain her behavior

This is a useless exercise. Fishes in love are faithful to their partner, but when feelings are extinguished, nothing can be done about it.

Do not provoke the Lioness: she may be too aggressive

Egocentrism and egoism is desirable to completely eliminate. Elevated tones and sharp remarks are not allowed.

The sensible decision will be to engage in self-discipline, to the comments of his wife to respond with humor

It is necessary to clearly assign responsibilities and try to adhere to this structure.

If the husband is too easy to part with the money, you must tactfully take over the management of the budget in their hands, while not forgetting the personal expenses of the spouse

Even if there is a habit of throwing money, you need to deal with it. Family interests should be prioritized.

Restriction in freedom

Pisces can not be kept, they are able to slip away unnoticed, so you should not impose restrictions on them

Self-restraint will be the most sensible solution. It is necessary to remember the responsibility of the husband in the family.

The friendship of a female Leo and a male Pisces is on average. At the stages of dating people will be able to attract each other.

They love society, both representatives of the signs have many friends and acquaintances. But the guy is not as sociable as it seems. He loves silence and solitude.

The girl is not as benevolent as she can teach herself. She has a strong-willed and demanding character.

Unlike Pisces, the Lioness prefers spectacle and activity. This difference makes the relationship between friends impossible, because they lack understanding.

The exception is family ties or general hobbies. In this case, friends can complement each other with all the qualities that each of them lacks.

If it comes to creativity, the guy will offer ideas, and the girl — to engage in their implementation. The other two friends have nothing to worry about: there will be no secret meetings between the Lioness and Pisces.

The compatibility of this pair is 22%. The horoscope of each of the representatives of the signs indicates a mismatch of temperaments, which will necessarily affect life together. After bright, impressive dates, the time will come when Pisces and Leo will look at things realistically and face a lot of problems:

  • The woman will understand that the beautiful courtship and wide gestures of the guy were intended solely for her seduction.
  • A man will be disappointed in his beloved, because he cannot understand her mysterious soul: the psychology of relationships is an incomprehensible science for him.

The lovers will have to persuade the partner in their own right, but not everyone will have enough patience for it. Raising a woman will not allow her to express claims directly and openly, and the man is too focused on himself and is not able to analyze the change of mood of his chosen one.

But, despite the enormous inconsistencies in the characters, partners can build harmonious relationships. In this case, almost everything depends on the woman.

If she is interested in continuing communication, she needs to become wiser. Only in this way can she keep the world in a pair.

Winning the heart of Leo is quite simple, since he himself is looking for love and a serious relationship. He is impressed by bright and extravagant ladies, but he sees his companion modest and shy. A man wants to care and take care of the fair sex.

He loves beautifully to care and give expensive gifts, does not tolerate manifestations of mercantile spirit on the part of the girl.

Woman-Fish fully meets its requirements both externally and internally. The guy immediately feels next to her a real knight, which will get rid of his inherent complexes.

To win the heart of the girl-Pisces for the guy-Leo will not be difficult. He is bright, attractive, sociable and proud.

His behavior speaks of self-sufficiency and self-esteem. A woman is looking for a man who can take care of her, in whose arms she will feel safe.

Leo needs to move away from the stereotypical behavior of the representative of the fire element and show tenderness in communication. Sincere compliments, calm speech, lack of pathos will do their job.

Girl-Fish will be delighted with such a gallant gentleman.

Advantages and disadvantages of the union:



  • Partners can help each other;
  • the girl feels safe;
  • the guy becomes kinder and more responsive;
  • a woman is freed from thoughts about material support and domestic problems;
  • the man feels loved and significant;
  • The lion asserts itself;
  • Lady Pisces becomes more optimistic;
  • their lives are filled with bright events, people do not get bored;
  • next to his wife, Leo can completely relax and not think about his reputation;
  • the traditional distribution of the roles of men and women will be to the liking of both;
  • Leo’s generosity towards loved ones has no limits, which is important for Pisces
  • The egoism of Leo does not allow him to hear the voice of his wife;
  • a woman feels like an inferior family member;
  • the girl’s touchiness annoys the guy;
  • Leo loves publicity, Pisces — solitude;
  • the authoritarianism and despotism of a man suppresses his wife;
  • withdrawal from reality by a woman annoys Leo;
  • Leo’s quickness and grudge Pisces may be a problem in the future

An unpleasant discovery for a female Pisces can be the «reincarnation» of a male Leo. During the period of courtship, he makes the life of the chosen one a real fairy tale: he gives expensive gifts, showered with flowers, organizes leisure.

Then it completely switches to itself, dryly performs the functions of a man and a master.

In love, Leo has no equal. The representative of the fire sign in love is capable of the most courageous and noble deeds. All these manifestations are absolutely sincere.

He is so inspired by his condition that he is ready to do the impossible for his second half.

A man loves to live brightly even in everyday time, but when he has a reason, the holiday does not stop for a minute. The girl receives the maximum amount of attention and care, feeling in the seventh heaven with happiness.

A woman in love with Pisces is ready to give herself completely to the object of her love. She is so inspired by events that she forgets about pessimism and melancholy. The girl idealizes her partner, tries to please him in everything, accepts his conditions and listens to every word.

Lovers look winged, in their union there is no hint of misunderstanding, because everyone controls his actions and values ​​his elect. Surrounding can only admire this couple.

Aspects of love:

  • Leisure. The leisure program is a man. He organizes interesting trips to cultural institutions (partners visit theaters, concert halls, exhibitions, opening days, etc.). Exotic holidays, extreme sports, expensive restaurants are also included in the entertainment program. People like to visit and receive friends. Activity and publicity are the main criteria for leisure couples. The girl trusts the choice of her chosen one and gladly accepts his suggestions.
  • Intimate life. The sexual life of Pisces and the Lion can be brought closer to the ideal, especially at first. A man will demonstrate his passion and passion, a woman will add romance and sensuality to relationships. The problem arises because of the selfishness of a guy who soon forgets about his partner’s desires and fully concentrates on his own pleasure. Such authoritarianism and rigidity in bed inhibits the tender girl. In this case, the difference in temperament becomes catastrophic. The guy should reckon with the interests of his companion — this will strengthen the union.

Female Pisces and male Leo can be happy in marriage. It depends entirely on the actions of the wife.

If she is able to treat the behavior of her spouse condescendingly, their family will be perfect. A man takes responsibility for material well-being and solving everyday problems.

He knows how to work well, possesses entrepreneurial qualities, is able to take risks that are always justified.

Lions are quite economic, they are classified as the most skillful signs of the zodiac.

The task of women in this family is to create a favorable psychological environment. She can be completely on the provision of a spouse (he will only be happy) and deal exclusively with herself, children and household issues. Caring Leo will constantly indulge his wife with luxurious things, be proud of her beauty and mind.

A woman does not claim leadership, always ready to support her lover. She is conflict-free, so she will not make scenes and scandals for her husband.

Such behavior of the wife will inspire the man to new achievements. A family business will be successful, especially if it is associated with art.

Both representatives of the signs are creative natures. The girl will be able to offer ideas, and the guy will be able to implement them.

An example would be a singer, actress, poetess, artist and her producer.

The main problem in the relationship is the lack of understanding on the part of women. Pisces are prone to emotional perception that is too strong, they react sharply to every word of their partner.

By nature, a lion is selfish, striving for leadership with all his might, may inadvertently offend a loved one and not even notice it.

A woman who perceives her husband’s behavior literally can cause significant harm to the relationship. Her comments about the spouse, a restriction of communication or deceptions can completely dislodge Leo. Either it will become authoritarian, aggressive and despotic, or it will turn into a capricious, dependent on the bad habits of a person with constantly depressed mood.

Such men completely give up, lose their jobs and can sink to the bottom of social life.

So that neither the first nor the second happens, the woman needs to learn to gently manipulate her husband. All that she wants from him should be expressed in a tender form.

Do not pay attention to his bad mood or rude words — you need to try to reduce the negative to a minimum.

A representative of the water element is a great expert in the field of psychology, so she will be able to try out her knowledge in practice. Insults and conflicts must be completely excluded. It is necessary to admire her husband, tenderly ask about the service and set the correct motion vector.

Leo will pay back a hundredfold.

Other problems and solutions:


Tips for women

Recommendations for men

You should not focus solely on your personal interests, you need to act in the good of the family

It is necessary for Leo to understand that only a retinue makes a king — he alone will not succeed in anything

The rude form of complaints and caustic remarks will be perceived by the husband aggressively.

Fish may obey a certain time, but their patience ends sooner or later

It is necessary to support the husband, since the choice fell on the representative of the fire sign

Life for show is quite tiring, it is worth paying more attention to your loved ones

Only light form is acceptable in order to strengthen the family, and not for its own benefit.

Leo is the undoubted leader, so you need to wear this title with dignity. Do not resort to blackmail and intimidation

This mood should not be paired with her husband Leo

A woman should be helped to cope with her character and worldview. Care and tenderness will be the most effective methods.

It is useless to do it: Leo will not tolerate such treatment.

It is necessary to resort to self-restraint and remember that close people are waiting at home

The relationships of these people are quite specific:

  • The girl is attracted by the determination and courage of a guy who can always help her physically and materially.
  • The man is impressed by the original and mysterious woman who dedicates him to her fantasies.

Often, such friendship is based on common hobbies of creativity, kinship, or communication between the second halves of Pisces and Cancer.

Without these conditions, the relationship will remotely resemble a friendly, but no more. The girl seems that the guy is too rude and straightforward.

In the eyes of a man, a woman will look boring and inconsistent. Partners of Pisces and Leo do not worry: even if a girl is fascinated by Leo, she does not dare to show him her feelings.

And Lev is counting solely on active actions, he does not understand the hints.

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