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Leo and Cancer: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and marriage

Cancer and Leo: compatibility of zodiac signs in love relationships, friendship, work, sex

Cancers and Lions are people with very complex characters. It will be difficult for them to get along together because of the difference in thinking, outlook on life, disagreements and scandals over trifles. Representatives of these signs of the zodiac are opposed to each other, but to create a happy marriage or a strong friendly relationship is real.

This will help some tips and recommendations aimed at maintaining a harmonious union and increase confidence in a pair of Cancer and Leo.

Lions very simply relate to life, they are charismatic, consistent, logical. Complex moods and the reflection of Cancer are incomprehensible to representatives of the fire sign of the zodiac.

They think in completely different categories, rarely focusing on their inner feelings.

From the negative traits of Leo’s character, one can distinguish capriciousness, laziness, and stubbornness. Sometimes a girl or boy begins to act like a little child, thinking only about his comfort and forgetting about other people.

They also like to argue, to impose their opinions, to point out the wrong person.

Positive signs of the zodiac include a great sense of humor, an optimistic view of the world, the ability to find compromises and a common language with people. Lions easily find friends, quickly adapt to the new team.

They easily manage to smooth out conflict situations with their jokes, put up, ask for forgiveness.

Representatives of the fire sign are easy to communicate, so they do not like to reflect on philosophical, complex topics. Exceptions are only those cases when it concerns their vital well-being, peace and happiness.

Leo and Cancer: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and marriage

Cancers have a very strong ability for empathy. They can sympathize, empathize with the emotions of other people, which helps them to gain confidence in any relationship — both friendly and romantic.

Representatives of the water constellation — natures are very sensitive, romantic, sentimental and vulnerable.

From the negative characteristics of Cancer can be identified touchiness and rancor. If someone offends such a person, even if in jest, he will remember it for a long time.

Positive qualities include openness, frankness, ability to listen to the interlocutor, as well as creativity and originality of thinking.. Cancers are very smart, strive for self-development, love to learn a lot of new things.

But there is a downside: such people are accustomed to dig into themselves, to dwell on trifles, to reflex.

Many representatives of this zodiac sign are fatalists and believe in the predestination, inevitability, and irreversibility of any phenomena. This largely forms their worldview.

Intuition in Rakov is developed much stronger than in other people.

Leo and Cancer: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and marriage

A man and a woman can build a long-term, happy and strong relationship only if they learn to accept each other. Both characteristic of criticism, the desire to remake a partner in accordance with their interests.

Compatibility of Cancer and Leo as a percentage is average — 50–70%.

Leo and Cancer: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and marriage

In a love relationship and marriage partners will be difficult with each other. Leo will not understand why Cancer is emotionally unstable, detached, withdrawn, tends to solitude.

This will annoy the partner, which will cause conflicts, disagreements from scratch. The fiery sign of action, words, actions of the water seem unreasonable, strange, unclear.

Spouses are difficult to convey to each other their ideas, experiences, thoughts. This upsets the sensitive Cancer and annoys the consistent Leo.

Also in this alliance there are the following disadvantages:

  • The difference in views regarding the finances, life. Spouses set priorities in different ways, so they regularly have confrontations about household and monetary issues. A couple can come to harmony only if people learn to yield to each other, and also plan everything in advance.
  • Criticism and reproaches. Husband and wife need to restrain themselves, try not to provoke a quarrel over trifles. Constructive criticism is permissible, but it is not necessary to give instructions about everything in a row. This can destroy even the strongest marriage.

Spouses can be completely different attitude and raise their children. Crayfish softer, loving, calm.

Lions try to instill discipline in a child from the earliest years of life.

There are also many benefits to Leo and Cancer family relationships:

  • The desire to spend time together. The spouses have both friends and friends — they do not stop communicating with them after marriage. However, they always want to spend time only together or with common children. Leo and Cancer often remind each other of their love, proving it in actions.
  • Life values. Although a couple and there are differences over trifles, their goals in life are similar. Both the girl and the guy most often seek to create a strong family, implementation in the profession, childbirth.
  • Common interests. Raku and Leo will never be bored together. The couple will always find something to discuss, something to laugh at, something to argue about.

Representatives of the watermark seek to obtain emotional pleasure from sex, and fiery — to obtain physical pleasures.

Lions are passionate, emotional, energetic people. In bed, they tend to dominate, which is not always like the gentle Cancers. Partners may be too demanding on each other.

It is recommended to discuss sex life directly, talk about your erotic fantasy, desires. This will bring together a man and a woman, strengthen their relationship and minimize dissatisfaction, misunderstanding.

Since Cancer and Leo have radically different characters and views on life, it will be very difficult for them to work together.

A man and a woman will be able to create something in common only if they manage to share responsibilities. Cancers cope better with creative, creative tasks, and Lions — with management, the organization of something.

It is important that in their partnership there should not be a boss and a subordinate — representatives of the zodiac signs should work on equal terms, trusting another person and not criticizing the work done by him.

The compatibility of zodiacal signs in friendship, as well as in family life, is medium.

They can be good friends, have a good time together. But this relationship is unlikely to grow into a strong friendship. According to the horoscope, this can happen only when people communicate for several years.

Then they begin to perceive each other as part of the family and life in general.

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