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Compatibility Taurus and Leo: in love, in marriage, in sex

Very often in the union Taurus and Leo there are difficulties. This is due to the great difference in the natural characters of the representatives of these zodiac signs.

Even sincere lovers often can not get along together. Taurus in people appreciate, above all, loyalty and loyalty.

And the Lions strive to shine in society, they just need external admiration and recognition of their merits. This is what leads to misunderstanding between partners and, as a result, serious disagreements.

A harmonious union is possible only if someone from the representatives of such contradictory signs sacrifices their interests.

Compatibility Taurus and Leo: in love, in marriage, in sex

The Taurus guy and the girl Leo may well create a strong alliance based on mutually beneficial agreements. Representatives of these zodiac signs aim to build a life filled with well-being and financial stability, and this is what unites them. They will work together and provide each other with very important support.

The result will be success and financial prosperity.

Compatibility between Taurus men and women Leo in love relationships is average. It is always difficult to save feelings for a couple.

The fact is that for each partner, their own interests are often in the first place, and this does not contribute to the strengthening of love.

Keeps each other representatives of these signs of the zodiac, in most cases, practicality. The natural leadership qualities of a guy are maintained at a good level by a solid young lady who can realistically assess life events and draw the right conclusions based on this.

The partner always acts according to common sense, any adventurism is alien to her.

For the young lady attractive in union with Taurus, is that he always worships her and believes that the chosen one is worthy of admiration. Against the background of sincere love from a partner, a woman’s life turns into a fairy tale filled with pleasant moments and unforgettable surprises.

It is noteworthy that if Taurus and Leo overcome their shortcomings and learn to understand each other, their feelings will become so strong that they will not be threatened by any external factors.

Compatibility of Taurus men and Leo women in bed is very high according to statistics. But it should be understood that it still depends on the depth of love feelings. Sexual intimacy on the background of sincere love can bring partners a lot of pleasure.

Representatives of these signs of the zodiac are sensual and ardent by nature, therefore they can fully reveal themselves in front of each other in intimate pleasures.

A woman Leo always has many sexual fantasies in her thoughts, but she does not dare to embody them in sex with a partner. She fears that the conservative Taurus will not approve of her behavior in bed.

Therefore, the partner can fully open up only if she is confident that her chosen one loves her very much.

Another unpleasant quality of character of the chosen one can be that she seeks to control everything that happens in bed. The partner also strives for equality in the sexual sphere and he does not really like it if they manage it during sex.

Compatibility Taurus and Leo are low in marriage. Even against the background of successful love relationships, lovers do not often decide to create a family.

This is due to the fact that the partners are afraid that the different natural traits of the characters during their life together will cause constant quarrels and misunderstandings.

A harmonious family union is possible if the partners have a common life goal, which they are striving to achieve. Over time, representatives of these signs learn to find compromises in the most difficult situations, thus preventing serious conflicts.

The family will be based on the mutual desire of the spouses to build a stable life. Wife Leo is a very positive person, she fills the house with energy and well-being, and over time she becomes a real keeper of the hearth. Husband Taurus, who always works hard, is very necessary.

A cozy home and comfortable family relationships increase his self-confidence and double his strength. If the marriage between the representatives of these zodiac signs is successful, then they will overcome any difficulties.

The friendship between the guy Taurus and the girl Leo is the exception rather than the rule. Compatibility in this area between representatives of these signs of the zodiac is below average.

And this is due to the fact that people perceive differently the essence of the friendship itself.

At the young lady Lev attitude towards friendship is consumer. She does not perceive unselfish unions.

A friend in her understanding is simply obliged to be near and provide her every possible support so that she can shine in society.

The Taurus guy does not accept friendship, which is based on any obligations. He was not used to giving his girlfriends gifts and prefers to be friends on equal terms, without leadership.

But, despite all the above, if Taurus and Leo are familiar for a long time, then friendly relations may arise between them. But, most likely, it will be associated with the habit. Friends will occasionally discuss any events, they may have common hobbies.

But at the same time they will avoid hanging out at the same companies. This is due to the fact that the woman Leo loves a luxurious vacation, and the chosen Taurus prefers quiet communication in a close circle of like-minded people.

Compatibility Taurus and Leo: in love, in marriage, in sex

The guy Leo and the chosen one of Taurus do not have the best compatibility in all spheres of life. Representatives of these signs of the zodiac are too different in their natural character, the rhythm of life and attitude to current events in the surrounding world.

Compatibility of men Leo and women Taurus in a love relationship is on average. Feelings in this tandem may arise if it will contribute to the growth and success of each partner individually.

But all the same in this case there will be many difficulties in such a union. The thing is that the guy Leo is very selfish, not even trying to understand the thoughts and feelings of his partner.

He is unable to appreciate the strength of loyalty and devotion of his chosen one.

On the other hand, when Leo falls in love, he turns into a kind and affectionate kitten. It is in such cases that the love relationship develops very harmoniously, and the low compatibility of Leo and Taurus in love does not become an obstacle. Moreover, the longer partners are together, the deeper mutual understanding arises between them.

With her calmness and balance, the chosen one Taurus gradually dissolves the natural egoism of her chosen one.

Compatibility Leo and Taurus in bed are quite high. Representatives of these signs are attracted to the sexual sphere, although this factor rarely becomes the basis for the development of further relationships.

Both partners are very emotional and do not have complexes, so they are fully revealed in sex.

The elect Leo in bed is a clot of positive sexual energy, which he throws out fills the entire space around. On the other hand, the young lady Taurus, with her calmness and balance, contributes aesthetics to sexual relationships.

Thus, intimate life is filled with harmony and positive emotions. It is noteworthy that for this couple in bed only sensations are important and no words are required at all.

Due to the fact that the partner appreciates earthly pleasures, she allows her chosen one to experiment. This contributes to the fact that a man Leo feels like a real king with such a partner.

Marriage from a divorce partner sometimes saves sex.

The sexual relationship between the partners lasts a very long time, these people are very difficult to part, even if they do not plan further relations. Very often, having a family, the guy Leo chooses the girl Taurus as his mistress.

But she will go on such a relationship only if she is free.

Compatibility between men Leo and women Taurus in marriage is low, and therefore they rarely create families. This can only happen after, during the candy-bouquet period, they come to understand that they can get along under one roof.

Very big differences in the pair arise in the financial sphere. Spouse Lev is a spender, he aspires for a luxurious life and does not like to count money, even when it is available in small quantities. The wife of Taurus will not tolerate such an attitude to finances in the family, she is practical and understands that you need to live within your means while organizing a prosperous and comfortable life, but no more.

If the spouses do not find a compromise in this matter, then, most likely, the family will fall apart.

Marriages between the representatives of these zodiac signs are successful in the event that the spouse is older. In this tandem there will be no rivalry, and the wife will simply become the shadow of her husband, which will suit both.

In order for the family not to fall apart, a woman must always remember that her husband Leo, by virtue of heightened natural pride, does not tolerate teachings and reproaches. All tips should sound unobtrusive and soft. On the other hand, the spouse should not forget that the beloved will never forgive treason.

Therefore, shining in society, you must always behave prudently.

Friendship between a man Leo and a woman Taurus occurs rarely. First, it is connected with different vital interests. It is simply impossible for these people to cross, as the man prefers hanging out in noisy societies, and the woman is a homebody and likes to spend his leisure time in a relaxed group of friends.

Secondly, these people have a different attitude towards all the events taking place in the outside world, therefore they have very few topics that could unite them as friends.

The guy Lev will seek to make friends with a girl Taurus, if it is beneficial to him for any reason. Practical friend may well accept such friendships, but they will have little sincerity. It is unlikely that such friends will share with each other hidden thoughts, and ask for advice.

The positive side of such a friendship is that the second half of the satellites Leo and Taurus should not be jealous.

On the basis of a working relationship, friendship is very rare. Reckless activity and initiative of a man of Leo will always annoy a woman of Taurus, who is used to analyzing and weighing everything before making decisions.

Compatibility Taurus and Leo: in love, in marriage, in sex

The man Leo is a very proud and energetic man who always strives to be the center of attention. Therefore, it will be very difficult for a balanced Taurus woman to win his heart.

It should be borne in mind that the elect will choose her only when she looks bright and overshadows other beauties.

Taurus girls need to show their attractiveness and charm. For a certain time, you should forget that she is a homebody and you should strive, as much as possible, to appear more often in society next to your chosen one.

Taurus men should be focused on such qualities:

  • Confidence. To behave with dignity and seem inaccessible, so that the chosen one has a desire to conquer you.
  • Thin mind. You must be able to keep up the conversation on any topic.
  • The ability to listen. Lev really likes being listened to carefully, although he does not need advice.
  • Versatility. It is necessary to demonstrate all your talents in a short time, and also gently tell about your hobbies and interests.

And, of course, the Taurus girl will be chosen by her gentleness and tenderness. Such qualities of character are quite natural for her, and it is impossible to hide them.

Chosen Taurus is very distrustful by her nature, so she will never immediately rush into the arms of a man, even the one she liked. She will keep an eye on her boyfriend for a long time in order to try to understand how he suits her.

That is why a man should prepare for the fact that the bouquet-candy period is delayed. And you need to take care that the courtship was beautiful. Chosen Taurus loves wealthy men.

As a rule, the Lions men, who like to present expensive and luxurious gifts to their chosen ones, necessarily belong to those.

Cavalier Leo should demonstrate not only his natural attractiveness, but also his strength of character. His darling should make sure that he is a successful person.

She is focused on long-term relationships, a passing hobby is not suitable for her. But at the same time she does not think about marriage, it is not an end in itself for her.

Much more important for her sincere mutual feelings.

During the first meetings should not cause jealousy of his darling. She appreciates loyalty and devotion, so any doubt in the sincere feelings of a man can push her away.

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