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Compatibility Taurus and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

People born under the signs of the zodiac Taurus and Sagittarius are very different, so the compatibility between them is quite low. With the exception of the sexual sphere, they complement each other little, so the unions they have created are very problematic.

Representatives of these zodiac signs lead different lifestyles and have opposing views on life. Together they can only be learning to give in. But in any case, in such a tandem the relationship is always tense and harmonious, it is unlikely that it will be possible to achieve.

Conflicts in their life together will be much more than positive moments.

Compatibility Taurus and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

The Taurus guy very often falls in love with the lady of Sagittarius at first sight. She attracts him with her natural naivety and developed intuition, that is, those features that are not inherent to him.

But the relationship between them, with the exception of the sexual sphere, rarely develop successfully. The union between the representatives of these zodiac signs resembles the attraction of plus and minus.

These people are very good together, but at the same time the partners need freedom of action.

If there are love feelings between a Taurus guy and a Sagittarius girl, they quickly find a common language in all matters. And although the compatibility of Taurus men and women Sagittarius in love relationships is far from ideal, lovers seek to understand their soul mate and, if necessary, provide support.

Love relationships in such a tandem can develop successfully, if a man and a woman leave companions freedom of action for their own self-development. Partners are good people and based on life experience can give good advice.

It is easy to break the love affair between the representatives of these zodiac signs can any extreme situations. In such cases, in order to minimize stress, each of the partners tends to shift the responsibility to the other.

Conflict situations also arise when the chosen one tries to begin to lead the girl.

If the relationship lasts a long time, then the guy begins to annoy the publicity of the young lady Sagittarius. She strives to attend various entertainment events and public places as often as possible, while her partner likes to enjoy quiet home pastime.

Compatibility men Taurus and women Sagittarius in bed is very good. Lovers feel it almost immediately after the meeting.

But even against the background of successful intimate relations, representatives of these zodiac signs are in no hurry to create a union.

In bed, Taurus and Sagittarius are fully revealed. They are sensual and tender, during sex they share a common goal — to deliver the maximum pleasure to your loved one.

In order to improve the quality of sexual life, satellites often discuss intimate questions, not hesitate.

Problems in the intimate sphere can arise only when the partner neglects the desires of the young lady. As a result, the girl will close in on herself and sex will turn into a routine.

Usually this leads to the fact that people lose interest in each other and part.

A woman in such a tandem should also study the particular relationship of a Taurus man to sex. It is important to remember that the satellite is not always ready for fantasy experiments.

In addition, the increased emotionality of the partner in bed can scare him away.

Families between a man Taurus and a woman Sagittarius are quite rare. This is due to the fact that low compatibility Taurus and Sagittarius in marriage makes it difficult to find partners a common language.

Only a long time under the same roof allows spouses to build harmonious and stable family relationships. Being close all my life, a couple needs to learn tolerance and understanding.

For example, a Taurus man, by his nature, is prone to stinginess, but a spouse teaches him to more easily relate to financial matters, which is good for him. On the other hand, the spouse gradually learns practicality and frugality, which allows her to spend money more wisely.

Families of these zodiac signs are never poor. Their house is always a full bowl. It is believed that Sagittarius is one of the lucky signs.

His luck extends to all the close people he loves.

The difficulties in the family of Taurus men and Sagittarius women arise from different worldviews. The partner appreciates freedom and even in marriage to strive for it, but her spouse prefers traditional homebuilding.

His stubbornness prevents him from adapting to the nature of the freedom-loving wife. In order to build harmonious family relationships, this couple has to look for compromises in almost all spheres of life.

Male Taurus and female Sagittarius often create strong friendly tandems. High compatibility in friendship allows you to build a strong friendship alliance.

Under circumstances, friendships can grow into love, so the other half of the representatives of these signs of the zodiac have something to worry about.

It is noteworthy that in friendship with a woman Sagittarius, a Taurus man shows egoism. He is trying to lead, and if he still shows excessive rigidity to his girlfriend, then friendly relations will end very quickly.

However, this rarely happens, as the partner can stop himself, because he really appreciates his friendship with an attractive and intelligent girlfriend.

As a rule, in friendly relations a woman takes care of the arc and seeks to adapt it to the surrounding world. Because of this, very often there are friendly tandems in which a friend is older than a friend.

Compatibility Taurus and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

The male Sagittarius and the female Taurus are complete opposites. They live according to different life rhythms and have different life goals.

But despite this, happy and prosperous alliances between the representatives of these zodiac signs are very common. These people can hold together for many years only if they do not scatter in different directions after the first meeting.

Compatibility of male Sagittarius and female Taurus in love relationships is high. This union is a very beautiful couple.

The partner always looks elegant and refined, and with this she emphasizes the eccentricity and brightness of the partner. If a love tandem between these people took place, then this means that the satellites found in their halves what they lack by nature, namely:

  • The partner is fed by the indefatigable energy and the natural power of the guy, never ceasing to be surprised by his resourcefulness and ability to easily relate to any life situations.
  • The chosen one likes that stable and reliable rear, which is provided to him by his girlfriend.

Lovers are fairly independent individuals, and this allows them to respect each other. That respect is always the starting point for the development of love relationships between the representatives of these two signs of the zodiac and this corresponds to the high compatibility of Sagittarius and Taurus in love.

In an alliance, quarrels rarely occur, because the partners understand their futility. They rarely engage in the re-education of each other, realizing the futility of it.

If a woman in such a love tandem understands how important it is to provide freedom to her partner, then love can last a long time, and there is a great chance that over time, lovers of Sagittarius and Taurus decide on marriage.

Sexual compatibility Sagittarius and Taurus in bed is quite high. The main problem can be that a partner can tire her darling with a constant desire to have sex and their tirelessness in bed.

Representatives of this zodiac sign always strive for novelty in sexual relationships and prefer to experiment.

For both people, sex occupies an important place in life. According to them, a happy intimate life contributes to getting used to each other.

And in this pair it really is. Due to the harmonious sexual relations in tandem with time between partners, the barrier of misunderstanding that arises in real life due to different natural temperaments and opposite traits of character disappears.

Low compatibility between male Sagittarius and female Taurus in marriage does not allow building harmonious and comfortable family relationships. This is due to the fact that spouses are very difficult to understand each other. Spouse Taurus appreciates comfort in the family home and stability, and her husband Sagittarius all the time strive for change.

Otherwise, it becomes boring for him to live.

The spouse is an idealist by nature. He always makes ambitious plans, but, unfortunately, he takes practically no measures for their implementation.

On the other hand, the spouse is a realistic person, she sets only the goals that she can realize. That is why a woman in such a tandem considers a man frivolous.

But over time, the spouses Sagittarius and Taurus get used to. The wife begins to understand that, despite the desire for change, her spouse in the first place puts the material support of the family and very successfully copes with this task.

On the other hand, the man begins to notice how much attention his darling pays to the house, trying to organize the most comfortable rear. And if partners learn to trust each other completely and leave freedom of action, then it will be possible to say with confidence that family life was a success.

Male Sagittarius and female Taurus can be good friends. They are able to support friends in difficult times and give good advice for solving various life problems. But despite this, the irrepressible optimism of a friend often strains a balanced girlfriend, who values ​​stability in life most of all.

She does not understand the aspiration of the male Sagittarius to constant changes in life.

As a rule, friends really value established friendships, so love between them never arises. That is why their second half can not worry.

Possible friendship with families. And in such a company, all participants will feel very comfortable.

Representatives of these signs of the zodiac is very easy to build relationships with common work. Very often the Sagittarius guy and a friend Taurus, who are colleagues, are friends. Joint business of these people is always doomed to success and this, above all, contributes to the natural success of the partner.

When friends have a common goal, they can easily overcome any obstacles in life. In this case, all the hard work takes a girlfriend, and a friend organizes the workflow and controls it.

Compatibility Taurus and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

In the girls of the chosen one, Sagittarius is always attracted by the elegance and sense of style. And these characteristics are inherent in the woman Taurus.

That is why, if she liked Sagittarius, then it would not be difficult to draw his attention to himself and win his heart.

In addition, when you first meet with the chosen one, it is necessary to demonstrate the ease of communication and goodwill. It should also be remembered that men Sagittarius prefer an open relationship and very rarely agree to marry.

This of course does not suit the Taurus girl, because she always dreams of a comfortable and prosperous family life. But to push this question on the chosen one is not worth it.

You need to be patient and turn the situation around so that he himself offers his hand and heart.

Some time you need to try to communicate very closely, in order to make it clear to the chosen one of Sagittarius that you are his soul mate and are ready to accept all his ambitious plans. In addition, you should convince him that you accept his natural love of freedom.

Your relationship should not remind him of the cage. Otherwise, they will quickly end on his initiative.

It is important that he understand that the family center will not limit his freedom of action, but will become the starting point for moving forward.

In this regard, the Taurus young lady is distinguished by a calm, balanced character and a sensible perception of the world around her, and it is not easy to win her heart to the changeable and unbalanced Sagittarius.

In order to attract the attention of the chosen one, first of all, you should try to prove that it is you who meet her high requirements and are ready to become a reliable life support for her.

It is important to understand that the Taurus girl chooses her partner for herself. And this happens only when she sees the life stubbornness and dedication of her chosen one.

It is important to never argue with her, but try to accept all her life convictions, because she will not change them anyway.

It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the process of conquering the hearts of the young Taurus girls is always very long. Representatives of this zodiac sign always very slowly get used to the new.

And the formation of a relationship with a man Sagittarius is always aggravated by the fact that a lady needs not only to fall in love, but also to accept the natural variability of the character of her chosen one. An attractive feature that she cannot resist is the responsibility of the Sagittarius satellite for the general welfare of the family.

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